The linked deals that will help shape the rest of trade period

There are two deals that will play a big part in the rest of the trade period, and they are linked: Luke Jackson away from Melbourne, and Brodie Grundy to Melbourne.

In Monday’s trade period special of the Real Footy podcast, Michael Gleeson and Jake Niall wrap the first day of action and discuss what it will take to get Grundy to the Demons, how it’s connected to the Jackson trade, and what Fremantle will have to give up.

There was plenty of action on day one, but much of the discussion was around Jason Horne-Francis’ trade request to Port Adelaide. What are the reasons behind his request? What will it take to get the deal done, and what might prove to be the main hold-up? And as more and more players ask to leave their clubs after very short periods of time, which is already hard to swallow, Horne-Francis is asking to go after just one season. What does it say about player movement and the way the system works?

Meanwhile, Tim Taranto has officially left the Giants for Richmond, a good deal for the Tigers. In general, Richmond are fast movers when it comes to getting deals done. We unpack why that’s a smart move for all teams involved, rather than haggling over the details and getting derailed down the track.

Plus, a theory behind why Collingwood and GWS swapped picks 40 and 43 as part of the deal for Bobby Hill, Jack Bowes’ upcoming meetings with three Victorians clubs, the state of the Bulldogs’ negotiations with Brisbane over Josh Dunkley and much more.

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