DARPA developing hypersonic defense glider called 'Glide Breaker'

$19.6million ‘Glide Breaker’ hypersonic defense glider is being developed which can shoot incoming missiles out of the sky and travel up to five times the speed of sound The US military will develop a hypersonic glider designed to intercept missiles Called ‘Glide Breaker,’ the hypersonic glider will cost $19.6million to develop It can travel at up

This is why you will never see a villain using an iPhone in movies

Whodunnit fans look away now… because we can reveal the killer will never be seen with an iPhone. Film director Rian Johnson let slip that Apple’s product placement rules ban screen villains being seen with iPhones. Johnson, 46, whose latest murder mystery, Knives Out, stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Daniel Craig, said: “Apple, they let

Kim Kardashian Reveals What Really Went Down When She Was at Tristan T

Despite a lot of past drama between the two, Kim Kardashian West is nothing but supportive of her sister Khloe Kardashian’s ex, Tristan Thompson. In a preview of the new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians that dropped on Thursday, Kim chats with Khloe and explains her side of the story, when she and her husband,

David Abel dances to 'I've had the time of my life'

Coronavirus quarantine patient David Abel dances to ‘I’ve had the time of my life’ as he entertains Facebook followers following his release from the Diamond Princess cruise liner David and Sally Abel were treated for pneumonia at a hospital in Japan The dad, who was infected with coronavirus, has bust some moves to Dirty Dancing  The

Ryan Reynolds, Diddy and More Stars With Successful Alcohol Brands

Bottom’s up! It’s no secret that many celebrities like to drink alcohol, but some have taken that infatuation a step further by launching their own spirit brands. What’s more? These entrepreneurial stars, including George Clooney and Drake, tend to make a pretty penny thanks to their wines, whiskeys and more. Scroll down to see which

If You Could Bring Back One Cancelled Show, What Would It Be?

Any faithful TV fan knows the struggle of losing a favorite show is real. So very, very real. But what if you had the power to singlehandedly bring one dearly departed TV series back from the dead for another season? What if we gave you that power? Which show would you choose? We’re dying to know