Gisele Bündchen Doesn’t Want to be Called a “Stepmom”

Yesterday, supermodel Gisele Bündchen spoke openly about her family with husband Tom Brady and her life as a mom. Answering questions on her Instagram story, she covered what being a stepmom means to her and how she balances family life.

Brady shares 12-year-old son John “Jack” Edward Thomas with former partner Bridget Moynahan. When asked about what it’s like to be a step mother, the supermodel said, “I don’t like the word ‘stepmom.’ I like the word ‘bonus mom’ because I feel like it’s a blessing in my life. I feel so lucky that I got to have an extra wonderful little angel in my life.”

A fan also asked her how she balances family and social life together, especially since her and Tom seem “so busy.”

“I don’t think there’s a secret recipe,” she replied. “I think we just try our best to be present with the kids when we are with the kids and be fully there with them, really listening to them. It’s not so much the amount of time. I think it’s the quality of time.”

Bündchen married the New England Patriots quarterback in 2009. The couple also shares a 10-year-old son, Benjamin Rein, and seven-year-old daughter, Vivian Lake.

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Family of Bullied Boy with Dwarfism Says $474K Raised for Disneyland Trip Will Be Given to Charity

Generous strangers offering support to Quaden Bayles raised nearly $745,000 for the bullied Australian boy — and now, nearly all of that money will go to charity.

Quaden, a 9-year-old Aboriginal Australian with achondroplasia dwarfism, found himself in the public eye earlier this month after his mother posted a since-deleted Facebook video of him in tears saying that he wanted to end his life over relentless bullying, CNN reported.

After the clip went viral, Quaden received support across the globe — including from comedian Brad Williams, who set up a GoFund page to raise money to send Quaden and his mother to Disneyland.

“I’m setting up this GoFundMe to let Quaden know that bullying will not be tolerated, and that he is a wonderful human being who deserves joy,” Williams, who also has achondroplasia, wrote in a description of the fundraiser, which he said would donate any leftover money to anti-bullying/abuse charities.

Though the crowdfunding page has raised $474,924 — more than enough for flights, a hotel, food and Disneyland tickets for two — Williams said Thursday that Quaden and his family had “kindly declined going to Disneyland.”

“I have been in close communication with Quaden’s family and fully respect their needs and the needs of Australian First Nations people who are experiencing bullying and discrimination at extremely high rates,” he wrote. “Because of this, I’ve decided that the donations will be best served going to charities focused on helping individuals affected by bullying and discrimination.”

Williams outlined on the page how the funds would instead be allocated, and said that six different charities would receive approximately $66,000 each: Born This Way Foundation, STOMP Out Bullying, Dolly’s Dream, Dwarfism Awareness Australia, Gallang Place and Balunu Foundation.

Anything left over will go directly to Quaden for “direct medical help, education, accommodation costs, food to feed the family, and donating to additional charities of his choosing,” Williams wrote.

PEOPLE has confirmed with GoFundMe that its Trust and Safety team is “working closely” with Williams to ensure that all donations are properly distributed to the beneficiaries Williams listed on the GoFundMe page.

“Bullies never win, and this fundraising effort shows that when bullies attack, communities stand proudly for what’s right,” Williams wrote. “Thank you for being a part of this global community of kind and awesome human beings.”

Quaden’s aunt, Mundanara Bayles, told Australia’s SBS TV that while the prospect of a trip to Disneyland was exciting, Quaden’s mom, Yarraka Bayles, thought it was important to get back to the “real issue.”

“This little fella has been bullied. How many suicides, black or white, in our society have happened due to bullying?” she told the outlet. “We want the money to go to community organizations that really need it.”

In the wake of Quaden’s viral spotlight, he’s received support from stars including Hugh Jackman, who tweeted a kind message of encouragement, and was also invited to lead the National Rugby League’s Indigenous All Stars team onto the field ahead of a game against the Maori All Stars.

Quaden, who walked on the field hand-in-hand with team captain Joel Thompson, later told his mom he’d gone from “the worst day of his life to the best day of his life,” according to the BBC.

Despite the worldwide support, Quaden’s story was mired in controversy, as some questioned his mother’s decision to put the distressed boy in the spotlight, while others alleged that he was actually much older than he appeared (that claim was shot down by Snopes).

However, as multiple outlets pointed out, Quaden’s story was previously made known, and the boy has been profiled numerous times over the years, including on Today in 2016 as well as on Australian television when he was 4 years old.

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Coronavirus quarantines in U.S. appear inevitable, doctor says

Amid fears of a coronavirus outbreak, one doctor suggested that Americans worried about quarantines should begin preparing. CBS News medical consultant Dr. David Agus predicted the question would be “not if but when and where” quarantines will be occurring during an appearance on “CBS This Morning.”

“The death rate is very low with this virus. Most people will survive this virus,” he said.

Agus advised asking companies what their work from home policy would be, and being aware that children in the household may have to take school from home.

“Get a week of food, dry food in your house. And be ready for this. There’s no reason to panic, we’re all going to do fine,” he said. “But there’s going to be a new way of life, and we have to prepare for that way of life.” 

Agus also recommended stocking up on two to three weeks of medicines.

Looking out for possible symptoms is important to figure out if a person should be tested, Agus said. He described “pulmonary symptoms” such as a cough or a cold as signals, both common occurrences during this time of year that should not be cause for alarm unless they worsen.

According to Agus, the majority of people who get the coronavirus experience mild symptoms and so would not have been tested until the CDC recently expanded its criteria for who should be examined.

He explained that the test for coronavirus is specialized because the disease is an “RNA virus” that has to be converted to DNA, which then has to be amplified to be examined.

“It’s a complicated test,” Agus acknowledged, “Totally doable, but it’s new.”

He concluded by making “a call for all of us to work together to be part of the solution,” highlighting the importance of “not only caring about yourself but your community.”

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Disney Jungle Cruise Boat Sinks With People On Board At Magic Kingdom! Oops!

Well this wasn’t exactly ideal… but at least it makes for a once-in-a-lifetime story, we suppose!

The Magic Kingdom in Orlando is the focus of a lot of viral attention this week after a boat on the Disney park’s famous Jungle Cruise ride took on water and sank with a full load of passengers aboard! Oh, no!

Now as you know if you’ve ever been aboard the Jungle Cruise extravaganza, the water on the ride isn’t exactly deep — so nobody appears to have been injured, or anything, and from what we can see passengers pretty much just suffered from wet shoes and socks during the ordeal itself.

Suffice to say, then, that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson‘s film version of Jungle Cruise (above!) may be slightly more intense than the boat sinking at the Orlando theme park on Thursday afternoon. But even so, the unexpected event made for a great viral moment on social media — and a good laugh for anybody who’s ever been aboard the world-famous, light-hearted, slow-moving ride!

One of the people on board the sinking ship, Matthew Vince, took to Twitter to document how unexpected and funny the whole ordeal was at the time. As you can see from his picture, and the follow-up tweet in response, he was pretty good-natured about the whole thing, taking it in stride (below):

Ha! What a good attitude to have… hopefully Disney handed out, like, free shoes and socks or something so people didn’t have to trudge around in wet stuff the rest of the day. (FWIW, handing out a bunch of FastPass coupons may have been a good idea, too! Just saying! LOLz!!!)

Others apparently involved in the sinking didn’t take things quite so well, though, as this Twitter user who apparently suffered from some kind of issue with “gas soaked water,” as you can see:

Interesting… that’d definitely be a little inconvenient, for sure!

According to TMZ, the boat in question was named the Bomokandi Bertha, and it reportedly started to take on water around 12:30 p.m. local time in Orlando. It’s unclear exactly what caused the leak, but the ride had to be shut down for nearly two hours as passengers were unloaded, the boat was towed away, and the track was made right again. No official word yet on what Disney did to recoup passengers for their troubles, but we’re sure they must’ve thought of something good — things of this nature don’t exactly happen all the time at the most Magical Place on Earth!

Hey, considering The Rock’s Jungle Cruise movie comes out in about five months, are we the only ones thinking Disney sank the boat intentionally to drum up interest in the movie?!?! Juuuuust kidding! Ha!!!

And fortunately for all of us on the internet, some pranksters took the viral moment to have a little fun… like with this Titanic-inspired sinking video (complete with Céline Dion song!) here:

And this cleverly-photoshopped clip of Jack and Rose clinging to life after the boat sinks (below):

Ha!!! LOVES it!!!

What do U think about all this Jungle Cruise drama, Perezcious readers?! What would U have done if you were on a boat that sank like that?! Sound OFF with all your reactions in the comments (below)!!!

What a wild day at Disney World!

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‘Saint Frances’ Review: Millennial Disaffection Has a Fresh New Voice

The shape of Alex Thompson’s winning “Saint Frances” is familiar enough: a disaffected and unattached millennial finds purpose and meaning in an unexpected connection with a spunky kid who forces her to grow up and face the real world in all its terrifying glory. Cute kids are easy outs in modern cinema (“do you know that the human head weighs eight pounds?”); so are ennui-laden young adults more adept at scrolling social media than carving out a career, but Thompson and “Saint Frances” writer and star Kelly O’Sullivan turn their premise into something wise and witty.

O’Sullivan (who makes her feature screenwriting debut while also leading the film, appearing in every scene), is a real find, the kind of “voice of a generation” talent who spends less time talking about her genius insight and more time simply delivering on it.

At 34, Bridget is unmoored: no house, no partner, no career, no direction. Her low-simmering disaffection and barely disguised fear of not making her life count are thrown into sharp relief during the film’s opening credits, illustrated by a party sequence in which a stranger literally (and amusingly) unpacks his own, similar terror. When another party guest, the sweet-faced Jace (Max Lipchitz) catches Bridget while she’s still reeling from the accidental insight of her last conversation, the pair fall into a one-night stand that gradually turns into something bigger. But Bridget’s biggest problem isn’t that she’s flailing; it’s that she’s resistant to grabbing on to the very people and things that might help save her. Enter Franny (the charming Ramona Edith Williams).

Bridget doesn’t go looking go for nanny job because she loves kids (she doesn’t even like them) or because she’s inundated with Instagram feeds filled with friends and their babies and she wants a taste (or does she?). She just needs a job. O’Sullivan and Thompson cleverly lace in character details with tongue in cheek touches that are as funny as they are timely. The first thing Bridget (and the audience) sees on her first visit to her potential employers: a large Black Lives Matters lawn sign, which initially scans as performative. The first interaction: a giant hug, before even preliminary introductions are out of the way. Bridget thinks she’s got them pegged, but O’Sullivan’s script gracefully handles all of its characters, turning easy jokes into real people.

Maya (a lovely Charin Alvarez) and Annie (Lily Mojekwu) are about to have their second kid, and they’re looking for a summer nanny for their whipsmart first-born Frances, who can barely hide her disdain for Bridget. Maya and Annie aren’t too impressed either — Bridget can’t help being honest about her intentions, a trait that’s charming and off-putting in equal measure — and she doesn’t get the gig.

Meanwhile, her burgeoning relationship with Jace has created her own crisis of potential parenthood: She’s pregnant. O’Sullivan and Thompson take on Bridget’s ultimate decision with honesty and intention, approaching the abortion process with the same care they apply to the rest of the film.

“Saint Frances”

When the buttoned-up Maya and Annie find themselves at loose ends, Bridget is called back to assist. Both moms struggle, but it’s Frances who’s most shaken: like Bridget, she’s disaffected in her own way, and the confusion and pain she feels over her new sibling is startling relatable. Williams is an unmitigated star in the making, taking the “precocious kid” trope and running with it, allowing her bossy Franny (hell, Bridget could use the bossing) to feel like a real kid. Of course, Bridget falls in love with her.

Yet Thompson and O’Sullivan don’t make it easy going, with the bond unfolding in fits and starts as the film’s two leading ladies learn their way around each other, and themselves. Neither are perfect, and O’Sullivan projects such deep empathy that even when Bridget fucks up, it’s difficult to stay angry at her. (Lingering effects from her procedure will send audiences screaming to just go to the damn doctor, while her dad sends her off with a demand she get her oil changed, knowing she’d never think of it on her own). When an old frenemy tells Maya how everyone thought Bridget would be “the next Sylvia Plath!,” Bridget sagely grumbles that she’s still got the depression to back it up.

Eager to utilize its strong supporting cast, the final act of “Saint Frances” digs more deeply into other dramas, biting off more than O’Sullivan and Thompson can chew in the process. Maya and Annie’s oppositional approaches to Bridget grow into something deeper and darker, and while the bigger questions it broaches (particularly about mental health and societal strains) are welcome, they often feel like just a neat way to tie up Bridget’s own issues. It’s unnecessary: O’Sullivan and her creation are riveting, and when the film comes to an emotional end that hinges on all its early strengths, the result is satisfying and hard-won, a coming-of-age story told on just a slight delay.

Grade: B+

Oscilloscope Laboratories release “Saint Frances” in theaters today.

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Watch Kevin Feige's Acting Debut on 'The Simpsons' As the Villainous Chinnos

Kevin Feige is already the master of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but soon he’ll be the star of a major comic book movie franchise within the animated world of The Simpsons.

An upcoming episode of the 31st season of FOX’s animated family sitcom will lean into superhero movies in a big way when Bart Simpson ends up seeing an early screening of the latest sequel in the Vindicator comic book movie franchise. Instead of playing the shepherd behind the scenes of this superhero franchise, Kevin Feige will be playing the Vindicator’s villain Chinnos, a riff on the Avengers villain Thanos and his massive, bulbous chin. Before the episode premieres this weekend, you can get a tease of Kevin Feige voicing Chinnos in The Simpsons Avengers parody clip below.

The Simpsons Avengers Parody Clip

Chinnos has gotten ahold of some kind of doomsday mobile app that allows him to destroy the planet and restart it as a utopia. It’s not a far cry from Thanos’ plan to use the Infinity Stones to wipe out half the universe’s living creatures in order to bring balance to the universe. In fact, you can even see a reference to the stones in a quick glimpse of the phone screen in Chinnos’ hands.

This weekend’s episode of The Simpsons, titled “Bart the Bad Guy,” will also make a villain out of Bart Simpson. After seeing the new Vindicator movie, he decides to be the ultimate troll and threatens to reveal spoilers from the movie in order to blackmail others. However, the studio executives behind the movie aren’t going to let that happen, and they just so happen to be voiced by Avengers: Endgame directors Anthony & Joe Russo. They try to hush up Bart and keep the movie’s secrets intact. Chinnos demands your silence.

Marvel movie star Cobie Smulders will also make a guest appearance as the voice of the superhero Hydrangea, and she’ll be joined by her real-life husband Taran Killam as the hero Airshot in the Vindicator movies. Famous YouTube personality Tal Fishman lends his voice to the episode as well, and Joe Mantegna even returns as Fat Tony. There may even be some other surprise voices making an appearance.

Between this and the recent news of a Simpsons animated short playing before Pixar’s Onward, it would appear the synergy between Disney and Fox is quite strong. How long before Disney pushes another Simpsons movie into existence?

“Bart the Bad Guy” airs this Sunday, March 1 at 8pm ET on FOX. Here’s the epic Avengers-inspired poster:

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Star Trek: Discovery's Kenneth Mitchell Reveals ALS Diagnosis: 'I Can't Hide It Anymore'

Kenneth Mitchell has been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, a debilitating neurological disease that slowly takes away a person’s ability to control his or her muscles.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, the Star Trek: Discovery star, 45, opens up about his life-changing diagnosis, how it has affected him and his work, why he hid it for nearly a year and a half, and how he plans to use his platform to help others.

After experiencing constant twitching in his muscles in the months leading up to August 2018, the actor was led to believe that he was suffering from either a pinched nerve or multiple sclerosis (his mother has MS).

“The moment that they told us it was [ALS], it was like I was in my own movie,” Mitchell says, fighting back tears. “That’s what it felt like, like I was watching that scene where someone is being told that they have a terminal illness. It was just a complete disbelief, a shock.”

“I do remember there was something really simple and beautiful in a way, how my wife and I were in the trenches together, and how we from this moment on we’re having to deal with something so severe that was going to affect our lives forever,” adds Mitchell, who has played multiple roles in Star Trek: Discovery, including Kol and Tenavik. “We grieved and mourned really hard. There was so much unknown.”

Mitchell, who shares daughter, Lilah, 12, and son, Kallum, 7, with wife, Susan, said the diagnosis forced him and his family to shift their focus on everyday life.

“I think it, over time, became the theme of us accepting this with grace,” he says. “Trying to see the beauty in it, in a way. I’ll never forget, one of my Star Trek costars told me, because they had dealt with some trying times with illnesses and stuff, and I remember them communicating to me, saying, ‘You have a choice. You can look at this in many different ways, but maybe try to look at this like a gift where you get to experience life in a way that most people don’t.'”

“From that point on, it became, ‘Let’s just spend time with the family,'” Mitchell continues. “We took a couple vacations. Pulled the kids out of school. We had meetings with all their schools, with the principal, the counselors, their teachers. Everyone was in support and understanding the situation and that we might be pulling them out of school more than most, just so we can spend some time together as a family while I was still healthy.”

Over the course of the next year and half, Mitchell (who also stars in the CW’s Nancy Drew) continued to work to the best of his ability — but faced some road blocks along the way.

After landing the lead in a television show, Mitchell informed production about his diagnosis and decided to give up his part, as it would require a move to Newfoundland.

“We realized it wasn’t right for me health-wise and emotionally to move away from my family just to go work on this project,” he explains. “That being said, I wanted to see it through. I cared about the people and I cared about the show and the character that I created. Being lead of the show, I really wanted that responsibility. But in the end, it just wasn’t the right thing to continue on.”

As he began to tell people here and there of his recent diagnosis, Mitchell says his acting community came together to offer support in different ways.

“When I started [Nancy Drew], I was playing a character that was ‘normal’,” he says. “They were aware of my limitations and my illness, but they still wanted to work with me. Although it feels more challenging to play this character who doesn’t have any disabilities, it’s the process that they do. They accommodate and make it work. We use the double, the stunt double, the body double, punching and on closeups, and medium shots with me. Or my shots will be me, the scenes will be me seated or leaning up against something. They just make it work. They do it in a way that they don’t ever make me feel like I’m dragging things out or a hindrance or anything. It always makes me feel like I’m still an asset. That’s really empowering.”

Mitchell says roles have even been created specifically for him.

“Dan Shotz and Jon Steinberg created this show, The Old Man, with Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow, and they created a part for me,” he says. “An FBI agent and I got to be in this chair. It was just really liberating and freeing to not have to hide what was happening to me. It was at that point forward, I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m ready for this. I think this is the direction I should continue to take.'”

Now, using a wheelchair since October 2019, Mitchell says he’s more than ready and willing to speak his truth.

“I’m just getting more comfortable with what’s happening with me,” he says. “I think there’s something I can offer and I want to be a part of that. A lot of people helped me along the way, through my actions, or if I can inspire one person that would mean a lot to me. So, I just feel like it’s time. There’s a practical aspect of it. I can’t hide it anymore. I thought instead of shielding myself away in my home, which, if that’s your choice that’s fine, too. I wouldn’t make any judgment on anyone. I don’t think anyone would on me. But, I just feel like it’s time that I get out there and be a voice.”

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'The Bachelorette' Has Already Started Casting Contestants, Says Reality Steve

Peter Weber is still trying to find his future wife on The Bachelor, but the reality TV show’s producers just revealed they’re about to make a major announcement: The next star of The Bachelorette will be revealed on Good Morning America on Monday, March 2. (Set your alarm clocks now, people!)

This is a pretty big departure from past seasons, where the new Bachelorette is usually announced during the After the Final Rose special. Of course, The Bachelorette is a massive emotional ride, and it’s good to know upfront who you’re going to be rooting for every Monday night in a few months.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Bachelorette season 16 (so far).

Who is the next Bachelorette?

Full disclosure: No one knows yet. That said, Bachelor spoilers king Reality Steve said in a recent blog post that producers have definitely met with Kelsey Weier (from Peter’s season), Tayshia Adams (from Colton Underwood’s season), and Tia Booth (from Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season). “One thing I keep hearing is that they’re not gonna go with someone from Peter’s season,” Reality Steve wrote, which would eliminate Kelsey.

Apparently, former Bachelorette star Hannah Brown was a “top choice,” but she and ABC couldn’t agree on money, so womp womp.

An unconfirmed spoiler on Facebook said that Bachelor Nation veteran Clare Crawley would be the new Bachelorette. In response, Reality Steve tweeted that, while the choice might seem unusual, it wasn’t out of the realm of possibility.

For those that didn’t see, this was the rumor that was posted on a FB Fan Page last night. I have no idea who this person is, why they’re reporting it, or if it’s even true. This was the first I’d heard of it. Guess we’ll see.

Here’s my opinion on Clare IF she does end up being the “Bachelorette.” Yes, it’s random. And yes, she’s not on anyone’s radar really. But 1) that gives them major shock value 2) gives them some1 older and 3) it kinda puts her as a combination of being the female Arie & Nick

The new Bachelorette star may not even know that she’s The Chosen One yet. Reality Steve pointed this out on Twitter. “In regards to ‘Bachelorette’ being announced Mon morning on GMA, just remember that when Arie was announced on GMA his season, he didn’t find out until the night before,took the red eye to NY, and went straight to the studio,” he wrote. “They’re gonna try & keep this as secret as possible.”

In regards to “Bachelorette” being announced Mon morning on GMA, just remember that when Arie was announced on GMA his season, he didn’t find out until the night before,took the red eye to NY, and went straight to the studio. They’re gonna try & keep this as secret as possible.

So… fans will just have to wait for the official announcement come Monday morning.

When is the The Bachelorette season 16 release date?

No official date in 2020 has been announced yet. That said, in the past few years, The Bachelorette has debuted sometime in mid- to late-May. Given that The Bachelor debuted in January, like it normally does, you can probably expect to see the next Bachelorette grace your TV screen in the late spring, as usual.

Is there a trailer for The Bachelorette yet?

Nope, but that could come as early as Monday. It might be a super short trailer with just the new Bachelorette (considering production likely won’t have much time to throw something together), or they might save that debut for when they’ve got juicier nuggets to share with fans.

Where can I watch The Bachelorette?

ABC is your go-to source for all Bachelorette/Bachelor content (including Bachelor in Paradise and Bachelor Summer Games). You can also watch episodes on demand at ABC’s website (with a cable login) and on Hulu.

Who will host this season of The Bachelorette?

Chris Harrison will be back for another season of reality TV greatness to do super important things like announce when it’s the final rose, counsel the Bachelorette when she’s struggling, and crush grown men’s hearts when he reveals there won’t be a cocktail party on any given evening.

Chris Harrison and former Bachelorette Hannah Brown
John FleenorGetty Images

Where do they film The Bachelorette?

The same place as The Bachelor. It all kicks off at the Bachelor Mansion (which is in Agoura Hills, California), before the group sets off to travel the world. Reality Steve just shared one of the confirmed filming locations on Twitter. “We might not have a ‘Bachelorette’ chosen yet, but I can confirm one US city they are headed to when next season begins filming: Chattanooga, TN! The ‘Bachelorette’ will be all up inside you towards the end of March. There will def be a public date to attend as well,” he wrote.

(SPOILER): We might not have a “Bachelorette” chosen yet, but I can confirm one US city they are headed to when next season begins filming: Chattanooga, TN! The “Bachelorette” will be all up inside you towards the end of March. There will def be a public date to attend as well.

Typically, The Bachelorette heads to at least one city in the United States before taking things international.

Who is going to be on The Bachelorette?

ABC usually announces The Bachelorette before they reveal the contestants, so there’s a lot fans don’t know yet. That said, Reality Steve did just reveal on Twitter that there were 10 men he’s “pretty sure are cast to be on the ‘Bachelorette.’ Of those 10, he added, “only one of them is in their 30s – and he just turned 30 recently,” so… there’s that. Expect to hear more concrete details about them (and to have a good laugh poring over their profile pages) in the next few weeks.

For what it’s worth, I have 10 guys that I’m pretty sure are cast to be on the “Bachelorette,” and only one of them is in their 30s – and he just turned 30 recently. Might mean something, might mean nothing.

Remind me: What happened on last season of The Bachelorette?

A lot. Hannah Brown was the star, and she put up with zero crap from anyone. Still, Hannah did keep around super conservative contestant Luke Parker, who sparked all kinds of dramaz for arguably way longer than she should have before she finally (finally!) sent him home.

Hannah also had sex in a windmill with current Bachelor Pilot Pete four times, but sent him packing afterward. She ended up choosing singer-songwriter Jed Wyatt over sweetheart Tyler Cameron, only to later dump Jed when she discovered he had been dating someone pretty much up until the moment he went on the show (and later lied about it). Long story long, Hannah is still single.

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Jenna Dewan's Second Pregnancy Baby Bump Album

Bumping along! Jenna Dewan announced in September that she is pregnant with her and boyfriend Steve Kazee’s first child together.

“Becoming a mother is quite simply the absolute best most incredible thing that has ever happened to me,” the former World of Dance host wrote on Instagram at the time. “@stevekazee  you are a gift from above and I couldn’t be more excited to be expanding our family together…! Thank you guys for all the love!!”

The dancer welcomed her daughter, Everly, with her estranged husband, Channing Tatum, in 2013. The former couple announced their split in April 2018, and Dewan began dating Kazee six months later.

The Tony winner shared their pregnancy news with a post of his own, writing, “I can’t even begin to describe the feelings that I have had since we first learned that Jenna was pregnant! I have waited my entire life for this moment and couldn’t have found a better person to build a family with. The past year and a half has brought so many things into my life that have filled me with the deepest of gratitude. A partner who radiates love, warmth, and kindness. A partner who has faced some of the hardest moments life can deal you with grace, humility, and a desire to learn from the ups and downs. A partner who is continuously growing from those lessons and who supports my growth as a person with love, unwavering support and understanding.”

The Broadway star added, “Jenna also brought with her one of the greatest gifts one could ever imagine… her beautiful daughter. Evie burst into my life like a supernova and has continued to burn so brightly in it. I have learned so much about parenting already from watching how amazing Jenna is with her and Evie has taught me so much about what it means to love and communicate with a child and I can’t wait to give her a sibling and make our little family a little bit bigger.”

Keep scrolling for a look at all of the baby bump pics Dewan has shared of her second pregnancy.

In order to view the gallery, please allow Manage Cookies

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Fascinating photos reveal what travel was like in the 70s and 80s

Fascinating (and hilarious) photos reveal what travel was like in the 70s and 80s, from costume parties to ‘what to pack’ lists that included ‘travel clocks, sewing kits and 2 coathangers’

  • Australians Maria Dzopalic and Sue Bertram took them between 1979 and 1987 
  • Their shots capture costume parties, epic moustaches and a tourist-free Venice 
  • Maria says that she is still in touch with people that she met on 1980s tours

It turns out that you don’t need smartphones, selfie-sticks or Instagram to have a great time on holiday.

As these fascinating and hilarious photographs from Contiki tours in the 1970s and 1980s show.

They were taken by Australians Maria Dzopalic (between 1984 and 1987) and Sue Bertram (in 1979) during various trips with the coach tour company through Europe, giving an insight into travel in the non-digital age.

One picture reveals a what-to-pack list that includes ‘travel clocks’, ‘sewing kits’, ‘two coathangers’, a ‘blazer for evenings only’ (for him) and a ‘not too formal’ dress for evenings out ‘for her’.

Other shots capture quirky costume parties, epic moustaches and an amazingly tourist-free Venice.

Maria said: ‘The social aspect of meeting people my age from different countries was fantastic. I am still in contact with a friend I met on the UK tour from Canada and I actually stayed with her when I went on a USA tour. She has since come to Australia. These days it’s birthday and Christmas cards and Facebook messages that keep us in touch though.’ Scroll down to take a refreshing step back in time…

A Contiki contingent enjoy a gondola trip in Venice in 1979, though one holidaymaker (on the right) looks slightly sceptical 

Contiki’s present-day coach fleet is state-of-the-art.

The firm says: ‘Contiki’s fleet of super-sleek coaches come with the benefit of air-conditioning, reclining seats, a bathroom, a club-rivalling sound system and TVs. They’re also Euro 6 coaches, the most environmentally friendly in Europe. 

‘The engines use a product called Adblue to convert dangerous fumes into a mixture of water and nitrogen which are harmless for the environment – this means in some areas, air emitted from the engines of Contiki coaches is actually cleaner than the air that goes in.’ 

Contiki offers ‘over 350 trips across six continents’

Contiki describes itself as ‘the world leaders in travel experiences for 18-35’s’.

It offers ‘over 350 trips across six continents (Europe, USA & Canada, Asia, Latin America, Australia & New Zealand, Africa & the Middle East)’.

The firm adds: ‘We bring together travellers from all corners of the globe to discover new cultures and a little part of themselves along the way.’ 


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