Oof, 2003's Footless Tights Trend Is Back — At Least According to Chrissy Teigen

We've seen our fair share of questionable trends make a comeback, from belting our button-downs to low-rise jeans (please, let's keep some things in the past!). However, Chrissy Teigen has been kind enough to add another one to our ever-growing list: a good ol' pair of footless tights.

The star was spotted wearing the accessory during a night out, using them to complete an all-black outfit that consisted of a blazer-like wrap dress, a tiny crossbody bag, and strappy, heeled sandals. She almost convinced us to make a purchase — we love the way Teigen's printed option makes her whole look pop — but, we've lived through the early '00s. We remember wearing these babies with bubble skirts, and can't even think about them without picturing a pair styled with bow-embellished ballet flats.

Footless Tights Leggings Trend - Brittany Snow Cheaper by the Dozen Premiere 2005

This photo of Brittany Snow was taken in 2005, thus proving the staying power of this trend (it lasted years, people, years). Footless tights popped up in the '80s, led us to the leggings obsession of the early '00s, and now, they're slowly creeping back into our life.

Footless Tights Leggings Trend - Missoni

Missoni just put footless tights on its Fall 2020 runway.

Footless Tights Leggings Trend - Chanel 2020

They were also in Chanel's Pre-Fall 2020 collection.

To be honest, the 2020 version of footless tights isn't terrible, and we know they'll look great with open-toed shoes. So, is the return inevitable? We'll have to see who follows Teigen's lead. As long as we promise not to pair them with denim shorts (which definitely happened back in the day), we're down to give this thowback style another try.

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