Sound-healing bed blasts you with low-frequency sounds to make you healthier

A new premium bed that uses "SoundHealing" technology to blast sounds into your body says it will help make you healthier.

The Opus Soundbed uses spatial audio technology to help users relax and alleviate physical tension in the body.

The £1.5k bed has been called a "home gym for your heart" as it delivers vibrations throughout the body that "quickly releases you out of stress".

The website adds: "The OPUS platform will include journeys, live experiences, guides and community to support you on your path to greater emotional fitness."

Its creators have said the bed feels like "being immersed in a cocoon of pleasurable sensation".

The futuristic bed will come packaged with a companion app that offers the user guided meditation workshops and other activities.

The workshops can last from seven minutes to an hour and each one specifically designed to help relax and elevate different moods.

The Opus Soundbed will can be used to relieve physical tension and also assist in mental mindfulness activities.

Those wanting to get their hands on the new piece of kit will have to splash the cash as it will be retailing for $1,999 (£1.5k), making it one of the most expensive pieces of tech available in the wellness market.

Swiss creator Yves Béhar said: "We designed OPUS to be a stylish complement to any living room for the purpose of eliminating barriers to daily at-home use.

"We believe OPUS will empower users to take control of their emotional health and allow sound medicine to return to the mainstream."

The bed will reportedly be fully portable and the website states it can fold down into a "compact conversation piece" when not in use.

People who have ordered the Opus Soundbed are not due to get their order until early 2022.

A review proudly displayed on the website states: "The most profound experience of my life to date."

But website Boss Hunting acknowledges that the new technology could be seen as "gimmicky" by some although they comment "it genuinely does look like something which could make guided meditation and sound therapy more accessible".

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