Our triplets were born 7 years apart – they look identical and are inseparable

These triplets were born seven-and-a-half years apart due to IVF – but the age gap doesn’t stop them from being inseparable.

Helen and Oliver Baker went through ten rounds of the fertility treatment and had to sell their home to drum up £17,500 needed to cover medical costs.

Thankfully, their dreams of becoming parents were realised when they had their first child, Hugo, in February 2011.

After welcoming their son into the world, former model Helen, 42, decided to freeze her unused embryos so she could have more kids in the future.

Seven years later, the couple were delighted to fall pregnant with Monty and Coco, who were born in August 2018.

The three siblings are considered triplets as they were conceived at the same time, using the same batch of eggs and sperm.

So it’s no surprise that Helen and her electrician partner Oliver, 41, have noticed a lot of similarities between their three-year-olds and ten-year-old.

The triplets have identical dark eyes, and an "unbreakable bond” that often sees them finishing each others’ sentences.

Helen from Southampton, Hampshire, said: "People say there's an unbreakable bond between twins and triplets.

"I would say other kids Hugo's age would find their brothers and sisters annoying.

"But the three of them are really close.”

She continued: "Hugo will go over to the cupboard to get an apple and will always get three out.

"It's never a question – he always wants to help out.

"Monty fell over the other day and was calling out for Hugo rather than Mummy.

"Hugo really is a big help. He'll help walking them across the street and when he comes in from school they run up and each take a hand.

"Hugo and Monty really look alike. Of course there's always similarities between brothers and sisters but it's freaky.”

The mum said: "People tell me it's like looking back in time when they see Monty. It's like having my first baby back!

"He's going through the same obsession with the Hulk as Hugo did.

"It is a bit like a going through a time machine.

"They didn't share the same first word but they make up for it now with finishing each other's sentences a lot of the time.

"They all had tongue correction surgery which is another thing in common.

"They all hate butter. Coco and Monty don't realise Hugo doesn't like it so it's not as if they are just copying him.”

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Helen added: "Hugo has asked whether he is a triplet and he knows you have to have an egg to create a baby. He gets the gist of it.

"The past few years have been hectic and a bit of a mad house.

"We have three kids and three dogs now so there's never a dull moment.

"We're just so happy that against all the chances we now have our family…

"It's been hectic especially with lockdown and homeschooling.

"But we are just so grateful to have them."

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