This cat has attended college in Aberystwyth for the past four years

A committed cat has been putting his education first by attending a college in Wales for the past four years.

George, who is believed to be around eight or nine years old, first started visiting Coleg Ceredigion in Aberystwyth a few years back. At the time, his owner was working on campus.

Since then, George has become quite the BCoC (Big Cat on Campus), befriending professors and students alike. Mostly, he spends his time walking from building to building and seeking treats and fuss from passersby.

Matt Morden, a professor at Coleg Ceredigion, tells that George’s real name is actually Louis, but staff didn’t know this when he first started attending college, so they came up with the name George – which has stuck ever since.

George can often be found sleeping on campus – which is one of his favourite things to do.

Matt says: ‘He is probably the most chilled thing on the planet right now. 

‘He loves all of the attention that he gets, and seeks it out where possible.  He is phased by very little and will fall asleep just about anywhere.  

‘The students absolutely adore him and he certainly is a calming effect in the most challenging situation.’

Matt adds: ‘There are a few quirks which he possesses. Most notably he will lie on his back in the middle of reception and just fall asleep, no amount of noise or footfall will make him move.

‘However, after a few early morning alarms in the building, the caretaker has taught him to respond to the sound of keys being jangled, once heard he makes his way out of the building quite quickly.’

George has been assigned staff status and is now known as the ‘therapy cat’ – which falls within the welfare network.

Commenting on the purr-stigious title, Chris Leadbetter-Jones, a senior receptionist, tells ‘George was awarded this at the students’ award ceremony 2018/19 academic year for his contribution to student welfare. 

‘It  has been noted that on many occasions that students who have been facing challenges have responded positively when he is around them.  More often than not he is the calming effect that people have needed which certainly brings the best out in them.’

Of course, many schools and colleges are being forced to close due to coronavirus, but Chris says he has no doubt that George will be well looked after in the absence of student and staff on campus.

He adds: ‘If we have a complete lockdown I think his actual owners will see much more of him than they probably do now. 

‘As much as we will all miss seeing him every day there are no worries about him being pampered and looked after.  He is one lucky cat in that respect.’

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