Raheem Sterling Breaks Down His Pre-Game Rituals

HYPEBEAST caught up with Raheem Sterling to get an insight into what his distinct pre-game rituals are to help him stay on top form — from revealing his go-to recipe for meal preps and Popcaan being on his playlist rotation to the process of picking out lucky boots to continue his goal streak.

The England and Man City star, who famously sports well-groomed stubble on the pitch, says starting his day off with a shave is of prime importance so getting early access to the Gillette HYPEBEAST razor was a no brainer. “I ain’t going anywhere without a good shave.” He says, “You want to feel neat, you want to feel tidy, so you’re ready for the big game.”

Check out the full interview with Raheem Sterling above. The upcoming Gillette HYPEBEAST razor is set to launch in August 2021, you can find more information through the brand’s website.

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