The 6 best alcohol delivery services in NYC

This ought to put the “cheer” in your “Cheers!”

Online services and apps for the lushes among us have made getting tipsy at home far easier, offering delivery of wines, beers and spirits — and even a spirit-infused ice cream. Some will even deliver it in under 24 hours — if you really can’t wait.

And don’t try anything funny, teens. To receive an alcohol delivery, you must show a valid government ID at the door to prove you are at least 21 years old. In most cases, the account holder must be the one to receive the delivery in-person. Some services charge a fee if alcohol can’t be delivered and must be returned.


Drizly insists that their deliveries of beer, wine and spirits will come to you in 60 minutes or less. Their service is available in dozens of cities across the US, including NYC.

Unlike a lot of drink-delivery options that stick to easy-to-carry wine and spirits, Drizly offers many beer options. If you’re looking to get wild, they even have kegs for sale as well as accessories like taps and buckets.

They can deliver other party supplies, too, such as ice, chasers, drink mixes and garnishes. And they’ve got a special deal for New York Post readers: $5 off orders of $20 or more with code NYPOST5.

The minimum order — to receive free delivery — ranges, often starting at $10.

Fresh Direct

Grocery-delivery and prepared-meal service Fresh Direct can also bring alcohol to your door.

They offer a wide selection of beer, including domestic, imported and craft options. They also have a variety of wine, spirits and mixers.

The minimum order for delivery is $30. Delivery costs $5.99, but can be free if you sign up for Fresh Direct’s unlimited program. Get $50 off your first order of $99 with code GOBBLE50 or get $25 off your first order of $50+ with code GOBBLE25 in November.



For something different, the Danny Meyer-backed gourmet delivery company Goldbelly offers boozy ice cream. New Yorkers have access to Tipsy Scoop Boozy Ice Cream through the service.

Those outside of NYC can access Goldbelly’s sweets, too. The company can be found serving deliciousness in almost every US region.

Delivery cost depends on what you order, when you want your order to be delivered and how far in advance you are ordering. For example, to have these ice cream pints delivered to Midtown in one day, delivery would be free, but to order two days in advance, it would cost $25.


This on-demand grocery delivery service can also bring bottles of booze to your door.

In NYC, over a dozen retailers have partnered with Instacart, including East River Wines & Spirits and Beekman Liquor.  Stores will be available depending on your location. To get your drinking on, simply enter your address, choose your retailer, and get ordering.

The cost of delivery is set by each store and depends on how far in advance you order. For example, delivery from Beekman Liquor costs $5.99 and delivery from East River Wines & Spirits currently costs $9.99 to the Upper East Side. The soonest Instacart can deliver to you is one hour, although that’s subject to change.


Postmates can bring you a lot more than a burrito from Chipotle. Their “drinks” selection offers a mix of wine (most bottles are under $20), sake, vodka, gin, whiskey, tequila and other spirits that are available for delivery. Other liquor stores from your area may be shop-able, too.

Delivery price and availability is subject to change, although the website and app usually offers delivery within the hour. Deliveries are available in NYC. For example, delivery to Midtown from Postmates Drinks costs $2.99.


Feeling like getting sauced? Saucey is a liquor store on wheels that delivers to Chicago, Dallas, LA, parts of San Francisco, Sacramento and parts of NYC.

If you live in certain Brooklyn neighborhoods — Bushwick, Crown Heights, Gowanus, Park Slope, Bed-Stuy, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Prospect Heights and Williamsburg — Saucey offers 30-minute free delivery. Orders under $15 will be charged a fee of $1.99.

Don’t pout if you live outside those areas. NYC locals in the other four boroughs can still get booze sent to them with two-day shipping.

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