‘Station 19’s Jay Hayden Breaks Down Travis’s Devastating Episode & Teases ‘New Chapters’ Ahead

Travis took center stage during the Feb. 26 episode of ‘Station 19’ as a blizzard raged through Seattle. Jay Hayden opened up about those flashbacks, the impact of this episode, and more.

The Seattle blizzard didn’t hold back on the characters of Station 19 during the Feb. 26 episode. Travis found himself desperately trying to save a woman trapped in the blizzard and did it while not being able to get to her. The episode also featured flashbacks of Travis’ parents and his last husband, Michael. In the end, the woman died before she could be saved but Travis granted her final wish by pretending to be her son so she could say her goodbyes.

HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Jay Hayden about how this incredibly emotional moment will affect Travis moving forward. “I think Travis is going to carry this woman with him as he moves on in life. I think she’s going to go with him,” Jay said. Jay teased that Travis will “grow and change a little bit and maybe put some things to rest and open new chapters in his life.”

Jay noted that one major thing that Travis has had to deal with is that it’s “hard for him to accept that everyone doesn’t come home at the end of the day, that he can’t save everybody. It’s something that he continues to deal with and kind of wrestle wit. What is the meaning of it all? Why do the good ones die and the bad ones live sometimes?”

Jonathan Bennett, who is Jay’s real-life pal, played Travis’ late husband and Station 19 fans finally got some insight into their relationship. Jay discussed what he thinks Travis needs to do in order to move forward romantically. “I think we’ve seen Travis do a good job of self-sabotaging his relationships since Michael,” Jay continued. “It’s like either he’s not ready or he’s making sure to find something that isn’t quite right so he can make sure that nobody gets too close to him. So what I think Travis needs to do is identify and probably carve out the things inside of him that need to come to a resolution, so he has room to let somebody else in.” The show airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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