Prince Harry thanks podcast host for keeping them safe after awkward sex jokes

The Royal Family probably won't be impressed by the sex jokes made on the new podcast Prince Harry has appeared on.

The Prince was talking to Dax Shepard and Monica Padman on the Armchair Expert podcast.

Harry was talking about some serious subjects, including his mental health and some of the experiences he’s had in his life.

He explained how meeting his wife Meghan Markle was the turning point for him realising he needed therapy.

Harry was encouraging people to share the good things in life, to turn away from hate and to not share horrible comments online, when he suddenly pulled himself up.

“Sorry, I got a little bit deep there,” he joked, in an exaggeratedly husky voice.

“And I enjoyed it” drawled host Dax Shepard, as Monica agreed: “We like it!”

Dax took it one step further though, saucily adding: “I’m three-quarters erect right now. You’re lucky my legs are crossed.”

“Oh god!” squealed co-host Monica. “This is part of his trauma, he can’t go five minutes without making a sexual reference.”

“Being a pervert!” joked Dax.

“I’m so glad you’re here to keep us safe” Harry said to Monica, as they then cut to a sponsored advert to quickly change the subject.

Elsewhere on the podcast, Dax also mocked Harry for his naked photos in Las Vegas that were published back in 2012.

“This guy’s a party!” exclaimed the host.

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