Only 1% of people in the UK can solve these mind-boggling puzzles

Whether it’s an optical illusion or a brainteaser, all that sort of stuff is actually quite good for your mind.

Research has found that completing a puzzle can not only help improve your memory but will boost your mood.

Buzz Bingo created 10 mind-bending puzzles to challenge Brits and less than 1% of the population managed to score 100%.

So can you do better?

The bingo chain tested 2,000 UK residents to reveal which demographics are best at spotting missing patterns in pictures.

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In each level, players are shown a picture with a missing piece and they have to figure out where it goes in 10 seconds.

Overall, the most common score was 4 out of 10 correct answers, with 37.4% of participants getting the result.

And only less than 1% of the UK audience guessed the correct missing puzzle piece to every picture.

Here are the results:

  • 0 correct answers: 9.5% of respondents got this score
  • 1 correct answer: 9.1%
  • 2 correct answers: 16.8%
  • 3 correct answers: 27%
  • 4 correct answers: 37.4%
  • 5 correct answers: 36.2%
  • 6 correct answers: 31.3%
  • 7 correct answers: 17.9%
  • 8 correct answers: 10.6%
  • 9 correct answers: 2.8%
  • 10 correct answers: 0.6%

Want to try some more brainteasers to trick yourself?

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Previously, we revealed the Apple Mac keyboard optical illusion which has been baffling people on Reddit.

A Reddit user shared the photo on the open forum and people are absolutely baffled.

The user wrote: “This laptop I just got has an optical illusion.”

You might not spot it at first, but once you do, you won’t be able to take it out of your mind.

It’s known as the grid illusion which deceives the person’s vision and makes someone see little dots.

One said: “I can’t f***ing see it.”

Another joked: “F*** that’s an annoying illusion. Good luck using the keyboard.”

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