5 words you shouldn’t say in a job interview – and what to say instead

Knowing what and what not to say in a job interview can be particularly puzzling, so we’ve collated some of the best expert advice out there to give you a head start.

Preparing for a job interview is a tricky business. No matter how much time you spend researching the company you’re interviewing for, practising your answers to all the classic questions and acing your handshake, you’ll never feel 100% ready to enter that room.

However, that doesn’t mean that there are a number of general tips and tricks that you won’t benefit from taking on board. While the selection of questions asked in each job interview will vary, there are a number of hard-and-fast rules which will always apply: one of which being the words and language you use in your answers.

According to a new article by job advertisement platform Seek, there are five words we should all be avoiding during a job interview. These “overused buzzwords,” as the article describes them, are bad because they make you sound the same as everyone else who’s interviewing for the position, squashing your chances of standing out for the crowd.

The first word, as suggested by Jason Walker, director at the global recruitment company Hays, is “obviously”. According to Walker, you should never “assume” that anything is obvious to the people who are interviewing you – by doing so, you could be missing out some important information the interviewer is actually unaware of and would be interested in hearing. 

The second and third terms, also highlighted by Walker, are “we” and “workaholic”. The “we” one is kind of simple – the interviewers don’t want to know what you and your previous team achieved, they want to know exactly how you contributed.

The “workaholic” term is more interesting. According to Walker, it’s the word you should always avoid when you’re asked what your weaknesses are. However, it’s a classic job interview question which will crop up in most instances, so what can we say if we find ourselves presented with this tricky conundrum?

“If you think you’re going to woo your interviewer by saying you’re a workaholic when asked what your weaknesses are, think again,” Walker tells Seek. “Instead cite a nice to have skill you could develop such as public speaking or not delegating enough.”

In this way, instead of naming any potential drawback that could make a job interviewer less inclined to pick you for the position, give them an idea of how ambitious you are by saying something you’d like to learn.

The other two words on the list, suggested by Ian Scott, manager at Randstad Technologies, focus on the generic terms or phrases that make your answers lack substance: “challenge” and “motivated by change”.

“Never say ‘I love a challenge’,” Scott explains. “Rarely do people follow this up with a good explanation of what challenges them or even examples of challenges they have met, their reaction to the challenge at hand and the result of their response.”

So if these words are the ones we should always avoid during job interviews, are there any we should always make sure we do say?

According to Carolyn Betts Fleming, the CEO and founder of Betts Recruiting, one of the things we should always have prepared when we go into a job interview is a general overview of our career.

“It’s very important to have a clear pitch when the person asks you to tell them more about yourself,” Fleming previously told The Independent. “It’s usually the first question asked in an interview, and shockingly many people are unprepared to answer.

“It should be a high-level overview of what you’ve done in your career and where you want to go – and it doesn’t hurt to mention a few things you like to do in your spare time to add colour.”

Another very simple thing we can all do to increase our chances during a job interview is use the interviewer’s name in order to forge a human connection with them. It may sound basic, but it really does make all the difference.

“Job interviews are very much about intuition and chemistry,” Lynda Spiegel, resume writer and job search coach at Rising Star Resumes, previously told Monster Jobs. “Saying the interviewer’s name can help you cement a relationship.”

On top of those techniques, experts suggest using the “triple nod” technique to show you’re engaging with what the interviewer is saying.

So next time you find yourself about to walk in to a job interview, make sure you avoid all those clichéd buzzwords which make the recruitment process extra dull. Let your personality shine and shout about your skills and achievements – at the end of the day, that’s all we can do.

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Here’s How To Enter Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty #WeAreRare Community Call

Attention, Selenators, the singer has a new opportunity for you. Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty released its first community call — and you can be a part of it. The brand’s #WeAreRare casting call is not only about building a community around the brand, but winners will be featured in the brand’s ad campaign shoot in L.A. and be among the first to try Rare Beauty’s latest products. Submissions are only open until Sunday, March 1 on RareBeauty.com.

“We’re excited to build this community together! It’s all about celebrating what makes you, you; and we would love your voice to be a part of the story,” the brand posted on Instagram. “Simply tell us what makes you rare.” The community call hopes to bring about 50 people together to share in Rare Beauty’s inclusive message, and all you need to do to enter is share what makes you “rare,” your Sephora Color IQ (to find the best Rare Beauty shades for you), and your Instagram handle on RareBeauty.com.

“Rare Beauty aims to find beauty in what society considers ‘imperfect’ and build a community that shapes conversations around beauty, self-acceptance, and mental health,” a press email sent to Elite Daily said. Winners will get to chat and bond with each other in a Gomez-created safe space in the beauty world. If you’re wondering what the best angle is when submitting, being yourself is probably the best bet. “There’s so much pressure everywhere around you to look a certain way, especially in beauty. I feel like the word ‘rare’ helps eliminate all the pressures to be perfect — it’s saying you’re one-of-a-kind and you are meant to be who you are,” Gomez told Allure.com. “I want people out there to feel beautiful exactly how they are.”

Rare Beauty won’t be available until summer 2020, and the products have been kept under wraps so far, but there’s a small hint in this call. The line will likely include either color cosmetics or complexion products. “It will be a fully diverse range,” Katie Welch, Rare Beauty’s chief marketing officer, told Allure.com. “We want to make sure we sample the right products to the right shade.” Though that’s still pretty vague, it’s more info than fans had before.

If you want to join a community based on inclusivity in beauty, the chance to be featured in an ad campaign, early access to Rare Beauty products and merch, and love Selena Gomez, submit your story on RareBeauty.com before 11:59 p.m. EST on March 1. Those chosen will be informed on March 9, but there will, apparently, be other chances to join the Rare Beauty community. For now, it’s time to start prepping your submission.

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How I cleared £24,000 debt in three years using a budgeting app – The Sun

BUYING your first home is supposed to be a relief for most people but for Hanna Cevik it helped plunge her into £24,000 worth of credit card debt.

But after reaching rock bottom, the new homeowner managed to turn around her finances in three years using a budgeting app to help cut back on her spending.

The marketing manager used cash made by selling property left to her sister, mum and herself by elderly relatives for the deposit for her first home.

She used every penny of her portion of the sale – £75,000 – for her half of the 30 per cent deposit on a two-bed flat that she bought with a friend in 2016.

But the naive first-time buyer hadn’t accounted for the £8,000 stamp duty costs and legal fees so she paid for them on her credit card, planning to pay them off in installments.

Hanna spent a further £4,500 kitting out her new home with the essentials like a bed, fridge-freezer and washing machine, which she put on another credit card.

“Looking back on it I know that I was so stupid to buy the flat because I couldn’t afford it,” Hanna told The Sun.

“In the UK we’re taught that owning property is the ultimate goal and I didn’t want to waste this money that I’d been left so it seemed like such a good idea at the time.

“But in reality, I didn’t have a clue about how much buying a place actually costs and I didn’t prepare for all of the fees and furnishings that come on top of the deposit.”

Things got worse for Hanna in January 2017, six months after moving in, when she faced a Capital Gains Tax bill – a levy you pay on the profit you make when selling something that’s increased in value, such as property.

Despite knowing that she would have to pay the £11,500 charge from the money made selling the house she’d inherited, Hanna had no savings.

Hanna took out a third credit card in order to pay the bill, plunging her into £24,000 worth of debt altogether.

“There will be people reading this thinking what an idiot, and I was,” Hanna said, “but I just had no idea what to do once I’d got into this amount of debt.

“I’d moved it onto 0 per cent credit cards so I wasn’t paying interest on them.

“But I was only managing to pay off the minimum payments every month, which came to between £200 and £300.

“That’s a huge chunk of my salary but the payments didn’t seem to get any smaller.

“I just keep thinking that now I owned my own flat, I’m supposed to be in the most financially secure position of my life and I felt totally unhinged.

“To some extent I wish I’d understood a bit more about what comes with buying a house because there’s a massive change going from a renter to a homeowner.

“I remember thinking that if the boiler breaks down, I don’t have any cash to fix it and that thought was really frightening.”

What other free management apps are available?

BUDGETING apps connect electronically to your bank accounts to keep a track of what you're spending and what on. 

They let you see your money across multiple accounts in one place, making it easier to make sense of.

Many of them are available for free. Here are our top picks:

  • Bean – Best for tracking subscriptions

This app reckons it can save you £672 a year by tracking your subscriptions, like Apple Music, Netflix and Spotify, and alerting you to better deals elsewhere. You can also cancel any that you don't use through the app.

  • Emma – Best for viewing extra charges

It includes a feature that lets you see how much you're forking out on unnecessary fees, such as overdraft charges, foreign transactions, refused diret debits and lat payments.

  • Yolt – Best for managing multiple accounts

This app lets you easily move money between accounts from the app, rather than having to log in to online banking every time you want to make a transfer.

  • Money Dashboard – Best for viewing your transactions

You can view all of the transactions you've made from each bank account in one place. It also splits the payments into different categories so you can identify where you can make cuts.

Hanna downloaded a free budget app, Money Dashboard, to help her identify what she was spending her cash on where she could cut back.

Similar to other money management apps like Emma and Goodbudget, Money Dashboard uses open banking to securely connect all of your bank accounts so that you can see them all in one space, including credit cards.

It also splits your spending into categories, such as savings, bills, food and drink, and shopping, and lets you set budgets.

“After a few months, I noticed a few areas of my life that I was going to have to change,” said Hanna.

“It was a harsh reality check and some of what I was spending my money on shocked me.

“I was spending £200 a month on cups of coffee, magazines and unnecessary taxi journeys – I live in central London. I never need to get a taxi but I did it out of pure laziness. It was ridiculous.

“It showed me how much I was spending on subscriptions, which again was a ridiculous amount, and I didn’t even use some of them.

“I quit going to gym classes, even though I enjoyed them, because they were costing me up to £150 a month, and I was spending £300 to £400 a month on eating out even though I had a fridge full of food at home.”

From January 2017, Hanna cut her disposable income down to £600 a month which allowed her to pay off £1,000 a month of the credit card debt.

How to get out of debt

WHILE getting back on track can seem like a daunting task, we've taken a look at what you can do to help you on the way.

Don't ignore bills: Ignoring your bills won't make them go away, as tempting as it may be, and the problem will likely escalate. It's best to tackle debt head on by working out exactly what you owe and when you need to pay it back.

Make a budget: Once you know what you need to pay back, it'll become easier to prioritise your finances. The next step is to create a detailed budget so you can see how much you have going in and going out. Use an online tool like one from Citizens Advice to help you do this.

Pay your most expensive credit card sooner: If you have more than one credit card and can’t pay them off in full each month, prioritise the most expensive card (the one with the highest interest rate)

Get a balance transfer card: If you're paying interest on your credit card balance, this can ultimately add to your debt pile. A better option could be getting a 0 per cent balance transfer card. These types of card will let you transfer an existing balance to a new card and gives you the chance to clear it fully without incurring interest. MoneySavingExpert's eligibility calculator will let you know what deals you will likely qualify for. You'll need to have a good credit rating to qualify for one.

Get help for free: There are lots of groups who can help you with your debts.

  • Citizens Advice – 0808 800 9060
  • StepChange – 0800 138 1111
  • National Debtline – 0808 808 4000

Setting a realistic budget meant that she can still eat out, socialise and go on the odd holiday.

Hanna also made herself a spreadsheet that showed what would happen if she didn’t stick to her plan – that it would be 2036 before she’d paid back the debt if she continued making the minimum repayments.

Three years on, Hanna is almost free of her credit card debt, and hopes to have completely paid it off by April this year.

“I’m going to be honest, I’ve found it really hard,” she added. “Sometimes, I can’t leave the house in the last week of the month except for work because I have so little left in my bank account.

“I was so annoyed at myself that I’d got into this situation, but I couldn’t give up.

“Instead of eating out so much, I’d go round to friend’s houses instead, but you do get used to being frugal.

“I can’t wait to write it all off. I’m not going to go crazy with that part of my income but I’m definitely not going to be so tight.”

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Coronavirus fears on ANOTHER cruise ship in the Dominican Republic

Coronavirus fears on ANOTHER cruise ship: Vessel carrying 1,500 is blocked from the Dominican Republic after eight passengers including Britons and Americans fall sick

  • MS Braemar was due to dock in Dominican Republic Thursday after 14-day cruise
  • But 1,500 people on board were barred from getting off after eight fell sick 
  • Four Filipinos, two Britons and two Americans reported ‘flu-like’ symptoms
  • Comes after sixth passenger quarantined aboard Diamond Princess cruise ship – a British man – died from coronavirus 

A cruise ship has been turned away from the Dominican Republic after eight passengers – including Britons and Americans – fell sick on board.

The Dominican health authority said cruise liner MS Braemar was turned away after the captain reported four Filipinos, two Britons and two Americans had symptoms including fever, cough, or breathing difficulties. 

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, which owns the Braemar, insisted that none of the passengers’ symptoms were consistent with coronavirus and that all of those who had fallen sick are now feeling well.

Nevertheless, Dominican authorities denied permission for any of the 1,128 passengers and 384 crew to disembark.

Cruise ship MS Braemar (file), carrying 1,500 people, is being held off the coast of the Dominican Republic after eight people reported having flu-like symptoms

Four Filipinos, two Americans and two Britons reported coughing, sneezing and respiratory distress – but the ship’s owners insisted it was not due to coronavirus (file)

It comes just days after another cruise ship – the MSC Meraviglia – was blocked from docking in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands after someone fell sick on board, despite testing negative for coronavirus. 

The cruise industry has been hit hard by coronavirus – starting when the MS Westerdam was turned away from five ports in Asia earlier this month over coronavirus fears, despite having no cases on board at the time.

The Diamond Princess also got held off the coast of Yokohama in Japan after a confirmed case on board, as medics tried to halt the outbreak by confining people to their cabins.

Ultimately their efforts failed and led to almost 700 people falling sick and six people, including one Briton, dying. 

A spokesman for Fred Olsen said the ship has now left port at La Romana and is in talks with other islands about where passengers can disembark.

Online tracking data shows the vessel’s current destination as Philipsburg in Sint Maarten.

‘We are in discussions with the relevant authorities on nearby Caribbean islands, as well as a number of airlines, to enable our guests to disembark and secure onward travel for them to return home, and are awaiting advice on the next steps,’ a statement on the company’s website said.

‘All guests who were due to join Braemar on the next cruise have been provided with hotel accommodation in the Dominican Republic, and a team from Fred. Olsen’s UK Head Office has been sent to the island to assist these guests while we secure a new departure date for their cruise.  

It comes after the MSC Meraviglia was turned away from two ports in the Jamaica and the Cayman Islands after a crew member fell sick

The Meraviglia was eventually allowed to dock in Cozumel, Mexico (pictured), on Friday after the crew member and another passenger tested negative for coronavirus

‘We are keeping all guests, both on board and ashore, fully informed at all times.

‘We believe that the refusal for us to commence debarkation operations in the Port of La Romana was the result of a very small number of influenza-like cases on board. 

‘Our medical team has confirmed that they are all feeling better. 

‘No guests or crew are, or have been, displaying symptoms that are considered to be consistent with those of coronavirus.’  

The cruise line’s website shows the ship was due to dock in the Dominican Republic to drop off a load of passengers after a 14-day voyage.

It would then pick up another load and set off on a new cruise on Thursday night.

The MSC Meraviglia did eventually dock at Mexico’s Caribbean island of Cozumel on Thursday and President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said passengers would be allowed to disembark,

Mr Lopez Obrador said Mexico had to act with ‘humanity’ after the ship was refused entry at ports in Grand Cayman and Jamaica.

The cruise line had expressed frustration with the rejections, which came after it reported one crew member from the Philippines was sick with common seasonal flu. It said no passengers had shown evidence of the covid-19 virus.

‘The ship is being allowed to dock and the passengers, those who are aboard the cruise ship can disembark,’ Mr Lopez Obrador said, adding that health inspections will be carried out.

It also comes after a coronavirus outbreak on board the Diamond Princess ship (pictured) sickened almost 700 amid a failed attempt to confine people to their cabins

Six people – including a British man – have died after catching coronavirus on board the vessel, before being evacuated (file image)

‘We cannot act with discrimination,’ he said. ‘Imagine if a ship arrived and it wasn’t even allowed to dock, and they were told, ‘Keep going on your way, see where you can dock.’ That is inhuman.’

He added: ‘We cannot close our ports, nor can we close our airports.’

‘Imagine the desperation and everything it implies, almost 5,000 people on a ship and they cannot get off,’ he said. ‘Why such backward attitudes?’

The case of the Meraviglia illustrated the crisis of nerves over the virus. Mexico has no confirmed cases and MSC Cruises said the crew member had only common seasonal flu, had been placed in isolation and had ‘nearly recovered’.

Local media showed a small knot of Cozumel residents near the cruise ship dock demanding that passengers not be allowed to disembark, citing fears about potential contagion or effects on the tourism-dependent economy.

Just minutes after Mr Lopez Obrador spoke on Thursday, the governor of the Quintana Roo state, where Cozumel is located, confirmed the ship had docked, but said ‘no authorisation has been given’ yet for passengers to disembark.

Governor Carlos Joaquin wrote that health inspections would have to be carried out first.

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Celebs who have been married more times than you thought

Celebrity marriages come and go, and sometimes A-listers that seem perfect for one another suddenly surprise the masses with news of calling it quits. If they’re not doing the dumping out of the blue, others are suddenly getting hitched (yeah, we’re looking at you, Justin and Hailey). Regardless, the best way to go about Hollywood’s romantic surprises is to expect the unexpected.

So, why do A-listers switch partners quicker than Angelina Jolie adopts children? Well, the answer may be pretty straightforward. As Laurel House, celebrity dating and relationship expert, told Elite Daily, “Unlike your average non-celebrity couple, celebrities are constantly watched, scrutinized, judged, and even followed. Unless very carefully hidden, there are no unnoticed secrets, bad days, or momentary breakdowns allowed without it being blown up, exposed, and consumed by the media, fans, and haters.” It makes sense, as the mass scrutiny can lead to paranoia within the couple, too.

While the public is usually quick to find out when a couple calls it quits and gets a divorce thanks to trusty tabs, other times, it all happens pretty hush-hush. We’ve rounded up some unexpected celebs who have been married more times than you thought.

Love definitely costs a thing, if you're J.Lo

Jennifer Lopez is known to have her high-profile romances in the tabs — even if they’re sometimes absolutely scandalous (hello, Bennifer). Although many are aware of the diva’s brief marriage to Cris Judd and her ten year union with Marc Anthony, it turns out that Jenny from the block was once married before either of those two — to a man named Ojani Noa.

Per Paper, Lopez met Noa in 1997 when he was a waiter at a Cuban restaurant. They wed that same year, yet divorced a swift 11 months later, allegedly on “amicable” terms. As the aspiring A-lister was quoted as saying after their split, “I am just like Ricky [Martin] when I sing. I want to be famous.” However, instead of releasing music, Noa went back to serving tables, becoming a manager at his ex-wife’s newly opened restaurant, Madre’s, in 2002. Per The Guardian, J.Lo fired him six months later — and that’s when things got messy.

After his personal (and professional) sacking, Noa must have realized he had nothing else to lose, so he bitterly dedicated his time to revenge. According to Daily News, the wannabe celeb threatened to release a “tell-all” book, then tried to publish racy home videos of the two, along with a movie about his relationship — all legally barred by the Bronx-born diva herself. As Paper so succinctly put it, “The man has tried it all — and failed.”

Kim Kardashian's ex-husband bullied her into looking 'perfect'

The power couple known as Kimye doesn’t need an introduction, and neither does Kim Kardashian’s infamous 72-day marriage to Chris Humphries, as we all watched it crumble very conveniently on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. What most people don’t know, however, is that the reality TV queen actually had one more beau: music producer Damon Thomas.

Kim K walked down the aisle for the first time in Las Vegas when she was just 19. According to court documents shared by the Daily Mail in 2010, the marriage lasted only three years, as it was allegedly abusive — both mentally and physically. “According to the documents, Thomas would punch her in the face,” the outlet wrote. If that’s not all, Thomas also “forced” Kardashian to quit her job and leave college, isolating her from her famously tight-knit family in the process. While all of these things are genuinely horrific, the KKW Beauty founder was also bullied into cosmetic enhancements, with Thomas giving her “$3,650 to get liposuction because he wanted her to be ‘perfect.'”

It took the starlet years before she publicly admitted her marriage was a mistake on an episode of KUWTK (via USA Today) years later, in 2018. “I got married on ecstasy,” Kardashian revealed to Kendall Jenner and Scott Disick. “I did ecstasy once, and I got married.” Thank goodness she’s pretty much straight-edge now.

Pamela Anderson miraculously hasn't given up on marriage

Pamela Anderson hasn’t been the luckiest in her love life. According to People, The Baywatch bombshell has famously been married to Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, Rick Salomon (twice), and, most recently, movie producer Jon Peters, in 2020.

If you blinked and missed the Canadian actress’ marriage to Peters, don’t worry — it only lasted 12 days. “Pamela Anderson jumped too fast into a marriage … because she had just returned from a monthlong [sic] ‘spiritual cleanse’ in India, and her ‘heart was open,'” sources revealed to Page Six, adding that when she came back from her trip, the producer allegedly asked her to marry him. Well, maybe not. “Everything they told you was a lie,” Peters told Page Six in an email. “When she texted me that she wanted to get married, it was kind of a dream come true even though I was engaged to someone else … I dropped everything for Pam. She had almost $200,000 in bills and no way to pay it so I paid it and this is the thanks I get.” Ultimately, it looked like Peters took the cowardly way out and dumped the Barb Wire starlet via text. To make matters worse, he got back together with his ex-fiancee. Ouch!

Considering the actress once took a second chance at love with Rick Salomon, and in 2019 he admitted to wanting to marry her again — perhaps third time’s a charm?

Billy Bob Thornton's first marriage turned dark years after it was over

Billy Bob Thornton’s most famous ex is perhaps Angelina Jolie, but the Armageddon actor has actually been married a whopping six times. The notorious bad boy has had romantic scandals in his life too, such as ditching then-girlfriend Laura Dern for the Tomb Raider brunette. “I left our home to work on a movie, and while I was away, my boyfriend got married,” the Marriage Story actress revealed to Talk (via ABC News). Yeah, we know, Thornton’s delivery was downright cruel.

The actor’s first marriage to Melissa Gatlin, however, resulted in catastrophe years later. Only married for two years, the pair had one child together, divorcing in 1980. The daughter, Amanda Brumfield, has spoken out in the past about wanting a relationship with her estranged father. “He’s pretty much made me feel like I’ve been shut out,” Brumfield dished to Inside Edition (via People) in 2001. “I love him … I just want him to be around.”

Suddenly, tragedy struck in 2008, when, according to People, Brumfield’s goddaughter died while in her care — leaving Brumfield convicted of aggravated manslaughter. By 2011, she was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Per People, Thornton didn’t reach out to his daughter, instead only releasing a distant statement: “Anytime a baby’s life is lost is an unimaginable tragedy, and my heart goes out to the baby’s family and loved ones.”

Martin Scorsese's movies are based on personal tragedy

Martin Scorsese’s list of marriages spans across the same amount of time as his legendary directorial career. If you pay attention, you may get a glimpse of his personal life playing out on camera. As the Taxi Driver director told Playboy (via Scraps from the Loft) in 1991, his last religious confession happened in 1965 — around the same time when he was first married to his university sweetheart, Laraine Marie Brennan. He told the mag, “I’ve been confessing most of the time since then on film, so it doesn’t matter.”

In 1971, Scorsese divorced Brennan. As a profile about the director by the Independent revealed, Scorsese then married journalist Julia Cameron, in 1976. In 1979, the Hollywood icon had a three-year marriage with Isabella Rossellini — actress and daughter “of one of his favorite directors, Roberto Rossellini.” It certainly begs the question: is Scorsese’s first love cinema, instead? Perhaps at the time, it was, as his marriage to Rossellini ended, and he tried again in 1985 with Barbara De Fina, divorcing her, too, and finally settling down with Helen Morris, who, at the time of this writing, he’s still with.

In that ’91 Playboy interview, Scorsese shed a bit more insight. “No matter what I do, [my personal experiences] seem to get up there [on screen] … not to betray my wife … I’m just trying to find a truthfulness , and I look into myself first.”

Drew Barrymore got hitched after a night of partying

While people are quick to discuss Drew Barrymore’s partying past, less is said about her three failed marriages, in particular, her first one to Jeremy Thomas.

So, who exactly is Thomas? Well, as he revealed to Radar Online, he was the owner of a Hollywood bar called The Room, while Barrymore was at the peak of her ’90s fame. “She was a fun young girl,” Thomas recalled. Eventually, the pair tied the knot when the Never Been Kissed star was “just 19 and Jeremy was 31,” after a night of partying at his bar in 1994. “Someone kidded Drew that she should marry Jeremy,” revealed a source close to Thomas. Sure enough, a few hours later, the pair was hitched. Marital bliss didn’t last long, however, as the very next day, Barrymore left for Arizona to film Boys on the Side.

“I realized my mistake on the day I married him,” Barrymore mused to Star years later in 2019. Nevertheless, as the bar owner told RadarOnline, the starlet still made an effort to visit him while on filming breaks of her flick. However, once everything wrapped, Thomas was quite literally, a boy on the side, too. “I got a phone call from her — in Hawaii! She’d gone off on our honeymoon without me,” he recalled. 

Barrymore went on to another sub-one-year union with actor and comedian Tom Green, followed by a three-year marriage to businessman Will Kopelman.

Nicolas Cage's marriages were as unpredictable as his career

Known for his “Nic Cage Freakout” approach in flicks such as Mandy and Vampire’s Kiss, Nicolas Cage’s romantic life is just as unexpected. The actor has been married a total of four times — first to Patricia Arquette, followed by Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie Presley, then waitress Alice Kim, then make-up artist Erika Koike.

According to a crazy retelling by Paper of Cage’s union with Arquette (via a 1995 Rolling Stone feature), he proposed to the Boyhood starlet the moment he met her in an L.A. deli in 1987. Arquette said no, but sent him on a procuring quest, “including, but not limited to …’J.D. Salinger’s autograph, a black orchid and a Bob’s Big Boy statue.'” The best part? Cage’s enthusiasm to actually get it all done, returning with the autograph and flower. As Paper goes on, the actor almost got her the giant sculpture, too. “I’m going back tonight with the right tools,” he declared.

A satisfied Arquette agreed to “go away with [him]” to Cuba, but a mix-up with the tickets caused Cage to melt down at the airport, and they ended up parting ways. By a stroke of luck, the two reunited in 1995 at the same deli, where Arquette proposed to him. They were married two weeks later, yet a quiet divorce followed in 2000. “I was living out my fantasies of what I thought an exciting man should be. I wanted to be unpredictable,” Cage told Rolling Stone in 1999. Sure enough, he was.

Melanie Griffith has given up on marriage

Melanie Griffith has had a total of four marriages, yet her first to Miami Vice hero Don Johnson may be the most romantic. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the pair revealed that they initially met on the set of The Harrad Experiment. “I thought he was the most beautiful person I’d ever seen,” Griffith mused. Shockingly enough, the Working Girl starlet was 14, and Johnson, 22.

Griffith and Johnson wed in 1976 after she turned 18, however, according to People, the relationship was doomed before the wedding bells. As Griffith told the mag, “I got married in order to end the relationship.” During their time apart, they both remarried and had children, yet somehow found their way back to one another, re-marrying in 1989, which led to the birth to daughter Dakota Johnson. Ultimately, things didn’t work out for Griffith and Johnson, yet to this day, they’re close, with the Knives Out actor telling The Hollywood Reporter in 2017 that they “still” share a bond.

After all her marriages, including a seven-year stint with actor Steven Bauer, and a 19-year union with actor Antonio Banderas, it looks like Griffith doesn’t really care for marriage anymore. “I really don’t think it’s relevant for anyone,” she told InStyle in 2018. “If you’re 60 and you have four kids and you’re living the life you’ve always wanted. Then why get married?”

Jeff Goldblum has learned from his failed marriages

Jeff Goldblum isn’t one to rush down the aisle and quickly divorce in under a year of marriage. This is, perhaps, in spite of the Jurassic Park star’s apparent life philosophy to “be spontaneous,” as he told AARP in 2019. “Enjoy the moment, enjoy yourself and learn,” he added. 

Sure enough, The Fly star has learned a lot about himself throughout his romantic relationships, having been married three times in total. As the Independent wrote in a profile of the actor, “He got married at 23 to an actress, Patricia Gaul, and stayed married for 12 years … Then he fell in love with Geena Davis, whom he met while filming Transylvania 6-5000. They got married on a whim while driving through Las Vegas and were divorced three years later.”

In 2014, Goldblum married Emilie Livingston. It’s with Livingston that Goldblum learned his most significant lesson to date: he was ready to become a father. “I had never been particularly passionate [about fatherhood] or envisioned it for myself,” the actor told Radio Times (via Daily Mail). Nevertheless, the Pennsylvania-born actor now has two boys. “I’m feeling fit as a fiddle, and I naturally adore my boys,” Goldblum gushed to Vulture. “My feelings for them aren’t something that I had to try and feel. They were there right away.”

Demi Moore's first marriage started with infidelity

While Demi Moore’s two high profile marriages to Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher have been heavily discussed, not much has been said about the first man she was married to — whom she has to thank for her famous last name.

It took until 2019 for the Ghost starlet to talk about her first marriage to musician Freddy Moore in great detail, writing about it in her autobiography, Inside Out. According to the memoir (via People), an 18-year-old Moore (née Guynes), wed her first husband in 1980, with their marriage lasting five years. Thanks to the actress’s wandering eyes, the relationship was doomed from the start. “The night before we got married … I was calling a guy I’d met on a movie set,” the starlet wrote. “[I] went to his apartment … I couldn’t get out of the marriage, but I could sabotage it.”

Sure enough, Moore did sabotage her relationship and blamed it, in part, on her turbulent upbringing. “I was a self-absorbed teenager who hadn’t been raised with a lot of respect for the institution of marriage,” the actress bluntly dished in her book (via Us Weekly).

Scarlett Johansson romanticized marriage when she was younger

Ryan Reynolds has been married to Blake Lively for what seems like forever — but he was also a part of celeb noughties royalty while he was hitched to Scarlett Johansson. It almost seems like the couple was never together, as the pair was notoriously private. In fact, the Lucy star was even more removed from the public with her second husband, French advertising exec Romain Dauriac, whom she wed in 2014 and divorced in 2017 without much tabloid attention. Perhaps it’s something that bothered Reynolds, as the actor is very quick to dish out the PDA with his current wife (and trust us, they really are adorable).

Whatever the reason for their split truly was, the two called it quits, and Reynolds filed for divorce in 2010. It took Johansson years to finally open up about it, finally offering some insight to Vanity Fair in 2019. “The idea of building a family, making a family, and having that work, I like that idea,” she mused, then added, “I mean, the first time I got married I was 23 years old … Maybe I kind of romanticized it, I think, in a way. It’s a different part of my life now.”

It looks like Marriage Story starlet finally found some lasting love on her own, and, at the time of this writing, is currently engaged to SNL writer and actor, Colin Jost.

Barbara Walters chose work over her marriages

For someone who’s made a career digging into people’s lives as a legendary journalist, Barbara Walters has been notoriously private about her own — yet it’s filled with gossip as she’s been married four times.

According to the Daily Mail, Walters was married to “businessman Robert Henry Katz from 1955 to 1957; to theatrical producer and theatre owner Lee Guber from 1963 to 1976; twice to Merv Adelson, CEO of Lorimar Television, from 1981 to 1984 and from 1986 to 1992.” It’s during her marriage to Guber that Walters also admitted to a shocking revelation years later in her autobiography, Audition, in 2008: she had a two-year affair with married senator, Edward W. Brooke. As she described him in her book (via The New York Times), the journalist found Brooke the “most fascinating, sexiest men [she] ever met,” adding that going public with the affair “would have destroyed both [of their] careers.”

After all her failed marriages, Walters is, as of this writing, retired and single. As the former 20/20 host mused to ABC News in 2014, “I don’t think that I was very good at marriage. It may be that my career was just too important.” She then added, “It may have been that I was a difficult person to be married to, and I just seem to be better alone. I’m not lonely, I’m alone.”

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Watch Anthony Joshua bark like a dog at shocked woman as part of hilarious Ant and Dec prank on Saturday Night Takeaway – The Sun

ANTHONY JOSHUA was made to bark like a dog by comedy duo Ant and Dec in front of a shocked woman.

The 30-year-old heavyweight superstar will feature on Ant and Dec’s popular Saturday Night Takeaway show.

Joshua took part in the 'Get Out Of Me Ear!' sketch where the Geordie double act tell the featured celebrity what to say and do.

AJ is filmed in his former amateur boxing club Finchley and appears to be greeting people as they enter the gym.

In the first cringeworthy moment Joshua is told to ask a woman named Yvette if she is a vet, and when she replies no, AJ reluctantly responds: “That’s a shame, because I’m a dog.”

Ant then orders Joshua to hilariously start barking like a dog, which leaves Yvette awkwardly giggling and wondering what on earth is going on.

Joshua then meets a superfan, who happens to be wearing one of his T-shirts.

This gives Ant and Dec the perfect chance to make humble Joshua seem like a complete egomaniac.

When AJ comments that he can tell the fan is “a little bit nervous” Ant then has Joshua say “it’s only the heavyweight champion of the world you’re talking to”.

Ant and Dec then burst out in hysterics and the famously modest heavyweight is made to look outrageously arrogant.

Joshua is not the only sportsman to take part in the excruciatingly uncomfortable sketch.

Former England striker Peter Crouch was made to play hide and seek with a party planner in 2016.

And Frank Lampard’s wife Christine had to boast about how famous her husband was when she featured on the show in 2014.

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NCIS plot hole: Fans spot huge error in Tony DiNozzo backstory ‘Zombie?’

NCIS has been on screens for almost 17 years and has explored a huge amount of content in that time. With Detective Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) focussing on such huge events over the course of the show, fans have now spotted a huge discrepancy in the show’s timeline which they are struggling to ignore.

Over the years viewers have seen a number of characters being killed off in various ways.

This death toll has included a number of minor characters, who didn’t really get much screen time, and some major ones as well.

Gibbs has always worked hard to mitigate the amount of deceased, but he is not always successful.

However, in season eight’s episode 22, Gibbs and his team couldn’t prevent the death of Tony DiNozzo’s (Michael Weatherly) partner.


  • NCIS spoilers: Michael Weatherly drops clue at Tony and Ziva reunion

Tony’s partner, Danny Price, was played by actor Scott Grimes, and was found dead, without giving the rest of the team a chance to save him.

The episode then centred on Tony tracking down the devilish person who killed his partner.

But fans of the franchise may have noticed a reappearance of Scott Grimes in episodes to come.

Grimes made a second debut in NCIS: Los Angeles, in which he was an integral part in the NCIS: Red Team.

In the team, Grimes played an entirely different character – Special Agent Dave Flynn.

This means his first character, Danny Price, was simply forgotten about.

Fans on Twitter poked fun at this duplication, with one viewer saying: “@THR So Danny Price is coming back from the dead? Finally, a Zombie version of NCIS! He’ll want to eat Tony’s brainzzzzz. #ncis.”

Another jabbed: “@ScottGrimes Please tell me that your #ncis role is Zombie Danny Price. Somebody better warn @M_Weatherly that Tony’s brainzz are in danger!”

Big Bang Theory: Who did Regina King play? Meet the Watchman actress [INFO]
Walking Dead: Is Gamma in The Walking Dead comics? How does she die? [THEORY]
Lucifer season 5 theories: Trixie revealed as God? [THEORY]

Meanwhile, viewers were ecstatic to see the return of Tony and his reunion with Ziva (Cote de Pablo), but things may not all be as it seems.

Shortly after the characters’ reunion in the show, actor Michael tweeted about the couple’s return.

He wrote: “Hi. The thing to remember about DiNozzo Sr. is that he is extremely gullible.

“Most Con-Men are. You didn’t see a family reunion happen (or a long-ago death happen!)… so maybe it didn’t happen? #ncis #tiva #holdout #headsmack.”


  • NCIS Los Angeles season 11: What is Agent Callen’s first name?

While he made it sound like the couple weren’t in fact back together, fans began holding out hope and replied to him in his mentions.

One viewer responded: “One Tiva fan asked: “Soooooo you’re saying there’s a chance? [laughing emoji].”

A second added: “So… We wait, please make it happen! Weatherly, don’t toy with us! #TIVA #NCIS.”

NCIS season 17 continues on CBS on Tuesday, March 10.

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Netflix is now letting people know which shows are the most popular

Netflix is going through one of its revamps. I know they change things up to drive up streaming, but it sometimes feel like some exec just got bored and decided to switched all the categories. Their latest recategorization will feel very familiar to you. Netflix is using a couple of new categories on the splash page: the Top 10 movies and the Top 10 TV shows in the subscriber’s country. They launched this feature in a few test countries last May and have seen positive enough results to go wide.

Netflix is taking top 10 lists of its most popular streaming content to members across the globe.

Starting Monday (Feb. 24), Netflix said, it is rolling out a new row in its interface that will show the overall top 10 titles in a subscriber’s country, as well as the top 10 most popular series and films (when users select “TV shows” or “movies” tabs, respectively), updated daily.

The worldwide rollout of the top 10 lists comes after Netflix first launched the feature in the U.K. in May 2019, followed by Mexico. “Members in both countries have found them useful, so we are now rolling them out to even more,” Cameron Johnson, Netflix’s director of product innovation, said in announcing the expansion in a blog post.

A Netflix rep told Variety that the top 10 daily rankings are being compiled based on its new viewership-tracking methodology — tallying the number of member accounts that watched a given title for at least 2 minutes over the previous 24 hours. “This is similar to how the BBC calculates its iPlayer ‘most requested’ feature and does not discriminate against longer titles,” the company said in its Q4 letter to shareholders. It’s the same approach Netflix used to tabulate the most popular TV shows streamed on the service in 2019 (in that case, member households that selected a title and streamed it for at least 120 seconds during the first 28 days of release). Previously, Netflix counted viewers of a title if they watched at least 70% of a movie or TV show episode to completion.

[From Variety]

The reason I said this felt familiar is because Netflix already has two categories telling us what folks are watching, “Popular on Netflix” and “Trending Now.” I guess the difference is that those categories factor in what is popular everywhere whereas these Top 10s deal with what our countrymen are into, which I guess is cool. I’d like to see other countries’ lists’ if they’re out there, actually. When Netflix was still primarily DVDs, they used to have interesting categories from which to choose all the time. We made good use of the “Academy award winners” in which they listed all best picture, best actress and best actor films in order (they did not actually carry them all, but they still listed every one). Some have become our favorite films. I may be outside the norm, but I would make my way through a more unique category like, “Palm D’Or winners” than “Workplace TV Shows,” so maybe these Top 10s had me in mind.

Variety did mention that we have to take Netflix’s word for it as they ‘collect’ their data by their own metrics and that it, “can’t be corroborated by third-party data.” Even without that note, I’m raising an eyebrow because of their Two Minute Rule. They consider two minutes enough to count a show as watched? Two minutes is how long it takes me to find just the right angle so my remote will work with my Roku and turn off whatever I accidentally pressed play on. I can promise you, my two-minute data is throwing everyone’s metrics off.

Photo credit: Netflix

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Ben Affleck Reunites With Jennifer Garner After Saying He Regrets Divorce

Friendly exes! Ben Affleck was spotted with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, for the first time since revealing that their divorce was his “biggest regret.”

The Argo star and the Camping alum, both 47, chatted casually on a Los Angeles sidewalk on Thursday, February 27, as they prepared to bring son Sam, 7, to a birthday party. Both actors were dressed in black tops and jeans and appeared comfortable while they waited for their son, who was running around outside with friends.

Affleck and Garner’s reunion marked the first time the exes were seen together after the Good Will Hunting star’s candid remarks about their October 2018 divorce. The couple called it quits in June 2015 after 10 years of marriage and also share two daughters, Violet, 14, and Seraphina, 10, along with Sam.

“The biggest regret of my life is this divorce,” Affleck told the New York Times earlier this month while promoting his new film, The Way Back. “Shame is really toxic. There is no positive by-product of shame. It’s just stewing in a toxic, hideous feeling of low self-worth and self-loathing.”

The Justice League star, who has previously opened up about his struggle with addiction and alcoholism, admitted that his drinking “created more marital problems” ahead of his split from Garner. Days after his emotional interview with the Times, Affleck revealed that the separation was “so painful.”

“I never thought that I was gonna get divorce. I didn’t want to get divorced. I didn’t want to be a divorced person. I really didn’t want to be a split family with my children,” he told Diane Sawyer during an appearance on Good Morning America. “And it upset me because it meant I wasn’t who I thought I was. And that was so painful and so disappointing in myself.”

Affleck’s road to recovery was a long one, as he completed three separate stints in rehab before October 2018. After a “slip-up” in his sobriety one year later, the 13 Going On 30 star was a supportive presence for her ex-husband because she still wanted him “to be in the kids’ lives.” The Oscar winner thanked Garner with a touching note, read aloud on Good Morning America earlier this month.

“What I want to say publicly and privately is, ‘Thank you. Thank you for being thoughtful, considerate, responsible, and a great mom and person,” the actor’s letter said.

Scroll down to see more of Affleck and Garner’s reunion.

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The untold truth of Luke Combs

Seemingly overnight, Luke Combs went from a local performer to country music superstar. The humble big fella with a golden voice started hot out of the gates and became the “first artist to send his first five entries on Billboard‘s Country Airplay chart to No. 1,” via Billboard. Then, in the summer of 2019, the Grand Ole Opry announced via Twitter that Combs would become the newest member of the historic country show. The singer became understandably emotional when he received the honor. Capping off his amazing year, Combs released his second studio album What You See Is What You Get.

This performer does more than just sing, and his path to country music domination was nothing but straight. We’ll dive into his wandering career path successful gigs and more as we explore some lesser-known facts about the Grammy-nominated crooner behind tender ballads like “Beautiful Crazy,” and rocking songs like “When It Rains It Pours.”

Do you have a favorite jam from the man? Grab your camo Crocs because this is the untold truth of Luke Combs.

Wait, Luke Combs wanted to do what when he grew up?

Luke Combs’ original career path looked a whole lot different than a country musician touring around stadiums. In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Combs told the host, “I wanted to be a homicide detective” so his college major was actually criminal justice. The singer said this often surprises people and joked, “If you’ve noticed, I don’t actually have the physical build of a police officer necessarily.” So, he and Kimmel agreed that perhaps going “undercover” would be the best role for Combs in the field.

What inspired this love for justice? TV shows like CSI definitely helped. As Combs said, “It was solving the puzzle that was the intriguing part to me, which is what I love so much about writing songs. It’s a puzzle that has no pieces. So, you make the pieces and then you have to put them together.” Add puzzle-solving to his list of talents. But maybe he can be a singing detective on the next CSI?

Luke Combs knocked it out right out of the gate

One of the most memorable shows for any musician is their first. Plus, it helps if the singer makes money. In a chat with Pollstar, Luke Combs talked about trying to play in different areas around campus when he attended Appalachian State University in Boone, N.C. “I was in college, working two jobs, and there was a bar. I played rugby in college and that was the bar we always went to, so I asked the owner if he would let me play there and he said, ‘Sure,'” Combs said in the interview. If only everything was that easy. The singer continued, “I charged $1 a ticket to get in and I sold 200 tickets. That was more money than I made at both of my jobs that week.” Up to that point, he just wrote and performed songs just for fun and “never really thought of it as something I’d do for a living. And I was like, ‘Wow, I could actually do this as a job!'”

Combs didn’t quit his one job as a bouncer after the performance. But he used the successful show as leverage to play even more gigs. As Combs revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he went back to his boss and said “I played a show next door, 200 people came on a Wednesday, I can either keep doing that or I can do that here. The choice is yours.” The boss chose wisely and Combs started his rise.

How close was Luke Combs to finishing college?

Yes, Luke Combs started gaining local popularity as a singer while at school but he still dealt with homework like all the other students. Then, Combs dropped out so close to the finish line, with only “21 credit hours left,” equivalent to about a semester and a half he guessed. So, what made him decide to drop out? “Well, I was a pretty bad student so that helped a lot,” Combs quipped on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. He admitted, “I had been in school for five years at that point and I’d been singing my whole life — and I didn’t understand that, wow, you can do something that you like and people will pay you for it. I didn’t comprehend that.” Would you have done the same thing in his situation?

Years later, Combs returned to Appalachian State University for a homecoming performance. Considering he didn’t really keep in touch with teachers from his time as a student, because “[he] just wasn’t in class a lot,” Combs told Kimmel that he wouldn’t be sending out any specific invites for that show. However, he did say that he would be sure to get his “high school chorus teacher” a seat, because they’re “still very close.”

Slow and steady is how Luke Combs won the race

Luke Combs’ down-to-earth and easygoing attitude isn’t really surprising, considering the fact that he set realistic goals from the start. “When I first picked up the guitar, I didn’t go, ‘I want to be Garth Brooks,'” he told Pollstar, adding, To me that’s an insanely unrealistic goal that would let you down mentally pretty fast.” That’s smart, since Garth Brooks may be the most popular country singer ever. Instead, Combs planned out a systematic approach to become a performer: “My goal was to learn one chord. Then it was to be able to learn two. Then it was to be able to play a song. Then play enough to play three hours. Then put together a band. Then it was book some shows. Write some more songs. Move to Nashville.” Turns out all those affirmations turned true — probably to a bigger extent than ever imagined. “I was consistently hitting those small goals, which kept me going,” he said. 

Things can still go up and Combs is again looking towards the future. But with his big fame that means more tours. Combs told Billboard that his idols like Brooks and Eric Church have been headlining shows for many years in a row, “20-something, 30 years almost” for Brooks, “so there’s a lot of catching up to do in that area.” Hopefully Combs continues his passion for many tours to come.

Luke Combs has inspirations outside of country

Like any true artist, inspirations can come from seemingly normal places to wildly creative ones. Sure, it makes sense that Luke Combs likes country music but would you have guessed boy bands? During an interview on Nightline, correspondent Adrienne Bankert asked about the songs that Combs sings to himself “around the house.” The country music star confessed, “As I got a little bit older, singing what all kids that were born in 1990 were singing was Backstreet Boys — NSYNC.” He then said any viewer who “didn’t listen to Backstreet Boys” is lying. Combs also said, “I didn’t really listen to country music at all,” until he learned about Eric Church while at college.

Then, in an article for Billboard, Combs talked about more inspirations outside the country music genre. “I listen to Ed Sheeran pretty routinely. That’s what’s on in the car and that’s what’s on in the green room. When I find something, whether it’s new or old, I’m really bad about wearing it out and then I’m like, ‘Okay, I won’t listen to that for a couple of weeks now ’cause I listened to it so much.'” That includes Post Malone, The Avett Brothers, and Adele. Oh, and rapper DaBaby. “I know it doesn’t seem like I would be a DaBaby fan, but he’s from Charlotte. I’m from North Carolina. You gotta get hyped before the show. Everybody’s got a chance if they’re from Carolina for sure,” Combs said.

Watch out Yeezy, Luke Combs has his eyes on the lucrative celeb shoe market

“Fashion icon” may not be the first two words you think of when describing Luke Combs. But it’s actually not that crazy. See, Combs designed a pair of custom Crocs, the foam clog shoes that are so often ridiculed. The singer clearly tapped into the right market though since “the first editions went out so fast,” he said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! That’s right, Combs’ shoes were so successful that the brand collaborated for a second time with the singer. And he lovingly referred to the second iteration as “high camouflage fashion.” Combs said the camouflage helped match his self-proclaimed “Jiffy Lube look.” And what about the orange accents? Combs warned the host, “If you’re in the woods and you’re hunting and you don’t have this orange on, how do I know that you’re not a fox?” 

Even more, the second edition came complete with a beer bottle opener and hunting-themed jibbitz — those little pins in the holes. According to Footwear News, “Luke Combs crocs” was the most searched shoe term on Google in 2019. The singer may have even more surprises in the future so keep an eye out for Combs at the next fashion week event.

Luke Combs sings from the heart

With jams like “Beer Never Broke My Heart,” its clear that Luke Combs can party with the best of them. But the country music star is just as popular for his heartfelt songs. Speaking with Billboard, Combs revealed which song of his holds the most meaning. “‘Beautiful Crazy'” definitely is that song, because I wrote that about my fiancée,” he said. The music world loved it too, as it went on to win “Song of the Year” at the Country Music Awards. “I still can’t believe that happened,” he told Billboard. Combs said of his fiancée , “We’re getting married next year and it’s just a cool story for us to have forever. And so that one is really special to me for sure.”

This was no one-hit-wonder. Combs continued to look into his heart for the songs “Better Together” and “Nothing Like You.” On the Taste of Country radio show, Combs talked more about his fiancée Nicole Hocking and her role in his music. “She’s constantly inspiring me to write songs, which is great to have somebody like that that makes you feel like that so you can have ideas like that.”

An awkward moment led to Luke Combs meeting a legend

After Luke Combs dropped out of college to pursue a music career, he landed in Nashville, Tenn. as a mostly unknown singer and songwriter. Fortunately, he got an invite to go watch a show at the famous Nashville music venue 3rd and Lindsley. “I didn’t have a publishing deal or record deal. I had just moved to Nashville a couple of months before this,” he said in an interview on the Taste of Country radio show. While at the event, Combs described the scene of him standing on the crowded stairs, only to accidentally bump into an older man. And not just any man, but famous country music star Vince Gill.

In his typical self-deprecating manner, Combs reflected, “Sorry that I was born to be here to run into you.” Combs said Gill was very polite but the young singer still felt bad. “I ruined Vince Gill’s day, I ran into him and his whole day is ruined,” he thought to himself. Combs probably felt bad since Vince Gill is actually one of his favorite musicians to listen to, he revealed to Nightline.

Going from a long shot to collaboration

Appalachian State University in Boone, N.C. produced not one but two country music stars. The first was Eric Church. And like Luke Combs, Church relocated from school to pursue music. According to the Grand Ole Opry’s website, Church’s “presence could still be felt on campus as his career began to take off in distant Nashville” when Combs began to make music during school. In fact, Combs followed exactly in the same footsteps as Church and moved to Nashville to play music. Combs once told Billboard he is a “huge Eric Church guy” and “always loved his stuff.”

In 2018, Combs opened five shows on Church’s tour. As Combs told the Taste of Country radio show, Church was often “in-and-out,” so even though Church had “been a big influence on [Combs] for a really long time, [the two] didn’t really get to hang out or meet.” Combs said he took a risk and passed along the demo of “Does to Me” over to Church’s manager, hoping it would be a genuine connection for a collaboration. Unsurprisingly, Church liked the song and according to Combs, the two singers became closer after the song.

Luke Combs nearly lost his life in Las Vegas

On October 1, 2017, the last day of the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, Nev. tragedy struck when a gunman fired into the crowd, killing 58 people an injuring 869 more. It’s one of the darkest days in American history. Jason Aldean was performing when the devastation began. In an interview on Nightline, Combs revealed he was on stage watching Aldean’s performance when the chaos broke out. “It’s one of those things you don’t love to relive it, I guess. It will always be a part of you a little bit.” He then admitted, “As much as you’d like to forget it, you don’t want those people to be forgotten either. It makes you appreciate what you do a whole lot more. Because it all could be gone. Especially that night, it could have been gone for any of us.” 

Like Aldean and the other performers, Combs miraculously went unharmed during the massacre. He confessed, “I’m definitely blessed to be out here … and [to] change people’s lives in a positive way.” It seems that is really Combs’ main goal with music. According to his biography on the Grand Ole Opry’s website, Combs said, “I’m going to give everything I’ve got on stage and play songs that I’ve written that are genuinely important to me. That, I think, is what really translates.” It shows the power of music, to bring people together and help heal when needed.

Getting down and dirty

Part of what makes Luke Combs so endearing is his tender heart — and yeah, his affection for singing NSYNC, as he revealed to Nightline. But so do his simple honestly and deep-down, country boy roots. Take for example, his personal hygiene routine. During an interview on the Taste of Country radio show, the host asked Combs if he uses a loofah in the shower. He definitively answered, “No. I do not.” Then to clarify, Combs confessed, “I’m a ‘get right in there, hands only dude.” That’s a little more in line with his lovable, grizzly bear persona, no?

Alright, so no loofah, but the other host asked about his preference between bar soap and shower gel. Combs assuredly answered, “I’m shower gel for sure.” The singer seemed almost appalled at the thought of a solid cleaning solution. “Bar soap? Come on man, what is this the Great Depression?”

How much is Luke Combs worth?

Luke Combs’ career took off like a rocket, with all his smash singles, records, and tours. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the singer and songwriter is worth an estimated $5 million. Most of his net worth comes from record sales and touring but don’t forget about the Luke Combs X Crocs collaboration.

To celebrate his success, Combs told Nash Country Daily that he was looking for a home near Nashville, Tenn., where his fame started. “I’m looking for a piece of land. I want some acreage to hunt and kind of get away from everything. I really like that space. I’m excited. I’d love to get that peaceful spot.” He definitely earned it with his hard work.

All that money should also come in hand for growing his family. According to People, Combs proposed to his fiancée Nicole Hocking in 2018, and even though the pair were too busy for much wedding planning, he said they definitely want ensure that they both “like” the venue they end up choosing. We’re guessing it won’t be a VFW. At least the couple had the time to adopt their rescued puppy, Jojo. And likely, Combs uses some of his net worth to spoil the little pup.

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