What time is today’s coronavirus press conference, Sunday, May 31 and who’s chairing it? – The Sun

TODAY'S coronavirus briefing will be held at 4pm and chaired by Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, Robert Jenrick.
The team will be discussing shielding and the homeless and are joined by special advisor Dame Louise Casey.

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What time is the press breifing today?

Today's press briefing will start at around 4 pm.

Who's speaking?

Today's briefing will be chaired by Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, Robert Jenrick.

He will be joined by Dame Louise Casey, who spearheads the government advisory team on rough sleeping and the homeless.

Today's medical expert is Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr Jenny Harries.

What will they discuss?

The main thing they are going to go over will be shielding guidelines.

Yesterday the government announced that 2.2 million people shielding in England will to be able to spend time outdoors from June 1.

The trio will give us an update on the guidance around what interaction extremely vulnerable people will be allowed to take when they finally get to go outside.

The Communities Secretary is expected to set out a plan to review shielding guidance at regular points in the coming weeks too.

Dame Casey is expected to discuss the measures taken on homelessness during the pandemic and how that will be affected by the easing of lockdown.

Dr Harries will give us the daily medical update on how we're doing against coronavirus.

You can find the information that they are likely to go over here.

How to watch it

Today's press conference will be broadcast live by the BBC as well as on the Downing Street YouTube account.

It generally lasts between 20 minutes and an hour.

We will be covering it on our liveblog here.

The briefings have been ongoing since March 16.

You can also watch a recap on our YouTube channel.

What happened in yesterday's press briefing?

Culture and Sport Secretary Oliver Dowden announced a number of lockdown changes surrounding sport in last night's press briefing.

Mr Dowden announced competitive sport will be allowed to return behind closed doors in England from June 1 and people in will be able to exercise outside with up to five others from different households from Monday.

He said: "Football, tennis, horse racing, Formula One, cricket, golf, rugby, snooker and others are all set to return to our screens shortly."

The MP said horse racing is due to resume at Newcastle on Monday with the first major meeting, involving the 2000 Guineas Stakes at Newmarket, coming on June 6.

He also announced:

  • Sports will return to TV, including the footy, but no spectators are allowed yet
  • Groups of six can exercise together from June 1
  • Premier League matches to be shown for free on BBC for the first time in history

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What is Section 230 and what does Trump’s order mean?

President Donald Trump signed an executive order curtailing Section 230 of the federal Communications Decency Act on Thursday, directly challenging a law that protects tech giants like Twitter from being held liable for the content their users post, and how they moderate it.

The law, passed in 1996, was designed to prevent internet companies from being treated as publishers and was done in part to allow the internet to flourish.

It shields companies that can host trillions of messages, like Facebook and Twitter, from being sued by anyone who feels wronged by something someone else has posted.

Section 230 also allows social media platforms to moderate their content by removing posts that violate the services’ own standards, so long as they are acting in “good faith.”

But the story behind the landmark legislation — and how it became what opponents call a teflon shield for Big Tech — was born from the dust of a historic legal showdown that all started in a New York courtroom.

Where did Section 230 come from?

In the early 1990s, Stratton Oakmont — the infamous Wall Street brokerage depicted in the Martin Scorsese-Leonardo DiCaprio movie “Wolf of Wall Street” — sued the internet service provider Prodigy, an early internet company that hosted a popular bulletin board called “Money Talk.” 

In October 1994, an anonymous user had slammed Stratton Oakmont and its president on the forum and accused them of criminal and fraudulent acts related to their initial public offering.

Stratton swiftly sued Prodigy for the “defamatory” statements in Long Island state Supreme Court and won in 1995 with appeals courts upholding the decision that Prodigy was liable for the statements, treating them as a publisher. 

But the ruling was a major hit for the fledgling internet — which was just taking off and hosting no more than about 10,000 websites at the time — and many lawmakers feared it would allow the public to sue the commercial internet out of existence. 

Congressmen Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) and Christopher Cox (R-Calif.), caught wind of the ruling and got Section 230 passed so the internet would be free to flourish and wouldn’t be bogged down by lawsuits.

“What we often say in the tech policy space is Section 230 created the internet,” Sophia Cope, a senior attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a non-profit fighting for free expression online, previously told The Post. 

What does Section 230 do?

Now, more than two decades later, Section 230 continues to play an important role in the freedom of expression online.

The law allows the public to read about a restaurant on Yelp through honest user-posted reviews and it provides a space where Americans can discuss everything from their least favorite politician to the moldy vegetables at their neighborhood grocery store.

Without it, companies could theoretically sue Yelp anytime a bad review was written and people who are attacked on Facebook could sue the social media platform for hosting the vitriol. 

But in the 24 years since it was passed, the law — and the way the courts have interpreted it — has bloated it well beyond its original intent and has also allowed for a much darker corner of the internet to thrive, said Carrie Goldberg, a Brooklyn-based lawyer and an outspoken critic of Section 230. 

Goldberg — who fights for people who’ve had their lives ruined online either from revenge porn, child sexual exploitation and stalking — believes the law takes the incentive away from tech companies to innovate their platforms to make them safer. 

“Just like the car industry, if the airbags explode they can be sued for product liability and it incentivizes them to take every safety precaution imaginable to make sure that their products are safe and the public benefits collectively from the notion that any one of us could sue if we’re injured by a corporation,” Goldberg explained to The Post. 

“It means that these companies have no obligation to have safe products that are free from child sexual abuse material and stalking. It means that… when there’s a serial rapist that’s using Match.com, even if Match.com knows that a registered sex offender is using their platform, they would argue that they have no liability to anybody that gets raped by this person because of Section 230.” 

What is Trump’s executive order?

Trump’s executive order challenging Section 230 focuses primarily on how platforms moderate content, arguing that the law allows tech giants to restrict freedom of speech.

“Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube wield immense, if not unprecedented, power to shape the interpretation of public events; to censor, delete, or disappear information; and to control what people see or do not see,” the order states. 

“We must seek transparency and accountability from online platforms, and encourage standards and tools to protect and preserve the integrity and openness of American discourse and freedom of expression.”

But Silicon Valley fears that without the safe harbor of Section 230, the opposite could happen — or the darker corners of the internet will thrive even more.

“Without Section 230, they would be swamped in lawsuits and would either over-moderate or stop moderating at all and the platform would turn into the wild west… with the worst parts of humanity [on display],” Ashkhen Kazaryan, the director of civil liberties with the think tank non-profit TechFreedom told The Post. 

“If the platforms stop moderating, that’s what will happen.” 

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Hello There, Grimes Is Selling a Piece of Her Soul…Like, Actually

Good morning, would you like to own Grimes’ soul? Cool, perfect, great, then you’ll be happy to know she’s auctioning off a piece of it to the highest bidder. What an amazing way to spend your hard earned money! So, how does this work, exactly? Grimes will be selling a fancy legal document at an upcoming art show called Selling Out, and whoever buys it will get a percentage of her soul. Okay!

“I didn’t want anyone to buy it, so I said we should just make it $10 million and then it probably won’t sell,” Grimes told Bloomberg. “The deeper we got with it, the more philosophically interesting it became.”

“Also, I really wanted to collaborate with my lawyer on art,” she continued. “The idea of fantastical art in the form of legal documents just seems very intriguing to me.”

Apparently, Grimes will take the “best offer” for her soul because “with the current state of the world, do you want to put something up for $10 million?”

To purchase Gimes’ soul for anywhere from $1.00 to $10 million, check out her upcoming show online at Maccarone Los Angeles (May 28 – August 31).

Good luck out there!

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Jon Jones claims Nate Diaz is ‘stoned’ after UFC star accused heavyweight of taking steroids in deleted tweet – The Sun

JON JONES claimed Nate Diaz was "stoned" when he accused him on Twitter of taking steroids.

The two UFC stars have been locked in a war of words since Diaz claimed he was the "real GOAT".

In response on social media, light heavyweight champion Jones said: "Now this guy's the GOAT? This is just starting to get ridiculous."

Diaz hit back at the 32-year-old by making reference to the drug bans that he has faced during his career – but then deleted the tweet.

Alongside an emoji of a syringe, he wrote: "No one's gonna remember your fights."

Jones replied: "Oh the he dumb things we say when we are stoned, stop Nate."

In 2015, Jones failed a drug test after testing positive for benzoylecgonine.

And in 2016 he was suspended for a year after testing positive for two banned substances – clomiphene and letrozole.

But he protested his innocence and claimed the failed test was probably down to "d*** pills" he takes to enhance his love life.

At a press conference, he joked: "I have been in the UFC many, many years, and I have taken sex pills several times throughout my adult life.

"[I] Highly recommend it, guys. [It's] f****** great. It's awesome."

In 2017, he had to hand over his UFC light heavyweight title after testing positive for the steroid Turinabol.

The feud between Diaz and Jones started after Conor McGregor made a list of "MMA GOATs" on Twitter.


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Nazi officers' bunker is yours for just £280 per night in Brittany

Nazi officers’ bunker is yours for just £280 per night and can sleep 25 guests in its vast rooms once used as a radar station for detecting Allied planes over Brittany

  • Two-storey bunker has 24 rooms including two bathrooms, an eight-bed dormitory and hammock room
  • Other features include a 20-seater dining table, two lounges, a modern kitchen and, of course, WiFi 
  • Bunker L479 was built in 1943 and used as a radar station to detect Allied planes during Operation Overlord
  • Today it can sleep 25 people, meaning a stay for a full contingent of guests would be just shy of £12 per person

A Nazi radar station in northern France which also accommodated officers during WWII is available to be rented for £280 per night.

Built in 1943, Bunker L479 is nestled in the heart of of Saint-Pabu, a quiet village in Brittany and is surrounded by sandy dunes and beaches.

The two-storey property has 24 rooms including individual bedrooms, two bathrooms, an eight-bed dormitory and a hammock room. Other features include a large dining table which can seat 20 guests, two lounges, a modern kitchen and, of course, WiFi. 

The bunker can sleep up to 25 guests and is also available to rent for parties and other functions.

The Saint-Pabu radar station was tasked with detecting Allied planes, and was one of the many such sites which the Third Reich built across France’s northern frontier during the German occupation (1940- 1944).

Nestled in the heart of Saint-Pabu, a rural village in Brittany, France, the bunker is surrounded by sandy beaches and dunes. The two-storey property has 24 rooms including individual bedrooms, two bathrooms, an eight-bedroom dormitory and a hammock room. Other features include a large dining table which can seat 20 guests, two lounges, a modern kitchen and, of course, WiFi.

The six-bedroom lot is advertised by HostUnusual, a company dedicated to finding the most extraordinary accommodation across the world. One night at the historic bunker starts at £281 per night, £46 per night, if the cost is spread between the maximum of six people. During your stay, you will discover the history of the incredible radar station and its bunkers which were designed to accommodate up to 1,200 men.

The entrance to the bunker is down stairs at the left of the above image. The Saint-Pabu radar station was tasked with detecting the Allied planes. Northern France was occupied by the Germans from 1940 until 1944 (the southern half of France coming under German rule in 1942).

During the occupation the Nazis built up heavy fortifications and bunkers along the northern coast in anticipation of an Allied invasion. The bunker at Saint-Pabu would see that invasion in the summer of 1944 when British, Canadian and American divisions began Operation Overlord.

Saint-Pabu is a commune in the Finistère department of Brittany in north-western France about 15 miles from Brest

During the occupation the Nazis built up heavy fortifications and bunkers along the northern coast in anticipation of an Allied invasion. The bunker at Saint-Pabu would see that invasion in the summer of 1944 when British, Canadian and American divisions began Operation Overlord. 

The radar at Saint-Padu was tasked with detecting Allies planes throughout the Battle of Brest, from August to September 1944. 

The port of Brest was of great strategic importance for the Allies to supply their divisions on the continent – it was estimated the forces would need 26,000 tons of supplies each day to last through to September.

Brest was surrounded and stormed by the US VIII Corps, but not before a tough battle against the Nazi’s fearsome Fallschirmjäger (paratrooper) elites who were thoroughly entrenched in the city.

Famously, when US Brigadier General Charles Canham arrived to accept General Hermann-Bernhard Ramcke’s white flag, the German asked the lower-ranking officer to display his credentials.

Camham turned and pointed to his nearby troops and told the Nazi: ‘These are my credentials.’ The phrase was later enshrined as the motto of the US 8th Infantry Division.

The listing for the bunker says: ‘Immerse yourself in a piece of history, with a stay in a genuine World War Two bunker, secluded in a Brittany village close to the beach.

‘Built exclusively for German officers in 1943, you’ll find ‘Bunker L479’ in the heart of Saint PABU, a rural village in Brittany that’s achingly close to the sandy beaches and wild dunes.

The bedroom in the bunker is a lot more homely than the other rooms which have hammocks and bunk beds

The reception room of the bunker which has been decorated with rugs and modern furniture since it housed Nazi officers during WWII

Th bathroom in the bunker is very basic, with a shower and a toilet with urinals

The landing of the bunker

‘Now, you and your loved ones can experience the exciting feeling of hunkering down in war – yet with plenty of modern, peacetime luxury.

‘Constructed across two floors, the imposing bunker boasts 24 rooms that include individual bedrooms, and a dormitory with 8 beds for a ‘sleepover’ feel (there’s even a hammock room, too).

‘After a hearty dinner whipped up in the bunker kitchen, and enjoyed at the grand dining table, relax in your favourite of the two lounges… or why not try the bar instead? Oh, and if you must keep up with the outside world, there’s a dedicated Wi-Fi zone on the first floor.’

One of the dormitories with bunk beds

One of the entrances to the bunker (left) and a shot of the stairs leading to the bunker (right)

The entrance to the bunker is seen lit up at night

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Spoilers: Bella is found covered in blood in Home and Away

Bella (Courtney Miller) has been enjoying her first serious relationship with newcomer Nikau Parata (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), and although Ryder (Lukas Radovich) has been worried that his friend is progressing things too quickly, Bella is refusing to tell him anything and turning to Willow (Sarah Roberts) for advice instead.

After the two women talk, Bella invites Nikau over and tells her she’s ready to go all the way. He hesitates at first, but eventually agrees and they move into her bedroom. As they begin making out, Bella has flashbacks of Tommy (Adam Sollis) and starts freaking out.

She suddenly pulls away from him and yells at him, telling him to get out. Nikau is completely confused and doesn’t want to leave her, but Bella is in such a state he flees. He bombards Ryder with messages until he runs into him in person and tells him Bella needs help.

The two go back to the Pier Apartment and beg Bella to open her door, but Bella refuses. Ryder immediately concludes that Nikau must have done something to her, and calls Colby for help. Not wanting to be around when a cop shows up, Nik bolts. 

Colby can’t get Bella to open up, so he breaks down her door and finds her covered in blood. Her arm is covered in slashes and the bedsheets are stained. Completely floored, Colby rushes her to hospital…

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Prince Harry Is "Angered" by the Term 'Megxit' Because It Wasn't Meghan Markle's Idea to Leave the Royal Fam

As royal nerds will know, a new biography about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is set to hit shelves on August 11. And what makes this book different from other things written about your fave royals is that, according to the book’s publisher, it was written “with the participation of those closest to the couple,” meaning that it will include major tea.

And thankfully for those of us with absolutely no patience, some insider intel from the biography is already being leaked. Just yesterday, a ~publishing insider~ talked to The Sun about the book’s contents, sharing how Harry felt about the reaction to him and Meghan leaving the royal family. Apparently, he was pretty upset by how people attributed the decision to Meghan, with the insider sharing, “That word ‘Megxit’ in particular has always angered Prince Harry. It gives the impression that the decision to walk away from the Royal Family was Meghan’s.” The source also adds:

So make a mental note: Leaving the royal family was Harry’s idea, and if you even meet him, don’t use the term ‘Megxit’!

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Is the 'Community' Cast Friends in Real Life?

Netflix recently added Community to its catalog, and since then the show has seen somewhat of a revival. Fans new and old are revisiting the show. And after seeing the cast’s incredible on-screen chemistry, many are wondering if they are all friends in real life.

‘Community’ stars Joel McHale and Ken Jeong are great friends

As much as their characters, Jeff and Chang, fought on Community, Joel McHale and Ken Jeong are actually really good friends. The two have worked together on a number of projects since the show ended in 2015, and they constantly take friendly, funny jabs at each other on social media.

McHale made an appearance on an episode of Jeong’s sitcom Dr. Ken in 2016. And both work alongside each other as judges on The Masked Singer. Currently, Jeong and McHale host a podcast together called the Darkest Timeline

They show their love for each on social media

A few Community cast members still share their love for each other on social media, which is proof that they’re still good friends. On Danny Pudi’s birthday, McHale shared a photo with him on Instagram, with the caption, “Happy Birthday to one of the finer people on the planet.”

Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, and Jim Rash also share pictures of each other on Instagram, celebrating the show and their friendship. In November 2019, the cast reunited for Vulture Festival. Gillian Jacobs posted a picture of the reunion, with the caption, “I got to hang out with family today. That was nice.”

For Jeong’s birthday a few cast members got together to celebrate. “Is there any room in this pocket for a little spare Chang?” Brie captioned a photo of the birthday reunion. “So fun celebrating @kenjeong and seeing some Community fam last night! Happy Birthday Ken!! #sixseasonsandamovie.”

The cast also supports each other’s various professional endeavors. In 2018, Pudi attended one of Jacobs shows and posted a picture on Instagram, giving her props for her performance. When Donald Glover’s film, The Lion King released in 2019, Brown supported her friend and asked her followers to see the movie. 

RELATED: Why Chevy Chase Isn’t in the ‘Community’ Reunion?

The ‘Community’ cast recently reunited with Donald Glover

Glover left Community in season 5 and has been busy with juggling his successful rap, TV and movie careers. He hasn’t been around for many of the past reunions, but he came back for the virtual table read special, and also joined Jeong and McHale’s Darkest Timeline cast reunion. 

In the call with Jeong and McHale, Glover suggested that the cast make a group chat to keep in touch. When he found out that they already had a group chat, he was taken by surprise. Brown confessed that they didn’t add Glover only because they thought he was too busy, but promised they’d add him now.

Except for Chevy Chase, who reportedly had a sticky relationship with the cast and showrunners, it loos like most of the cast of Community is still friends. Hopefully, if there is a movie in the works, the entire crew will return to bring their real-life chemistry back on screen. 

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Where is The Woods on Netflix filmed? – The Sun

THE new Polish crime drama from Harlan Coben is set to hit our screens next month.

The trailer for the new Netflix show boasts some beautiful scenery, but where is it filmed?

  • The best series on Netflix
  • The best films on Netflix

Where is The Woods on Netflix filmed?

The show is shot on location in Poland, near Warsaw.

Poland is known for having vast thick woods, and so makes it the perfect backdrop for a thriller.

Speaking to Variety, author Harlan Coben said The Woods is “set in a Polish summer camp in the ’90s — that’s very different than an American summer camp, so it’s very cool to explore."

What is The Woods about?

The Woods is based on Coben’s crime novel of the same name and follows Paweł Kopiński, whose sister went missing in the woods near her summer camp 25 years ago.

Paweł is still struggling with his loss, but when the body of a boy who had vanished with her is suddenly discovered, evidence emerges that she could still be alive.

Across the show’s six episodes, long-kept family secrets will be revealed and the truth could well tear Paweł’s life apart.

The show is set to be an intense psychological thriller, similar to Coben's other Netflix adaptations The Stranger and Safe.

The Woods stars Polish actors Wiktor Debski, Pawel Gabor, Marcin Lipski and Elzbieta Nagel.

What's on Netflix and Amazon Prime?

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When is the release date for The Woods on Netflix?

The Woods will be available to stream worldwide on Netflix from Friday, 12 June, 2020.

The news came on 6 May, 2020, from Harlan Coban himself on Twitter:

Is there a trailer for The Woods?

Yes! Netflix released a full trailer for the new series on 12 May, 2020.

The trailer tells us that 25 years before, four kids went missing but only two bodies were found.

The body of Paweł's sister was never recovered.

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The latest sex trend is ‘spite porn’ where people can pay an adult star to send a message to naughty exes

SCORNED lovers are getting adult stars to send messages to their exes in the latest sex trend dubbed ‘spite porn’.  

The term has been coined by dominatrix, Allie Eve Knox, who says people are paying her to shame their former lovers. 

Allie tweeted: “A woman just ordered a custom video from me to send to her ex husband and have me shame him for all the s**t he did while they were together and I’ve never felt more needed in my entire life.” 

Explaining how it works, Allie told Rolling Stone magazine she first reels in the target with saucy scenes to get them hooked, telling them someone bought them a 'special video'. 

Allie then says: “Now that I’ve got you right where I want you, I think I’ll share a little secret with you, a little surprise I’ve been keeping.”

Allie then switches up the tone and says ‘I’ve befriended your ex-wife’, before giving them a humiliating ‘verbal spanking’. 

The woman who requested the clip gave Allie a list of her ex-husband’s specific flaws, as she thought the video would be a great way for him to hear “what a terrible person he is”. 

Allie hurls insults at him, which include calling him "selfish, careless and stupid".

According to Allie the content was: “His porn obsession, his narcissism, how he is self absorbed. Stuff that could speak to most men.” 

Her tweet has since gone viral, as people praised the ex-wife for coming up with the idea, and Allie for executing it with perfection.

Some people called for 'spite porn' to become its own category, with one person commenting: "This should be a whole category on Clip sites."

Another wrote: “I salute that woman for being a real one to her feelings and how she expresses them.”

A third said: "Oh wow this is like the best way to make your ex hear your grievances."

And this person thought: "This is epic!!!! Yessssss! LOL. 

“This woman must have a good sense of humor.”

Plus we revealed phone sex has soared in lockdown with Sheffield and Belfast the horniest cities – but how does your local town tally up?

And the ultimate lockdown sex survey reveals 59% of you have done it in the lounge and nearly HALF have used sex toys.

While this innocent phone habit could actually mean your partner is cheating on you.

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