The PIVOT Bed Is Your Perfect Home Gym Solution

Amid the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, many have shifted from working out at the local gym to exercising in the comfort and safety of their own home, but finding a comprehensive workout experience can be difficult for those with smaller living spaces. Thankfully, the PIVOT bed and home gym system is now coming to the rescue.

Available in both double or king sizes, the PIVOT bed doubles as your personal home gym when not used for sleeping, utilizing two gas struts that assist you when you’re folding it up or down. Once folded, the bed reveals a full power rack with pull-up and dip bars, and has enough space for you to attach tech devices so you can follow your own workout videos online.

The patent-pending flooring solution provides a stiff protection layer under a rubber surface to ensure that your home floor is insulated from any damage from weights, and the bed itself is constructed from S366 grade steel, boasting safety certification from an independent testing lab in the U.K. As for weight ratings, both the pull-up and dip bars can support more than 130kg, while the power rack uprights can hold more than 500kg.

For those interested, the PIVOT bed and home gym is now live over on Kickstarter, with pledges starting at £750 GBP, or roughly $1,000 USD.

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