The Beatles: George Harrison’s FINAL words to Ringo Starr were heartbreaking

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The Beatles tragically lost two of their members after the band split. 1969 saw the fab four announce they would no longer be performing as The Beatles, bringing their legacy to an end. On December 8, 1980 – just 11 years later – John Lennon was shot and killed by Mark David Chapman in New York City. His passing was a sad event that will not be forgotten by any of his former bandmates.

21 years later George Harrison passed away after a diligent battle against lung cancer.

The Beatle died on November 29, 2001 in Switzerland, where he was receiving treatment for the disease.

In a heartfelt video interview years later, Ringo Starr opened up about his final encounter with his lifelong friend.

He told the camera with a tear in his eye: “The last weeks of George’s life he was living in Switzerland, and I went to see him.

“He was very ill. He could only lay down.”

Although Ringo wanted to be by his friend’s side at his death, he was struck with another tragedy in his life.

Ringo’s daughter, Lee Starkey, was diagnosed with a brain tumour at a similar time.

Because of this, Ringo needed to fly to America to see her.

Ringo continued: “And while he was being ill and I had come to see him, I was going to Boston ‘cos my daughter had a brain tumour.

“I said, ‘I got to go to Boston’ and he goes…”

Ringo then paused as he wiped away a tear from his face.

The emotional star mused: “It was the last words I heard him say actually.”

Finally, Ringo laughed: “He said ‘D’ya want me to come with ya?'”

Even on his literal death bed, George made his best friend laugh at a horrific time for the both of them.

Ringo finally added: “So, that’s the incredible side of George.”

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Ringo isn’t the only member of the band who has reminisced about George and John.

Paul McCartney once spoke out about the song Don’t Let Me Down, which was written by John.

The song itself plays like a heartfelt ballad to John’s wife, Yoko Ono.

But Paul explained it was more of a plea for her mercy.

He told Rolling Stone: “John was with Yoko and had escalated to heroin and all the accompanying paranoias and he was putting himself out on a limb.

“I think that as much as it excited and amused him, and the same time it secretly terrified him. So Don’t Let Me Down was a genuine plea.

“It was saying to Yoko, ‘I’m really stepping out of line on this one. I’m really letting my vulnerability be seen, so you must not let me down.'”

McCartney added: “I think it was a genuine cry for help. It was a good song.”

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