CBS Comedy Pilot ‘Ghosts’ Casts Brandon Scott Jones (EXCLUSIVE)

Brandon Scott Jones has been cast in the CBS comedy pilot “Ghosts.” The single-camera comedy is an adaptation of the BBC One series of the same name. It follows a struggling young couple whose dreams come true when they inherit a beautiful country house, only to find it’s both falling apart and inhabited by many

Even Harry Styles's Piano Is Crying In Water-Filled 'Falling' Video

While watching Harry Styles’s new video for “Falling,” you’ll want to pat his back and assure him that everything’s going to be OK. To do so, though, you’ll need some scuba gear and to know how to swim. In the emotional new clip for the equally emotional song, Styles gets ahold of an old piano

Drugs gang are jailed for more than 100 years

Drugs gang are jailed for a total of more than 100 years after using their criminal empire to flood the East Midlands and Liverpool with cocaine and cannabis The group of 22 sold and moved illegal drugs across East Midlands and Liverpool Members of gang sold class A drugs, such as cocaine, as well as class

LeAnn Rimes on How Music Helps Her Mental Health

LeAnn Rimes has been making music for decades, a longevity in the industry that comes with both its positives and negatives. She's achieved a level of success most singers only dream about, selling over 30 million records, releasing multiple chart-topping albums, and winning Grammys, but there's another side to the coin: tabloid scrutiny, paparazzi, no