Piers Morgan backlash by joking people should drive over motorway protestors

Piers Morgan knows how to rile up social media fans and his latest remark has sparked heated backlash with followers on Twitter.

The former Good Morning Britain star started a new row by joking motorists should 'drive over' protestors on the motorway.

He clashed with environmental protestors for joking drivers should carry on if faced with a roadblock of Insultate Britain protestors who are blocking the Port of Dover.

The TV star took to Twitter yesterday and shared a video of a news outlet reporting the protestors being confronted by those caught up in the travel mayhem on the A20.

The 56-year-old wrote: ''Just drive over them. Fewer people is good for the planet anyway. Win-win'.'

The comment was made alongside LBC's video which showed protestors sitting in the road while displaying a banner as traffic is brought to a standstill near the Channel crossing.

It is the latest clash with protests around the southeast and Essex, including the M25 where last week campaigners glued themselves to the tarmac to avoid being moved on.

One parent also shared her concern about the recent events and said: ''Do you realise you're actually losing the cause because I would have supported you, but I've got children who are supposed to going to school. Education is far more important than this right now."

However, when Piers shared his controversial remark his strong views were hit with a heated backlash from environmentalists.

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One responded: "Shameful thing to say. You may not like what they are doing but there is a very real issue that they are bringing to the fore."

Another wrote: ''There are also other very real issues that are affected by their actions.''

A third penned: ''Well if any more of the loons run out onto the M25 being run over is a very real possibility isn’t it.''

It's not the first time the protestors and Piers have had a similarity, with Liam Norton, The Insulate Britain activist, getting embroiled into a row on Good Morning Britain – where Piers use to work.

The conversation became tense after news anchors reminded Liam a passenger who was caught in the traffic had a stroke and had to remain in the car for several hours.

The campaigner proceeded to storm off-set, which was later compared to being in the same manner Piers infamously walked off-set on ITV earlier this year before his bombshell exit.

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