Screaming Lyft Driver Suspended After Dumping Passenger in Middle of Tennessee Freeway (Exclusive)

He said he asked her to go the speed limit.

A rideshare passenger in Tennessee was left with some walking to do after his furious driver tossed him out on the side of the freeway.

TikTok user @aaron0308 claims he merely asked his Lyft driver to obey the speed limit and roll up the windows, when she flipped out — and he caught it all on video.

The insane footage, shot from the back seat, shows the black Ford driving on the freeway with all four windows and sunroof open, and — aptly enough — “Stuck in the Middle With You” blaring on the radio.

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The “caution” tape wrapped around the interior and inflatable Pennywise the Clown car buddy sitting in the passenger seat might also have been an indicator of the craziness that was to come.

“I’m just asking you to go the speed limit is all…” Aaron tells her.

“I’m saying I’m gonna go…” she trails off when she turns back — taking her eyes off the road — and notices him recording. Making a lunge for his phone, she appears to momentarily lose control of the car, as screeching tires can be heard.

“Get out. Get out of the Goddamn car now,” she orders as she swerves in to the shoulder and abruptly stops the car.

“Okay,” Aaron laughs nervously, asking her to open the trunk so he can get his luggage — which is when she starts screaming maniacally.

“I just want my bag, ma’am,” he tells her as she storms out of the car, barefoot, and flings his suitcase along the highway.

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“Thank you,” the stranded passengers tells her.

“You’re a bitch. F–k you and f–k your momma too,” she roars in reply. “You think I’m gonna deal with that? I got it all on camera too, everything!”

“Me too,” he calmly replies as she slams the door and speeds away, leaving him standing on the side of the freeway.

“That just happened to me,” Aaron concludes the clip.

The video, titled “When the Lyft driver doesn’t want to roll up the windows while driving 80,” does not show what led up to the altercation.

The clip is flagged on TikTok: “The action in this video could result in serious injury.”

A spokesperson for Lyft told TooFab: “Safety is fundamental to Lyft, and the incident shown in the video is concerning.

“We have reached out to the rider to offer our support and have suspended the driver’s account pending a complete investigation.”

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