Young Dolph Drops New Music Video for 'Rich Slave' Intro "Hold Up Hold Up Hold Up"

Young Dolph is incredibly good at rapping. He has been for a long time. Today the veteran Memphis, Tennessee rapper returns with the music video to his Rich Slave intro track “Hold Up Hold Up Hold Up.”

The visual finds Dolph putting in work at a laundromat as an anonymous figure just grinding out the 9-5 life. While that 9-5 mentality has created quite a successful career as one of the most consistent forces in the Memphis hip-hop scene, Dolph has also expanded his reach — Rich Slave debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. Throughout the song he drops words of wisdom that can only be rapped by someone who has spent over a decade in the business maneuvering independently.

He waxes about real life drama: “Cut my day-one n*gga off because of jealousy.” Then he laughs about not partaking in the major label system: “I don’t fuck with them n*ggas, I’m cut from a different cloth/ Ask your CEO and your rap friends why they hate Dolph.” He even contrasts staying true to his roots with his current status: “Rich n*gga still in the neighborhood store eatin’ cold cuts/ Street n*gga, b*tch, I’m in the Bentley doin’ donuts.”

Last year Dolph teamed up with Key Glock for their memorable Dum an Dummer mixtape. Meanwhile Key Glock has cemented himself as a bonafide star through new releases like Yellow Tape and Son Of A Gun.

Watch “Hold Up Hold Up Hold Up” above and stream Rich Slave below. In more music updates, Mozzy released his new album Occupational Hazard today, a project that he said is, “for those who live a certain lifestyle.”

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