Woman shares easy cleaning hack to tackle shower glass limescale without effort

Anyone who has a glass shower door will know how irritating it can be when limescale appears after a rinse.

In some instances, it requires a lot of time and patience when tackling a dirty glass window, but now that’s not the case.

A woman shared her simple cleaning hack for dealing with shower glass limescale – and it requires minimal effort.

Posting on Facebook , in the Cleaning Tips & Tricks group, the user shared a before and after snap of her glass window, writing: “Satisfaction.”

In the comments section, a member asked what was used and the response was: “Lime away toilet bowl cleaner wiped on and then rinsed.”

One said: “I struggled for years to find the perfect mix for my shower glass and it works with microfibre cloth and either washing up liquid or head and shoulders – not a single mark on it.”

Meanwhile, a second, who made a comment about the coronavirus situation, added: “Look at all that toilet paper.”

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And yesterday, Mrs Hinch posted a hack to spruce up carpets and you don’t even need to vacuum.

First, she used a 59p Home Bargains squeegee to fluff up her rug.

The cleaning guru then spritzed a bit of 1001 Pet Carpet Freshener down and posted it on her Instagram stories.

Alongside her tutorial, she wrote: “When your rug looks flat but you don’t have time to hoover.

“Just squeegee and spray, it’s the quickest way… No need to vacuum.”

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