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Apprentice contestant wins sex discrimination case

Apprentice contestant branded a ‘snake’ by Lord Sugar wins sex discrimination case after being fired from £170,000-a-year job by boss who ‘ran her around like his secretary’ Fans dubbed Jenny Celerier ‘Katie Hopkins 2’ after appearing on hit BBC show A tribunal has found she was harassed and victimised in her executive sales job   She

Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend Is Here

What’s happening: Today, Mars Retrograde finally comes to an end! After two months of feeling like a piece of shit, you finally feel alive again—to say nothing of your boosted libido. Tomorrow, the Sun forms a supportive sextile with Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, and Pluto, the planet of transformation. On Sunday, Venus

Boo! Your Halloweekend Sex Horoscope Is Here

What’s happening: Happy Halloween! On Saturday, the Sun opposes Uranus, the planet of surprises and disruption. On Sunday, November 1, Mercury squares off with Saturn, the planet of blockages and limitations. This square lasts all week long, and it has a tough, restricting influence when it comes to how you communicate with others. But there’s

15 Quotes About Sex From Latinx Writers

Perhaps the only thing hotter than having sex: reading about sex. IMO, romance novels and erotic literature can be even hotter than a sexy movie or TV show, and if you’re looking to get turned on, then you might find some inspo between the pages of a hot-and-heavy book. Authors and poets have a way