Tremendous work! Camilla and Charles have become less regal and more accessible

Prince Charles and Camilla: Clarence House release 2021 review

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Despite the pandemic, Charles and Camilla have participated in multiple both virtual and in-person events over the past year. In a video posted on Twitter and Instagram yesterday, the pair look back at their achievements.

Royal fans were yesterday treated to a video showing clips and images from Charles and Camilla’s best visits and events over the past year.

The video accompanied a caption that read: “Today, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall’s Annual Review 2021 has been released.

“Over the next few days, we’ll be taking a look back at this extraordinary year.”

Clarence House staff revealed the couple had taken part in 348 virtual events and visits, recorded 179 video messages, and launched a new Instagram account.

The video start off in a casual manner with Prince Charles being asked to “take a step back” as the camera films him preparing to make a speech.

It then continues to inform audiences of the royal couple’s work over the past year.

Images and videos are shown, with a voice over by the Prince of Wales.

The video ends on a clip of Charles and Camilla laughing with a Royal Mail worker.

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Body language expert Judi James shared her professional insight with, saying the video shows Charles and Camilla in a “less regal” and “more accessible” light.

She said: “This little audit of their workload looks crafted to show Charles and Camilla in a very friendly and more accessible role than they have done previously.

“To start the video with a little ‘out-take’ of Charles being asked to move to his left for the filming is to show him apparently not taking himself too seriously, as his wonderfully wheezing laugh seems to prove.

“The fact he is willingly and happily taking orders here also shows him in a more compliant and less regal mood.”

Judi added: “That theme continues through the video with some of Charles and Camilla’s more good-humored and relaxed-looking clips.

“It fits with the theme of being taken care of by the people who have been working and supporting us through the pandemic, with Camilla and Charles either helping or praising them for their work.”

Among the images of the couple talking to Britons all over the country are photos of Camilla wearing some of her best outfits.

One stand-out look is when the Duchess of Cornwall wore a blue dress with gold embroidery for a state dinner in Athens.

Judi mentioned the couple’s engagemnets in other countries, such as Greece.

She said: “There is one clip showing them as a more glamorous ‘power couple’ on one of their tours abroad and there are a couple of clips of Charles doing his ‘pointless point’ gesture beloved by the royals on visits.

“But otherwise this is a rather parental or grandparental appearance from a couple who clearly want to project warmth here, flying in the face of criticism from the US that might have recently been painting Charles in a more callous or even cold role.”

Royal fans were quick to comment on the video, praising the couple’s work over the past year.

One person said: “Tremendous work under extremely difficult circumstances – thanks to you both for your commitment to our country and Commonwealth.”

Another added: “You’ve both done amazing through the pandemic to still try and keep up with support of charities etc. Such a difficult year for you and yet you still remained dedicated.”

One fan wrote: “A couple who compliment each other and work well both together and independently. Thank you.”

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