What do Love Islanders eat on the show and when are their meal-times?

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We're a few weeks into the seventh season of Love Island, and fans are already heavily invested in every element of the contestants' lives, both in and out the villa.

Whilst we can see pretty much everything the sexy singletons get up to in the Majorcan haven, there are a lot of things which don't make it to the show, as I'm sure you can imagine, the editing process is rigorous.

In the morning we see them all wake up and make their morning coffees all bleary-eyed, but we've never actually seen them cooking a proper meal or sitting down for a big family dinner.

"Why doesn’t Love Island show them eating? do they even have a dinner table?" tweeted one confused fan earlier this month.

Another added: "Can't just be me who wants to see what the islanders have for dinner. Like whats on the menu tonight, spag bol?? #LoveIsland"

The lack of mealtimes on the show has spurred fans to wonder what the islanders actually eat day-to-day, and whether or not they have to cook their own meals.

On the fifth season of the show, filmed in 2019, viewers were left baffled after spotting what looked like a McFlurry in the villa's fridge.

So what's actually going on with the Love Island villa's meals? Here's all you need to know.

How do mealtimes work in the Love Island villa?

Former islanders have spoken out in post-villa interviews about exactly what happens behind the scenes during mealtimes, explaining that the show's bosses do not film them whilst they are eating their lunch or dinner.

In fact, the show's crew all head into the villa for their meals, with everyone involved in the production all sitting down for a huge Love Island family meal, how sweet!

Apparently, this decision not to film mealtimes was because execs were keen to ensure the show wouldn't be too similar to Big Brother, where contestants regularly argued over food, shopping lists and cooking duties.

What do the Love Island stars eat day-to-day?

The lucky islanders are fortunate enough to have their meals cooked for them by private chefs, and can choose from pretty much anything.

According to Love Island 2017's winner, Amber Davies, they are given a menu every day to pick from, but they can also specially request something they'd really like.

Every morning it is up to the Islanders to make their own breakfast and lunch, with the villa kitchen constantly being restocked with snacks and drinks so that contestants are never left hungry.

Basic items such as tea, coffee, milk, sugar, bread, cereal, bacon, sausages and eggs are stored in the kitchen for them to use when they like, and they can give producers their own lists of preferred snacks which will be collected on their behalf.

For dinner time, things are ramped up a notch, with caterers setting up inside the villa and chefs being on demand for not only the islanders, but all of the crew members.

Amber, 24, who won the show with ex-boyfriend Kem Cetinay on season three told The Sun: "You get to eat a selection of food and it’s lovely food.

"You do get to choose what to eat, and it all comes in separate containers."

Her close friend and 2017 co-star Olivia Attwood, 30, who came third in the same season, added that they typically sit down to eat their dinner with the production team, in an interview with The Sun.

However, they are encouraged to keep all conversation to a minimum, as not to miss any juicy moments or conversations which are best saved for on-screen.

Olivia explained: "When we have dinner, it’s like them telling us we need to clean the bedroom, that laundry day is tomorrow and asking us what we want for our breakfast the next day, all just things that make the house run smoothly".

Anton Danyluk, 28, who was on the show in 2019 and came fifth with ex Belle Hassan revealed to Heat magazine that producers had also been delivering them McFlurries on a weekly basis.

He joked: "We needed that. We really did. I think it was about once a week we were getting them."

He also added: "I had a few chicken nuggets here and there."

Talking about the reason to cut out all eating footage from the show, a spokesperson from ITV said: "Unfortunately we can’t show everything as we’re confined to a one-hour show each night!"

Love Island airs on ITV2 every evening at 9pm other than on Saturdays.

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