This Flattering One-Piece Is Nordstrom’s Top-Rated Swimsuit by a Landslide

If the marketplace can be described in one word, it’s “noisy.” Actually, we’ll go a step further. The world itself is a children’s play place at scale, and we’re having a tough time hearing our own thoughts over the ruckus. With our screens and social circles screaming silently (or otherwise) at us every day, it merits no justification that, visually and conceptually, we’re reaching for things that are minimal.

Which brings us back to the marketplace. While it’s true that in one stream of fashion, the Guccis and Fendis out there can’t seem to stop producing pearl-studded, croc-embossed, logomaniacal swag, another stream helmed by The Row and Jil Sander is working to strip away the excess and excavate the powerful basics living within.

But before you say it, we know where this narrative usually lands: with the recommendation to eschew trendy, disposable clothing for “high-quality basics,” which usually include a barrier to entry a dollar sign and a few too many digits long. But not all well-made, simple things have to cost a lot of money — or be impossible to find, for that matter.

In this instance, the good, quiet thing in question has hundreds of people behind it, begging for your discovery. Nordstrom’s top-rated swimsuit (by a landslide, in fact) is subdued, simple, quietly sexy, and $79.

La Blanca’s Island Goddess One-Piece Swimsuit comes in four Everlane-esque colors, which some color-theory textbook somewhere surely calls “calming.” The maillot borrows its thin, wide-set straps from ‘90s supermodel slip dresses, and its masking, shirred torso fabric recalls Greek goddess statues draped in curve-skimming cloth. The straight-across neckline is both modern and timeless, not to mention a widely flattering cut for many body types.

Of every swimsuit available at Nordstrom, this one has more reviews than any other style by a huge margin. With over 300 five-star ratings, compared to the two or three that most others have if any, there’s really no contest. There are no busy zig-zag prints to be found here, no studded belts or fringe peplums, but an elegant, good-looking swimsuit whose good design is enough to have earned it a mighty following.

Of course, while visual simplicity might be what the marketplace at large craves, individual shoppers will always have their personal needs front-of-mind. With this suit, factors like support, fit, and longevity have all been met with approval from women with highly different bodies. Women with tall torsos and big busted shoppers alike are sounding off positively in the comments. Postpartum bodies and self-professed “surfboards” both give it five stars.

Forgoing the trend for something timeless costs less than $80 this time, which is truly such a small price to pay for a bit of peace and quiet.

This Flattering One-Piece Is Nordstrom’s Top-Rated Swimsuit by a Landslide
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