Todrick Hall Responds to 'Shady' Haters and Allegations He Threatened to Out Someone's HIV Status

"People use me for clout," writes Hall, who says he won't "admit guilt for things I didn't say and things that aren't true."

Todrick Hall just issued a very lengthy message to his “haters” — while promising he’s just getting started when it comes to getting his “side of the story” out there for all to see.

While his message isn’t a direct response to one thing in particular, the artist has been getting backlash recently for his behavior on “Celebrity Big Brother” earlier this year. He also made headlines for allegedly not paying two months rent on his home — which he previously claimed he bought. In the past, he’s been accused of not paying those who work for him, as well as sexual assault and harassment, and threatening to out someone’s HIV status.

In his Instagram post and subsequent Instagram Story he alludes to nearly everything mentioned above.

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“Do you want to know what my least favorite part of ‘fame’ is? Having a bunch of hypocritical strangers on the internet trying to convince you to AGREE with them about who THEY think you are, and being mad that you won’t,” began Hall. “I am a human being, I make mistakes and I learn from them. I will not, however, admit guilt for things I didn’t say and things that aren’t true. That I will never do.”

After staying “silent” for years “while shady people ran amuck on the internet with my name in their mouth because they have no talent, no past, no future and most importantly nothing to lose,” Hall vowed to speak out and share his “truth.”

Saying there are “three sides to every story,” Hall said he believes “personal matters
shouldn’t be turned to the internet over jealousy and vengeance.”

“People use me for clout, opportunities and to convince themselves that they are doing something big and when it doesn’t go their way, or they get fired for more than fair reasons, they go online and try to make me be some monster,” he continued. “If I’m such a monster, why were you begging to stay here? Why were you begging for your job back? SIT DOWN.”

“Note to my haters; You can write a million false articles about me. You can tell me that my tour will fail. You can claim I ‘sexually assaulted’ you when you and I both know that never happened,” he went on. “You can try to come for my family, my friends, my ex’s, my future lovers, my house, my car, my wizard of oz room, my payment of my dancers, my body, BRING IT ON.”

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Hall went on to call himself a talented hard worker, great person and a fighter who “will continue to rise.”

“You want to know the REAL STORY? THE REAL ME? Come to my concert and talk, come say
those wild things you’re saying behind your keyboard to my face,” he then wrote, saying his shows are “changing people’s lives.” He also said that while people “can have petty moments,” they can “still be an exceptional human being” at the same time.

“I can do both. I’m not perfect, but I’m not a villain. I’m human,” he continued. “And anybody who’s acting like they’ve never said anything they wouldn’t want the entire world to comment on and judge is lying to themselves.”

He ended his post by addressing all the fans who stood by him every step of his journey and promising “this conversation isn’t over.”

“I’m going to share MY side of the story soon, but just to be clear, it isn’t to prove anything to people who were never on my team to begin with,” he concluded. “It’s for my fans to understand context, so that you’re not blindly defending me on social media without at least hearing my truth.”

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After sharing his post, he added a few more statements to his Instagram Story. In them, he doubled down on his sexual assault denial, before adding, “And while I’m on the topic of things I would never do, I’d like to add weaponizing someone’s HIV status.”

One of his former assistants claimed Hall threatened to out his status in an interview from February 2022.

“Full disclosure; I have dated three people who were HIV Positive and have done so much advocacy for HIV awareness and prevention,” he continued. “I WOULD NEVER threaten someone and use their HIV status as a tool to manipulate. I’m better than that and I’m insulted anyone would ever believe that.”

“And even more insulted that I even have to comment on this as there has never been proof to back this absurd allegation,” he concluded.

Hall is currently on his Femuline Tour, with dates into May.

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