'Silence of the Lambs' Movie House Owner Opens Bed and Breakfast

Last year, the house from Silence of the Lambs was put up for sale for $300,000 USD, and it’s since been bought by a big fan of the film. The new owner, Chris Rowan, has turned the former movie set into a vibrant bed and breakfast that he’s calling a “movie-themed destination like no other.”

The property is a three-story Queen Anne-style house nestled in quaint Perryopolis, just an hour away from Pittsburgh. Comparing its look from the 1991 horror flick, the house remains mostly intact, besides some slight landscaping and refurbished paint. Rowan announced that it’s now open for stays, weddings, filming and guided tours, to mention a few purposes. “I am proud to say that Buffalo Bill’s House is open for victims, I mean, the public!” said Rowan.

According to Rowan, there’s going to be an interactive museum where fans of the movie will get to wander around halls to recall where Buffalo Bill tortured his victims. Rowan added, “I also have a vision that includes having the ‘well’ and ‘Buffalo Bill’s workshop’ recreated and built on-site as permanent sets.” Apart from this, Rowan will be building a pool on the two-acre property. The opening of this bed and breakfast arrives just as CBS spin-off Clarice has been announced.

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