Woman shocked to find her guinea pig has eaten her fringe while she slept

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We’ve all had hairy moments with our pets – but one woman’s furry friend took things a step too far.

Gara Sullivan couldn’t believe it when she woke up from a nap to find that her beloved guinea pig had eaten a chunk of her hair. And not from some inconspicuous place at the back of her head – this was from her fringe.

The permanent makeup artist from Kentucky, US, shared the sorry tale on TikTok.

‘So sometimes when I’m drunk I like to get my naked guinea pig out and sleep with her on the floor lol I know crazy,’ she said.

‘So on thanksgiving day I wake up to pee and catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

‘THIS CHICK DONE ATE MY BANGS OFF.’ she added – captioning the comment in all caps for emphasis.

The beauty technician showed pictures of her fringe – which was now sticking up in an odd tuft.

The culprit was Gara’s guinea pig Gabby, who has less fur than most guinea pigs as she is a skinny pig – they have hair on their muzzles, feet, and legs, but are mostly hairless.

‘She didn’t even eat the hair she just nibbled it off,’ Gara added, explaining that she found her missing strands of hair all over the floor.

In the comments, some people suggested that the cute pet simply wanted Gara to ‘look like her’.

Others gave Gabby the guinea pig the nickname: ‘the midnight barber.’

But among all the hilarity, one commenter actually offered an explanation for this rather odd animal behaviour.

They told informed Gara that her pet probably just wanted her to see better – as guinea pigs cut each others hair to keep their fur out of their eyes.

Others explained that guinea pigs trim hair to show dominance and identified that what Gabby did is called ‘barbering.’

Every day’s a school day when it comes to learning about animals and their quirks.

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