Wood Wood Life™ Store Is Your One-Stop-Shop for Finding Danish Simplicity

Danish contemporary fashion and lifestyle brand Wood Wood has opened the Wood Wood Life™ Store in its hometown of Copenhagen.

Inside you shall find a selection of homeware goods selected and curated by the brands’ founders Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian SS Jensen, whose chosen “Life Objects” have been picked based on how they are used to benefit their everyday experiences. Within the selection, Wood Wood offers Japanese pottery, wooden toys, Finnish design classics, gardening tools and outdoor equipment, with each item designed to better or simplify day-to-day activities. Joining this is a small selection of clothing from favorites such as COMME des GARÇONS PLAY and Wood Wood’s own line.

Wood Wood presents its selection of homeware and lifestyle goods using Dieter Rams’ 606 shelving system, which helps to put the focus on the products. Natural light wood tones, white walls, and a complementing black-on-white exterior finished with a homeware graphic further allow the vast array of products to shine.

Take a look inside the Wood Wood Life™ Store in the gallery above, and visit the space in real life at its Værnedamsvej address. The Life™ Store’s objects will also soon be available on Wood Wood’s website.

In other news, Vitsœ has launched linen upholstery for its 620 Chair.

Wood Wood Life™ Store
Værnedamsvej 11
1819 Frederiksberg
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