Judge denies Hunter Biden’s bid to delay child support deposition

An Arkansas judge has nixed Hunter Biden‘s bid to put off his child support deposition until after most of the key Democratic primaries are over, according to a news report. “He needs to make himself available unless his hair is on fire,” Circuit Court Judge Holly Meyer fired back at Biden’s lawyers during a conference

Chris Harrison posts a pic of Peter Weber that will open eyes

Bachelor fans: prepare yourselves for a potentially jaw-dropping twist! As season 24 star Peter Weber gets closer to choosing which woman he wants to pursue a future with, it looks like there’s a chance that he won’t end up with any of his three finalists. However, that doesn’t mean he’s walking away from the reality

Billboard Names Justin Bieber & Poo Bear #1 R&B Songwriters Right Now

Justin Bieber is generally regarded as a pop artist. He began as a teen pop singer whereas his more recent songs feature elements from other genres like trap, dancehall music, and acoustic rock. However, his music has always been deeply influenced by R&B. Because of the R&B influence on his music, it’s no wonder Bieber

SXSW Notes 'Handful' of Cancellations Amid Coronavirus Scare

While the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has begun to rock the global live music scene, causing tour and festival postpones around the world, all is still steady — mostly — for South by Southwest, which will commence in Austin in March. That’s not without a few minor hiccups; SXSW has seen “a handful” of cancellations specifically

Put Your Baby to Sleep Anywhere With These Travel Beds

1. Mamibaby Baby Lounger Weighing only 3.5 pounds, this ultra portable baby lounger is basically the weight of a cloud. This cushiony bed is meant to mimic the feeling of the mother’s warm womb, and the detachable bumper is made with a knitted fabric that’s more breathable and sturdy than run-of-the-mill non-woven fabric. When you’re