'The new normal': These are the most hated Covid-19 phrases

Living through a pandemic is stressful, unnerving and, at times, just really annoying.

In particular, some of the key phrases that have become part of our everyday language in the last few months are driving us up the wall.

It’s no surprise that ‘lockdown’ was recently crowned Word of the Year, and we all now know what ‘furlough’ means, despite never hearing it before 2020. But there are certain phrases that we are absolutely sick of.

‘We’re all in this together’, ‘the new normal’, and ‘unprecedented times’, are top of the list of most hated Covid-19 phrases. But they are inescapable because they are being used by marketers on an enormous number of ad campaigns.

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The research, conducted by Acquia, found ‘we’re in this together’ is the most detested expression for a quarter of the population.  

The survey of 1,000 people found that 22% detest the ‘new normal’, and in general men have a shorter fuse for these phrases than women.  

Also on the list were, ‘in these difficult times’, and ‘more than ever’.

Eight out of 10 Brits said they were annoyed by these Covid phrases every single day.

The top five irritating phrases:

  • ‘We’re in this together’ (25%)
  • ‘New normal’ (22%)
  • ‘Unprecedented times’ (16%)
  • ‘In these difficult times’ (11%)
  • ‘More than ever’ (5%)


In totaly, 80% of consumers found popular Covid sayings annoying, with just 20% of respondents stating no expressions irritated them. 

However, the research revealed discrepancies when it comes to age and gender:

  • 30% of 18-24 year olds hate the phrase ‘we’re in this together’, versus just 20% of those in the 25-34 and 35-44 categories
  • Men are more likely to be annoyed by overused Covid phrases than women. Only 17% said no expressions irritated them, compared with 22% of women

Other key findings include the fact that 37% of UK consumers welcome a light-heated or humorous tone, while 45% welcome an engaging and understanding approach.

So, which of these quintessentially 2020 phrases makes your blood boil the most?

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