Relatable Orangutan Mom with No Time For Baby's Tantrum Pulls Kid Around Zoo Exhibit

It’s a familiar scene: a mom trying to do her best with a tired, whiny kid refusing to budge from their spot on the floor of a public place.

This time the tantrum didn’t play out at a shopping mall, grocery store or playground; it was at the Pairi Daiza Zoo in Belgium.

According to the Daily Mail, three-year-old orangutan Berani didn’t want to leave playtime when mom Sari came calling. When mom tried to move the little primate from his spot, the kid threw a bit of a tantrum.

Instead of giving in, Sari, a skilled and doting mother, literally took matters into her own hands, grabbing Berani and dragging him to a different spot in the zoo exhibit.

The relatable moment was captured by photographer Koen Hartkamp, who also witnessed the mother-son duo make up after the silly incident.

“Just like all small children, Berani still has to listen to what mum says even though he’s getting a bit more independent … and judging by the picture he didn’t like it,” the photographer told Daily Mail

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