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WHEN it comes to Father’s Day gifts, beer is always a pretty reliable choice.

But if you’re looking for a boozy gift with a bit of extra flair this year, here’s some advice: treat your dad to something from Beavertown.

  • Beavertown Father’s Day gifts – shop here

Now 11 years old, Beavertown has carved out an incredible niche in the UK beer market with a hugely successful line of craft lagers, IPAs and pale ales.

But the brewery also stocks an impressive range of clothes, caps, barware, subscriptions and accessories.

So while your dad might just appreciate a bundle of Beavertown brews – including their famous Neck Oil, Gamma Ray and Bones Lager – for Father’s Day, you could always surprise him with something a bit different.


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Beavertown stocks everything from graphic T-shirts to colourful glass sets to monthly subscriptions and in this article, we’ve picked out our favourites.

Do yourself a favour, and avoid that last-minute dash to the off-licence this year – your old fella deserves better.

Read on for our selection of the best Beavertown gifts for Father’s Day 2023.

Our top 5 Beavertown gifts for Father’s Day

1. Core Craft Beer Bundle – £16.50

Beavertown offers an expansive range of beer bundle gifts. Some include just one type of beer, which is perfect if you know there's a particular brew your dad likes.

But for a bit of variety, and a thirst-quenching introduction to the Beaverton line, you can’t go wrong with the Core Craft Beer Bundle, which comes with seven different beers and a choice of tumbler or pint glass. 

  • Core Craft Beer Bundle with tumbler, £16.50 – buy from Beavertown

2. Spacemen Grey T-Shirt – £22

A great choice for the more stylish fathers out there (and maybe for those whose styles are, ahem, in need of an overhaul).

Beavertown has created a number of different graphic-themed T-shirts, all with the bold, trippy aesthetic the brewery has made its signature.

If we had to pick one, it would be this extra-slick Spacemen Grey T-shirt, which comes in six different sizes: the perfect addition to any bloke’s summer wardrobe.

  • Spacemen Grey T-Shirt, £22 – buy from Beavertown

3. Psychedelic Glass Set – £10

Beavertown’s range of barware are all fun and garish, but we really love the Psychedelic Glass Set.

Treat your dad to this two-piece set so he can drink from the same glasses they serve at the pub.

And hey: if nothing else, this gift will make your mum happy that he’s no longer drinking straight out of the can at home.

  • Psychedelic Glass Set, £10 – buy from Beavertown

4. Beavertown Cap – £18

If you fancy treating your dad to two Father’s Day gifts, why not double up that T-shirt with this stylishly understated cream-coloured cap?

We’re now entering hat-wearing season after all: for other options in black, beige, blue and pink, take a look at the wider Beavertown hats collection.

  • Beavertown Cap, £18 – buy from Beavertown

5. Bones Lager Skullscription – £19 per month

If you’re feeling really generous this Father’s Day, why not get your dad one of Beavertown’s monthly beer subscriptions?

The brand offers a staggering range of Skullscription choices, and you can select one, 12 or 24 beers to arrive on his doorstep each month. Play it cool, and he might even share them with you.

  • Bones Lager Skullscription, £19 per month for 12 cans – buy from Beavertown

For an extra-special Father’s Day gift, we couldn’t let Beavertown’s Summer Collaboration Sessions go unmentioned.

The brewery has organised a series of gigs at locations across the UK this summer including London Brighton, Birmingham and Manchester – they’re non-ticketed and entry is free.

  • Beavertown Father’s Day gifts – shop here

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