Tyson Fury's dad John tells Deontay Wilder his son will 'retire him' and warns he needs to learn from Anthony Joshua

TYSON FURY'S dad John has warned Deontay Wilder his son will send him into 'retirement', and tells him to take a leaf out of Anthony Joshua's book on how to handle defeat.

Fury and Wilder are set to meet for the third and possibly final time next Saturday at the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas.

The first fight between the pair in 2018 ended in a split draw, but Fury won the 2020 rematch convincingly, stopping Wilder in the eighth round.

Wilder didn't take the defeat well and claimed his water was spiked, as well as accusing Fury of cheating.

The American also blamed fatigue, supposedly caused by his heavy costume he wore on his walk to the ring.

John says Wilder should learn from Anthony Joshua, who was gracious in defeat last Saturday after losing to Oleksandr Usyk at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

The Brit lost his WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO heavyweight world titles, but was incredibly humble – something John admires.

He said: "I got asked about Wilder being like AJ.


"You could never compare the two men. AJ had dignity in defeat, he knows what’s gone wrong and he’s trying to put it right and he will do.

"The other one’s in total denial and has been talking absolute rubbish for the last two years.

"He’s still talking rubbish and that’s what puts me off him as a fighter and that’s why in my opinion he cannot improve because of his mindset.

"Tyson will know when to fight and when to box and I don’t think Wilder has the intelligence to cope with that on any level at all. Not knocking him it’s just the character he’s shown to me in defeat.

"How can you learn in defeat when you carry on like that?

"The American people love Tyson and I love the American people but I like men amongst men, I like men to be men.

"I don’t want them to be like spoilt children in defeat. I admire men in defeat with dignity.

He’s [Deontay Wilder] still talking rubbish and that’s what puts me off him as a fighter and that’s why in my opinion he cannot improve because of his mindset.

"Look at Manny Pacquiao the other day. You didn’t see him doing that, blaming his costume, blaming his team, slandering world champions, giving professional people a bad name. You can’t do that, it’s defamation of character.

"Like I said before I would have had him in court, he would never have got a second fight but that’s politics and that’s out of my hands and like I said, I’ve got no control over it at all."

John also predicts Tyson will send Wilder into retirement, and revealed his son 'is going for the knockout and in explosive fashion'.

He continued: "The way I see it, the result will be the same but I think he’ll get a worse beating than what he got before and it will be the end of Deontay Wilder.

"It will be retirement for him, he’ll be too badly damaged because Tyson has been training to hurt him and hurt him bad and I mean that in the nicest way I possibly can.

"He’s got people blowing smoke up his back side, saying he can do this and do that.

"They can all talk a good show but when you’re under those bright lights and the man’s there in your face, you then realise that a formidable task is in front of you.

"That’s when they smell the coffee and will he be able to deal with it? I don’t think he can. I might be wrong.

"Tyson is a great finisher these days and he is in the hurt mode. He’s not going for a points decision. He knows it’s not possible in America.

"Tyson is going for the knockout and in explosive fashion. That’s what he’s trained to do."

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