This Makeup-Removing Balm is So Much Gentler Than Wipes

For the past year, I’ve tried to be more sustainable with my approaches to fashion and beauty. This switch has led me to a ton of new discoveries, including my favorite makeup-removing balm. It does the same thing as makeup wipes, without all the waste (Did you know that an estimated 22 millions pounds of non-biodegradable wipes are disposed of everyday in the U.S.?). 

For this reason and more, I wasn’t super heartbroken to say so-long to makeup wipes. Often, they left my sensitive skin dried up, stinging, and red after use. And no matter what brand I tried, my face would always get blotchy. It was like being in a bad relationship with someone who’s great on paper, but who constantly puts you down IRL.

When I discovered InstaNatural’s Rose Makeup Cleansing Balm (you might have heard of the brand — its vitamin C serum is beloved), I was elated that I could actually read the ingredient names listed on the product: manuka honey, aloe vera, coconut oil, and rose extract, to name a few. Usually when I look on the back of a beauty product, it looks like the ingredients are in a different language. Understanding what was inside the balm made me feel so much more comfortable trying it out for the first time. 

To use the makeup remover, you apply the balm to your dry face and rub it into your skin. I had my doubts that the balm would actually take my makeup off, especially when my skin was dry. But as I rubbed in the balm, I watched firsthand how my foundation, mascara, and brow powder started to release. Once you see the makeup breaking down, you add warm water and continue scrubbing. When all’s said and done, it takes the same amount of time as it does to wash your face with a cleanser. I dried my face, inspected the results, and was thoroughly impressed. All my makeup had vanished, and my skin was left looking clean and feeling soft. I didn’t feel any stinging and my skin tone looked even.

Aside from taking off your makeup, this balm also acts as a pre-cleanser. I love using it right before I do my nighttime routine because it acts as a protective and hydrating base layer. I use the washable cloth rounds that come with the balm to target tough spots like my eyes. They’re soft, but can really take out layered-on mascara or eye shadow. 

After using this makeup balm for nearly a year, I can’t imagine going back to traditional makeup wipes. The rose balm soothes and cleanses my skin while removing all my makeup at once. Plus, I feel so much better using this product knowing that I’m not disposing of wipes every day. 

Rose Cleansing Balm Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover

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