This ‘posture trainer’ will zap you if you slouch

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If working from home has got you and your posture in a slump, you’re not alone.

Bad posture from slouching can royally screw up your WFH lifestyle, adding back pain and neck stiffness to an already stressful time. Luckily, with the help of a little zap, you can now train yourself to sit up straighter and say goodbye to your humpback forever.

Sold on Amazon, the Upright GO device is a strapless posture corrector, to be worn on your upper back, right between your shoulder blades (or right on the hump you have when slouching while reading this article.) The Upright GO original sticks directly to the skin with medical-grade adhesive and then provides a gentle vibration reminder when it detects bad posture or slouching.

The discrete patch is connected to the Upright app, showing you in real time how often you slouch and tracking your progress to a better back.

“The Upright app generates a personalized training program that consists of daily goals to improve your posture. These daily goals will help strengthen your back and train your brain to be aware of slouching. Long-lasting results and benefits!” reads the product description.

For those who don’t like the idea of a patch on their skin, the company has also released a newer version of the posture corrector, this time as a necklace to be worn backward, so that the vibrating device still sits on your upper back. The Upright GO 2 Necklace is compatible with the newer model of the device, and connects through the USB-C port on the back of the Upright GO 2. The silicone necklace is easy to put on and take off, with a magnetic clasp at the front and the USB-C port on the back.

Both the original Upright GO and the Upright GO 2 and all their accessories are sold on the Upright store on Amazon, and come with free shipping and returns. Check out the different models below, and may this be the last slouched-over read of 2020.

Upright GO Original, $59.95 (originally $79.95)

The Upright GO original model is a small, slim device that will get you and your posture back in action.

The device has a 10-hour battery life, perfect for all-day use in the office or while binging a Netflix series on the couch. The device uses medical-grade adhesive to stick to the skin while being gentle and easily removable between uses. The single sensor detects slouching and then sends both a vibration to your back and a message to the app, helping you track your posture progress throughout the day.

Upright GO 2, $99.99

The newest model of the posture correcting device is a high-powered, multi-sensor device that will get your back on the straight and narrow.

The new make has a 40-hour battery life, taking you throughout multiple work days and hunched over nights on a single charge. Should you choose to use the sticky back to wear the device discretely under clothing, the adhesive pads are 40% wider than the original, for a better hold and more accurate read. If you prefer an adhesive-free option, the $20 necklace attachment is compatible with this newer model.

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