The truth about The Last Alaskans girls’ rare condition

For reality TV stars, life in the public eye often invites undue judgement. Yet while shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills thrive on drama, the daughters from The Last Alaskans have found themselves the targets of unwarranted hate speech because of their looks.

Upon first glance, it’s clear sisters Molly, Emma, and Sarah — children of Ray and Cindy Lewis — look a bit different with regard to their eyes. Per Starcasm, some viewers cruelly speculated that their appearance comes from being inbred, but in reality, the daughters suffer from a rare genetic condition: Blepharophimosis, ptosis, and epicanthus inversus syndrome (BPES).

According to the National Organization for Rare Disorders, BPES presents four distinct facial features at birth — narrow eyes, droopy eyelids, an upward fold of skin of the inner lower eyelids, and widely set eyes — which can cause difficulty when opening the eyes fully and impact an affected individual’s quality of vision. NORD adds that, while BPES type I involves premature ovarian insufficiency in females along with the characteristic facial features, BPES type II manifests as these facial features alone.

While Starcasm notes the family doesn’t know which BPES type they carry, they know the rare condition came from the recessive gene carried by mother Cindy. However, it’s doubly rare that all three daughters acquired this mutation, as the likelihood of passing the altered gene from parent to child reportedly remains low at 50%. Even so, this condition hasn’t hindered the sisters one bit.

Molly Lewis wants the haters to 'get a life'

While Molly Lewis and her sisters remain susceptible to harsh criticism, the eldest child had some choice words for the show’s armchair critics.

“Thank you to all of you who have posted positive comments in our defense!” Molly wrote during an online Q&A five years ago (per Starcasm). “They’re encouraging and it’s nice to know there’s people out there who get out of the show what’s supposed to be. But to the rest of you on the other side of the discussion—come on, get a life! Honestly I feel sorry for you. Can’t you enjoy the show for what it is? It’s a shame that all you seem to be taking away from it is the subject of our eyes. If it had anything to do with the topic of the show it would be addressed.”

A post shared by The Last Alaskans (@thelastalaskans) on Mar 3, 2016 at 12:05pm PST

She continued by noting, “Everyone has their flaws, ours are just more obvious than others.” Molly added, “I’m sorry if it looks weird to some of you, but that’s your problem. Most of you all have ‘normal’ eyes so why does it matter to you so much? Don’t you have anything better to do with your lives than worry about others’?”

Choosing to take the high road, Molly concluded, “It’s the way God chose to make us and we accept it. If you aren’t satisfied with that response then that’s your issue. I don’t know what else to say.” Well-put!

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'The X-Files': David Duchovny Asked to Wear That Famous Red Speedo in Season 2

The X-Files, which originally aired on FOX, starred David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as FBI agents on paranormal cases. The science-fiction TV show was popular for it’s running storyline about UFOs and conspiracies. However, one of the biggest draws to the show was Anderson and Duchovny’s impeccable chemistry, playing Agents Scully and Mulder.

It didn’t hurt that the two actors were (and are) ridiculously good-looking — which is why one episode from The X-Files Season 2, stands out in the memories of many fans. In “Duane Barry,” Duchovny wore a red swimsuit that became iconic. He later revealed he actually requested to wear it.

The red Speedo in ‘The X-Files’ Season 2 that changed the world

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For fans of The X-Files, “Duane Barry” is a well-liked and well-known episode, especially when it comes to the show’s myth arc.

While the season 2 episode dives into the series’ long-running mythology about extraterrestrial life and alien abduction, it also stands out for one important reason: David Duchovny rocks a bright-red Speedo.

In “Duane Barry,” Agent Krycek arrives at the FBI pool to find Agent Mulder, so he can assist on a case. Mulder, who is in the middle of swimming laps, emerges from the pool in a tiny red swimsuit.

As the host of the podcast The X-Files Files, Kumail Nanjiani, pointed out, at the time the episode aired, fans of the show were into the swimsuit. Online message boards lit up with discussion surrounding Mulder’s Speedo (and let’s be honest, that bod). In fact, a whole thread was devoted to Duchovny’s good looks — a group that named themselves the David Duchovny Estrogen Brigade, or DDEB. (Don’t worry; there was a testosterone-themed version for Gillian Anderson, too).

And as IndieWire reported, “Shots from the episode have since made their rounds the internet and adorned many a computer background.”

And it makes sense that fans were so thrilled — not just about Duchovny’s Hollywood good looks, but over the fact that most of the time in The X-Files, Scully and Mulder are shrouded in very 90s, oversized, shoulder-padded suits.

The swimsuit belonged to ‘X-Files’ cast member David Duchovny

Duchovny admitted in 2013 that the swimsuit was his very own. In fact, it was the actor’s idea to wear the Speedo on The X-Files.

“Chris Carter wanted me to wear board shorts ’cause he’s a California guy,” the X-Files star said at PaleyFest. “I said, ‘nobody swims laps in board shorts.’” Duchovny revealed that he asked the showrunner to let him wear his own Speedo.

“And I have regretted it ever since!” Duchovny joked.

The actors who played Agents Scully and Mulder thought the show would ‘bomb’

As IndieWire also reported, the stars of The X-Files originally thought the show was going to “bomb.”

“I thought it would tank,” Anderson revealed at PaleyFest one year.

Entertainment Weekly also famously called The X-Files a “goner” in season 1.

It took until season three for Anderson and Duchovny to realize that their show might survive,” IndieWire wrote. Duchovny recalled just being actors, excited at getting a network gig.

“We needed to live,” he explained. “We just wanted a job.”

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NORMAN LAMONT: Ditch the two-metre rule to rescue our economy

Ditch the two-metre rule to rescue our economy: Former Chancellor NORMAN LAMONT argues Priti Patel’s suggestion that social distancing is here to stay is alarming and unlikely to be feasible

  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Today the headlines focus on coronavirus, but that will soon change. In six months’ time, I fear they will be about jobs and employment. And they will make for grim reading.

In the United States, unemployment as a result of the virus has risen to between 15 and 20 per cent of the workforce: That’s at least 22million jobless – perhaps as many as 30million. It’s an economic catastrophe threatening to dwarf even the spectre of the Great Depression.

Right now the unemployment figures are much lower in Europe and the UK, but that is only because around 40million Europeans are in furlough schemes.

Social distancing strictures affect many industries as the two-metre restriction makes it almost impossible to use public transport. Without it, firms in all sectors won’t survive as their staff can’t get to work. Shoppers are pictured lining up outside a supermarket in Leicester

Already it is being mooted that Rishi Sunak is working on an emergency Budget to save two million jobs. Such an undertaking will no doubt prove immensely tricky and, as a former Chancellor, I don’t envy him. 

To avoid devastating mass unemployment, the single most important measure we must take – as soon as possible – is to reduce the two-metre social distancing rule to one metre.

More importantly, in the not-too-distant future we should abolish social distancing completely. To hear Home Secretary Priti Patel suggest last month that it is here to stay was alarming and unlikely to be feasible.

I recognise that the Government faces an agonising decision over whether to lift restrictions and risk a second spike of coronavirus deaths. 

But the longer the lockdown lasts, the greater the economic damage will be – and the more difficult the choice to end it. It appears probable the Bank of England, in the scenario its Governor Andrew Bailey revealed recently, has been too optimistic.

To avoid devastating mass unemployment, the single most important measure we must take – as soon as possible – is to reduce the two-metre social distancing rule to one metre. A social distancing sign is pictured in Tesco

There will be no fast recovery, and we are either at or very near the place where the benefits of lockdown are outweighed by the costs to the economy and other health risks: From domestic violence to depression, other mental illness and alcoholism, as well as complications in ailments where tests and treatment have been dangerously postponed.

Meanwhile, the Government claims it has been following ‘the science’ – but these are political decisions. And so it must face up to the inherent, fundamental conflict between a policy of social distancing and the need to protect a massive number of jobs.

Social distancing strictures affect many industries as the two-metre restriction makes it almost impossible to use public transport. Without it, firms in all sectors won’t survive as their staff can’t get to work. 

The hospitality industry is where a lot of people work, earn and spend money that ripples through the economy.

According to the British Beer and Pub Association, only 20 to 30 per cent of premises will be able to open at a sustainable level – not breaking even but managing to keep the doors open. A boarded up and temporarily closed pub is pictured above

It is also the largest private sector employer, with 3.2million people working in it, 2.7million of whom are currently furloughed. 

In employment terms it is bigger than the financial services industry or the automotive, aerospace and pharmaceutical industries combined.

But it is impossible to imagine how hospitality can work with rigid social distancing. Where people are kept two metres apart, many businesses will lose about 60 per cent of their capacity. 

According to the British Beer and Pub Association, only 20 to 30 per cent of premises will be able to open at a sustainable level – not breaking even but managing to keep the doors open.

Reducing the distance to 1.5 metres raises this level to 50 per cent of businesses; at one metre, it hits 70 per cent.

A lot of the Government’s scientific advisers are nervous, saying it is risky to be relaxing the rules. 

I am not for one minute suggesting their advice should be ignored or automatically overridden.

But the onus is on the advisers to explain why it is that, while Britons must stay two metres apart, the World Health Organisation recommends one metre – as do many other European countries, acting on their scientists’ advice.

Already it is being mooted that Rishi Sunak is working on an emergency Budget to save two million jobs. Such an undertaking will no doubt prove immensely tricky and, as a former Chancellor, I don’t envy him

Professor Robert Dingwall of Nottingham Trent University, an adviser to the Government, is one of those who questions the two-metre rule. 

He suggested the distance is based on ‘fragile evidence’, and was imposed as the Government thought the public couldn’t be trusted to obey a one-metre rule. The distance was doubled as a precautionary principle.

Lockdown cannot defeat the virus – it can only slow it or suppress it to buy time for a vaccine to be developed. Likewise, monetary and fiscal policy can achieve very little when the Government has closed down large parts of the economy.

The longer the lockdown lasts, the more dire the economic prospects become, and the tougher the choices for the Government will be. We must face up to it now.

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'The Last Kingdom': Alexander Dreymon Discusses Uhtred's Friendship With King Alfred

In the hit Netflix series The Last Kingdom, there is one tumultuous friendship that kept everything together. Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) and King Alfred (David Dawson) meet and things are never truly the same for either of them. Things have often become volatile between them, but their friendship is a necessary risk when England is at stake.

The friendship between Uhtred and Alfred is a necessary one

Since Uhtred could be considered both a Dane and a Saxon, he has a unique viewpoint when it comes to the overall war that the Saxons face against the Danes. Uhtred is a Saxon who was taken by the Danes and raised as their own. It changed him and he’s a Dane in his heart now, but he feels pulled in both directions. Alfred uses this to his advantage many times and puts Uhtred to work to keep Wessex safe for him.

Things have gotten volatile between them

Uhtred could definitely be considered impulsive at times, and he is just that when he threatens Alfred’s life with a knife. After that, things can never go back to the way they were, but Alfred does admit in their last meeting how essential Uhtred is to his dream and legacy.

“In 100 years from now, learned people will read or recitewhat is written and Alfred will appear. They will know nothing of the LordUhtred, nor of your loyalty, advice, bravery, courage, and insolence,” King Alfred tellshim.

Uhtred tells him that he couldn’t have killed Alfred and it’s clear how much each meant to the other. “If I were to say one thing it’s that I could never have killed you when I held the knife to your throat,” Uhtred tells him. “I could never have taken your life. I would have beaten you gladly, but I would never be the man who killed Alfred, King of Saxons.”

Alexander Dreymon discusses Uhtred’s friendship with King Alfred

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In 2018, Alexander Dreymon spoke with TVInsider when season 3 was released and he discussed his character’s uniquefriendship with King Alfred. They go on a rollercoaster ride of emotionstogether where they are working together one minute then Uhtred is an outlawthe next.

“Well, first of all, I want to say, Alfred can’t do s***without me! [Laughs] It’s been like that for the last three seasons, with himjust shutting me down and then realizing he needs me again,” Dreymon said. “So,that theme definitely continues, and I think it definitely comes to a climaxthis season. I’m excited to see the scenes between David Dawson and myselfbecause they were so much fun to play with him.”

Uhtred’s loyalty is tested like never before in season 3,but eventually he makes things right with Alfred before he dies. Alfred’s dyingwish is for Uhtred to stay and make sure his son is crowned king after him,which Uhtred does do after Alfred’s death.

“And I think Uhtred’s loyalty — you hit the nail on the head— that’s one of the major themes this season, how that loyalty gets tested andhow much he can stick to his promises and to his oaths, which were obviously ahuge deal back then,” Dreymon said.

Uhtred’s friendship with King Alfred may have had its upsand downs, but Uhtred chooses to honor Alfred’s dying wish and he stays loyalto the crown of Wessex.

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'Breaking Bad': The 8 Most Shocking Deaths Fans Still Can't Get Over

 The cult classic drama Breaking Bad is filled with twists and turns plus tons of surprising moments throughout. Walter White gradually becoming Heisenberg might be a slow, gradual process. But some of the deaths on the show were jaw-dropping because they seemingly came out of nowhere.

Even major characters didn’t escape being killed on Breaking Bad. Here’s a definitive list of the most surprising deaths over all five seasons.

Tuco Salamanca

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The drug distributor Tuco helped Walter White break into the game but he was always a loose cannon. His outbursts threatened Walt and Jesse’s illusion of feeling in control of their growing business, and eventually, they realize they had to do something drastic.

Walt tried to poison Tuco with ricin but is unsuccessful because of Tuco’s uncle Hector. Then they got into a physical fight just before DEA agent Hank Schrader showed up and killed Tuco in a shootout. Indirectly, Walt and Jesse are responsible for Tuco’s death, which allows them to become bigger players in the meth trade.

Gale Boetticher

The death of Gale represents a turning point in Jesse Pinkman’s story. Walt convinces Jesse to murder Gale for their own self-preservation, which is arguably necessary, but still isn’t an excuse for murdering an innocent man in cold blood.

Walt is mostly culpable for Gale’s death. But that doesn’ttake the blame off Jesse, who tortures himself for shooting Gale in his apartmentfor the rest of the series.

Jane Margolis

If Gale was the turning point for Jesse, then Jane’s death was the turning point for Walt — not that he felt bad about it. Jesse and Jane were in the midst of a drug binge when the incident happened. Just when Jane seemed to convince Jesse to leave Walt behind with his share of the money they’d earned, a tragic accident happened.

Walt went over to Jesses’ apartment to find Jesse and Jane sleeping and high. When Jane starts choking on her vomit in her sleep, Walt has a natural reaction and makes a move to save her — but then stops himself. He stood there and let Jane die, which wound up having incredible psychological consequences for Jesse. Especially when Walt spitefully tells Jesse what he did during season 5.

Hector Salamanca and Gus Fring

Walt and Jesse’s boss Gus Fring is used to people wanting him dead. He’s an extremely meticulous, methodical, observant person and it’s not easy for Walt to come up with a way to kill him. But eventually, he does.

Walt achieves his goal by rigging a bomb to Hector Salamanca’s wheelchair, turning him into a suicide bomber and helping Hector finally get his revenge on longtime nemesis Gus, too. Gus never sees it coming and the shot of him staggering away from Hector with half his face blown off is impossible to forget.

Mike Ehrmantraut

Cartel enforcer Mike Ehrmantraut went through a lot over his lifetime, from his time serving on the Philadelphia police department to working for Gus. He’s a skilled sniper and cleaned up any “loose ends” his boss Gus Fring brought him. Mike has killed a lot of people but never expects to get killed himself.

But Mike is not a fan of Walter White and eventually, his character assessment turns out to be absolutely accurate. Walt shoots Mike in a fit of anger, for no real reason other than their animosity, and it marks a low point in the series. Fans loved Mike and didn’t want to see him die in the end.

Hank Schrader

Walt’s brother-in-law DEA agent Hank Schrader had no idea he was hunting a member of his family the whole time. Once he figured out Walt was Heisenberg, it kicked off a crazy sequence of events that culminated in Hank’s death at the hands of white supremacist Jack Welker.

Even as Walt pleaded for Hank’s life, the veteran agent knew exactly what was going to happen. “You want me to beg? You’re the smartest guy I ever met, and you’re too stupid to see — he made up his mind 10 minutes ago,” Hank tells Walt just before getting shot by Uncle Jack.

Walter White

Considering that Breaking Bad is the story of Walter White, it’s quite shocking when he dies surrounded by his beloved blue meth. The story focused on what happened when Walt received a terminal cancer diagnosis and yet it’s still wild to see the unstoppable Heisenberg die. It happens right after he admited to Skyler that he was no longer trying to build a drug empire for the good of his family — he was doing it because he liked feeling powerful.

Some fans question if Walt is really dead, though. But showrunner Vince Gilligan promised that he really is.

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'The X-Files': 1 of the Most Iconic Characters From the Series Was Originally Cast as an Extra With No Lines

The X-Files is one of the most popular sci-fi TV shows in history. More and more fans continue to discover The X-Files, as the series has moved from streaming on Netflix to Hulu. However, many viewers might not know that one of the most iconic villains of The X-Files was originally cast in just one episode, with no lines.

‘The X-Files’ cast member wasn’t supposed to be a recurring character — but fans loved him

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“Smoke and look menacing. That’s all William B. Davis was hired to do on The X-Files,” The Palm Beach Post reported. According to the X-Files cast member, his character, known to fans as “Cigarette Smoking Man,” was only meant to appear in the pilot episode, which aired on Fox in 1993. In just a few scenes of the very first X-Files episode, Davis stands in the background, smoking, while FBI agents are talking.

However, over the course of the series, Davis’s character becomes a “sinister government figure who often keeps FBI agents Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) from uncovering the truth about alien existence.”

As actor/comedian Kumail Nanjiani has pointed out on his podcast devoted to the TV series, The X Files Files, Davis came back on the show, in large part thanks to the fans.

The X-Files aired near the beginning of the era in which viewers began discussing TV episodes on internet message boards. In the 90s, X-Files fans lit up the threads, discussing Davis’s character and his potential motives — even after those brief, dialogue-free scenes in the pilot. Nanjiani theorizes that Chris Carter, The X-Files creator, and his fellow writers read those message boards while the show was airing and noticed the fan discussion over Cigarette Smoking Man. Eventually, they decided to bring the actor back and give him a larger role in the over-arching narrative of The X-Files.

Why Davis’s ‘X-Files’ character is a great sci-fi villain

Davis recalled his journey as a cast member on The X-Files to The Palm Beach Post:

There was a time when I wasn’t in any episodes, then all of a sudden I had a line or two and I thought, ‘That was interesting.’ And that just gradually increased. Then, finally, I had a big scene where Mulder comes after me with a gun. That was the turning point where the producers decided this character is really interesting and I guess they felt I was OK to handle it.

It wasn’t just the increase in lines, but the expansion of his character, that Davis enjoyed about his role.

“I like bad guys like CSM because he’s not a traditional baddie who bashes people around or pulls out his gun at every opportunity,” Davis emphasized.

Part of what makes Cigarette Smoking Man such a great character is that he’s not patently evil; the X-Files villain seems to truly believe in his cause, in the same way that Mulder fervently believes in his quest for his long-lost sister.

“He’s protecting the public from information they would not be able to process successfully,” Davis told the Post of his character’s motivations. “He’s trying to keep society from becoming chaotic.”

The actor behind the Cigarette Smoking Man had trouble with all those cigarettes

Davis, who played the X-Files character most famous for — and literally named for — his cigarette smoking habit — told The SciFi World that he is a former smoker himself. The actor had kicked the habit years ago, but working on The X-Files made it difficult.

I used to smoke so I certainly knew how to do it. But when I got the part I hadn’t smoked for twenty years. I smoked real cigarettes for the first two episodes but I soon realized this was dangerous for me.

If you’ve seen the show, you’ll notice that there’s not a scene in which Davis appears and isn’t smoking.

“That was beginning to wake up some long-buried desires,” he told The Palm Beach Post.

Eventually, the actor “switched to herbal cigarettes.”

Since Davis’s legendary role on The X-Files, he’s been in The Dead Zone and Stargate SG-1, among multiple other projects. Davis currently appears in Upload, the new Amazon series from the creator of The Good Place, Greg Daniels.

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'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker': Rey's New Lightsaber Was Originally Way More Important

Many fans agree Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker didn’t live up to the hype. In fact, its final scene has become one of the most controversial in the sequel trilogy. Yet, for all the answers Rey’s (Daisy Ridley) story provides, it still leaves many mysteries unsolved. So it makes sense the latest Star Wars movie originally went deeper.

In particular, fans nearly learned a lot more about Rey’s fancy new lightsaber. The Rise of Skywalker ends with the character igniting a newly constructed yellow-bladed weapon. In the final cut, it plays like a surprise reveal. But this wasn’t always the plan. A long time ago, Rey’s lightsaber had an entire subplot to itself.

Rey fulfills her destiny in ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker reveals Rey isn’t as disconnected from the saga’s mythos as fans thought. She’s actually the granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid) himself. Yet, despite her dark lineage, Rey defeats the Sith Lord and becomes the only remaining Jedi.

The movie doesn’t get the chance to explore what Rey will do after the credits roll. But the final scene says a lot more than some Star Wars fans realize. Yes, Rey takes on the Skywalker name, essentially choosing her own family. This action too implies she’ll keep their legacy alive.

Many fans believe Rey will launch a new Jedi order. Armed with the sacred Jedi texts, she has enough knowledge of the Force to train the next generation. And her new lightsaber represents just how far she’s come. After all, constructing one’s own saber is a Jedi rite of passage.

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Rey’s new lightsaber was supposed to appear throughout the movie

Director J.J. Abrams doesn’t devote much screen time to Rey’s golden-hued lightsaber. All fans get is a brief glimpse of it. But eagle-eyed viewers may notice how its design is built out of Rey’s own staff. As such, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker implies she’ll bring her own spin to the Jedi religion.

The movie doesn’t have the time to delve deep into Rey’s evolution. But according to Lucasfilm’s creative art manager, Phil Szostak, the original plan was to highlight Rey’s lightsaber as a key part of her growing power.

In a recent Instagram post, Szostak shared a peek behind the design process. He provides fans with a photo of the 3D-printed model as well as an animation of the weapon in action. In the caption too, Szostak confirms a discarded subplot that would have seen Rey using the Jedi texts throughout Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

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Yellow lightsabers are relatively new to the ‘Star Wars’ universe

Indeed, showing Rey in the process of performing such a critical Jedi task would have been an interesting addition. To date, no live-action Star Wars movie has ever detailed what goes into building a lightsaber. Darth Vader, for instance, only briefly points out Luke constructed his green one in Return of the Jedi.

But Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker had the opportunity to expose mainstream audiences to the world of kyber crystals. For those unfamiliar, these crystals are what powers a lightsaber and gives each one a different color. Still, Rey’s yellow one is relatively unseen in Star Wars.

The canon does recognize the color as corresponding to the Jedi Temple guards. So perhaps Rey’s lightsaber is meant to imply she is now the steward of whatever the Jedi’s future holds. Whatever comes next rests on her shoulders. Fans can only wait and see how Rey will apply what she’s learned from Luke, Leia, and the sacred Jedi texts.

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Sweden has the highest death rate per head than any country this week

Sweden has the highest death rate per capita than any country in the world this week, data shows

  • The country had 5.59 deaths for every million people on a rolling seven day average in the week to May 29
  • That rate is 11 times higher than the world average of 0.49 deaths, stats show
  • Sweden shunned lockdown, keeping most schools, restaurants and shops open
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Sweden has the highest coronavirus death rate per capita than any country in the world over the past seven days. 

The country, which refused to impose a lockdown, has seen 5.59 deaths for every million people per day on a rolling seven-day average in the week to May 29. 

That rate is an astonishing 11 times higher than the world average of 0.49 deaths for every million people over the same period. 

Sweden’s seven day rolling average is higher than any other country, followed by Brazil (4.51), San Marino (4.21), Peru (4.12) and the UK (3.78).

Sweden’s rolling 7-day average death rate is an astonishing 11 times higher than the world average of 0.49 deaths for every million people over the same period

It is also greater than other countries that have been hugely affected by the virus, including the USA (2.98), Belgium (2.49), Italy (1.55), Russia (1.02), and France (0.98).  

Despite the rolling average, Sweden does not have the highest coronavirus death rate per million people since the outbreak started. 

The latest figures for 29 May show that title goes to San Marino, which has seen 1,238.55 deaths for every million.

Behind is Belgium (810.04), Andora (660.07), the UK (557.36) and Italy (548.15). 

The country’s death toll rose to 4,266 on 28 May

France sits in sixth place, with 439.11 coronavirus deaths for every million people since the crisis started, and Sweden is behind with 422.41.

While figures for Spain have not yet been released for 29 May, data for the previous day shows the country has a death rate of 580.03 for every million people. 

It is also worth noting that all of the countries listed – particularly with reference to the rolling seven day average – have experienced the peak of the virus at different stages.  

Latest figures for the Sweden reveal a total of 35,727 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 4,266 deaths as of 28 May.  

Sweden’s strategy to battle coronavirus has been largely based on voluntary measures regarding social distancing and basic hygiene. 

At the same time the Scandinavian country kept schools open for children under the age of 16, along with cafes, bars, restaurants and businesses. 

Their approach has been both criticised by some as a dangerous experiment gambling with people’s lives, but also pushed as a future model by the World Health Organization.

A recent study found that based on 1,100 tests carried out across the country, just 7.3 percent of Stockholm’s population had developed antibodies by late April.

The number of confirmed cases climbed to 35,727 as of 28 May

The antibody study sought to look into the potential for herd immunity, a situation where enough people in a population have developed immunity to an infection to be able to effectively stop that disease from spreading.

‘It is a little bit lower (than expected) but not remarkably lower, maybe one or a couple of percent,’ Chief Epidemiologist Anders Tegnell told a news conference. ‘It squares pretty well with the models we have.’

But the WHO has warned against pinning hopes on herd immunity. It said in mid May the week global studies had found antibodies in only 1-10 per cent of the population, results in line with recent findings in Spain and France.  

Local media have raised concerns that Swedes could be excluded from other countries as curbs on travel are relaxed, both in the Nordic region and elsewhere in Europe.   

News that Cyprus will not permit direct flights from Sweden when it opens up on June 9, but will allow in flights from Norway, Denmark and Finland, was widely reported with public service broadcaster SVT running the headline ‘Swedes barred when Cyprus opens up’.

Jakob Elleman-Jensen, the leader of the opposition Liberal Party, said this month, ‘I certainly don’t think that we should wait opening the border with Germany until we can justify opening the border with Sweden’. 

And today the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven revealed that on-site education for high schools will re-open from 15 June, having been closed since mid-March. 

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The best selling item at Costco may surprise you

People love Costco, and every member of the club likely has their favorite items. Maybe it’s something from the food court, maybe it’s a bulk pack of burger patties, or maybe it’s something utilitarian like light bulbs. The company definitely has something for everyone. According to Business Insider, one member was such a die-hard fan that he got a Kirkland label tattooed on his arm for his 27th birthday. Yes, really. While not everyone is as jazzed about Costco as him, the company has some clear best selling items that no one can seem to get enough of — but some things on the list are a little surprising. Fasten your seatbelts, because things are about to get wild. 

Fox Business reports that Costco’s fifth most popular item isn’t even technically sold in their warehouses. And nope, it’s not an online-only offer either — it’s the chain’s gasoline. According to Clark, Costco offers only Top Tier ranked gas and of course it’s at discount prices, and let’s be honest: Nothing gets people more universally amped up than discounted gas.

One of Costco's best sellers comes from the food court

Consumer favorite number four is not a traditional bulk Costco buy either, but it is definitely a quintessential item. Hot dogs from the food court are cheap, delicious, and Costco card holders’ fourth favorite product. This one might not be so surprising, when you really think about it. At $1.50 for a dog and a soda, it’s a hard deal to pass up when you’re used up all your energy heaving bulk buys into your cart.

Another food item ranks in the top five, but this one isn’t from the food court. Kirkland Signature bacon is the third best seller for the warehouse store. You can get its crispy texture and marbled meaty flavor for around $15 for four pounds, which is a lot of meat for a fairly small price. Quantity aside, it consistency gets top rankings for its quality — if fact, Consumer Reports (via Kiplinger) rated it best in their review against higher-priced competitors. 

Costco's best selling product is an essential

Landing second place on the podium is Costco’s beloved rotisserie chicken. We really shouldn’t be shocked when a whole chicken from the chain only sets you back $4.99. The chickens weigh about three pounds each, so in the rotisserie world they’re huge. Apparently Costco sells them at a loss, a kind sacrifice to please hungry card holders.

Drum roll please… coming in as number one best selling Costco item is: bulk toilet paper. No, the company’s kind sample employees aren’t giving us tiny strips to try out, but everyone will always need the stuff. Costco sells overs a billion — yes, that’s billion with a “b” — rolls of the stuff every year. The company sells 30 rolls of their Kirkland brand for just under $20, which is a steal compared to other brands. If you’re worried about running out of toilet paper soon, Costco has got you — and loads of other people — covered.

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Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

What’s happening: Tonight, Mercury, planet of communication, forms an awkward quincunx aspect to Saturn, planet of blockages. On Tuesday, Venus (which is still retrograde, BTW) forms a harsh square to Mars—these are the love planets (Venus governs romance and relationships, while Mars governs libido), and this week, they’re at war with each other. Finally, on Wednesday, there’s a cazimi Venus, which in English means that you’ve survived to the halfway point of Venus Retrograde, and you’re able to figure out how to push through all that relationship drama you’ve been experiencing!

What that means:


There’s an important talk you’ve been meaning to have with your boo/crush lately, and it’s gnawing away at your brain. You feel like you’re going absolutely crazy—but there is simply never a good time to bring it up! The tension and awkwardness is permeating life in the bedroom, too, and you probs feel pretty miserable. Your thoughts and feelings are eating you alive this weekend, and you feel like you’re going to blow up by Tuesday. You’re more than ready to pop off over every minor disagreement, but listen, Aries. Don’t. Do. It. Wednesday’s astro-vibe is by far the easiest we’ve had in a long-ass time, and you can bring up whatever’s been bugging you tactfully.


You and your boo aren’t on the same page—in fact, you have different ideas about your relationship status. If you’ve been casually (and safely) hanging out with someone, they might think you’re an item. If you’ve been boo’d up for a long time, you might think things with bae are fine, but they’re stressed about the relationship (or vice-versa). These differences make themselves apparent over the next week, and honey, you’ve got a big storm coming! Instead of being passive (or passive aggressive), try your best to communicate—and listen to what the other person has to say. You’re as stubborn as they come, but this week you learn that a little compromise goes a long way, especially when it comes to relationships.


Whenever Venus is in your sign (like it is right now), it’s a great time for love, pleasure, and beauty. But whenever Venus is retrograde (again, like it is right now), all those things get jumbled up and confusing AF. With Venus Retrograde acting up in your sign, your love life’s been pretty sour, and you’re probs not feeling too great about yourself, either. This week, your love life is kinda dry, NGL, but think of it as a great opportunity to focus on loving yourself. Get to know your body and what makes you feel good. *wiggles eybrows* Update your wardrobe, and only pick out clothes you like. This weekend is the best time to explore new ways to practice self-care and feel good. And as you focus on loving yourself, you’ll see an increase in confidence. You’ll start to radiate charisma, making it easier for you to attract others by just being yourself—and that, Gemini, is when your love life will start to blossom and bloom.


Life in the bedroom has been getting tougher lately, and even though you’re desperately trying to address the issues, finding the words is proving to be a monumental challenge. When it comes to any kind of drama or conflict, you tend to shuffle away and hide in your shell, but things are getting so tense now that you feel ready to lash out with your claws—but hold on, Cancer! If you haven’t spoken up about these issues, then it’s completely unfair for you to pop off out of nowhere, right? Mercury, the planet of communication, just entered your sign, allowing you to speak your mind without making a scene. So just talk to your partner. If the issue is something as simple as, “When you do y, it doesn’t make me feel good,” you’ll be shocked at how easy it is to find a solution. Side note: you might run into an ex this week. If you’re tempted to blow up at them, try to stay tactful. You’ll be able to find the closure you’ve been needing and walk away from the situation without anyone feeling hurt.


If you’ve been sexting with someone in your squad lately, some tension may emerge this weekend as the two of you discover that you have WILDLY different ideas about your relationship status. You’ll do anything to avoid unnecessary conflict, but listen, Leo, you need to have that tough conversation and set the record straight. That way, you can either A) DTR with your FWB and start a real LTR, B) agree that keeping things casual between the two of you is best, or C) cut things off, but still keep your friendship in one piece. This type of convo is tough, yes, but one moment of discomfort now can save you a ton of stress in the future, feel me? These sentiments ring true for the boo’d up Leos, too. You and bae are seeing the relationship totally differently, and it’s up to you to speak your mind and say you want to find a solution. By the end of the week, you and your partner will have worked it all out, and you’ll share the same vision of the future of your relationship, too. Even though Venus Retrograde is trying to mess with your love life, things will be way easier from here on out.


As much as you love a fixer-upper, this weekend finds you realizing that you can’t fix other people, and that includes your partner. You may view your relationship as a direct reflection of who you are as a person, and when it isn’t going exactly how you’d like it to, you go into panic mode and try to “solve” everything. You see it as a labor of love, but JSYK, when you try to make someone else fit your idea of a perfect partner, you’ll end up pushing them away. You feel like you need to go overboard with the criticism this weekend, like turning a sink full of dishes into a fight about everything they always do wrong. And they might retaliate. So take a minute and think about it, Virgo. You and your partner are two different people with different likes, different love languages, and different relationship goals, and that’s okay. Instead of mindlessly bickering, understand that no relationship is flawless. If there’s an actual problem, neither of you are 100% to blame, but you both need to put in 100% of your energy to find a solution.


You’re struggling to take your relationship/situationship to the next level. Even if you’re having fun with your crush/boo and there are no major problems, you feel stuck. Sure, there’s some romance, but not much. Sure, the sex is good, but you’d really like it to be great, wouldn’t you? Sure, there’s real chemistry between the two of you, but you want to feel like it’s magical, right? If you feel like you’re just going through the motions at this point, it’s because you are, Libra. You need to try something new—a new plan for your next date night, a new position or toy in the bedroom, literally anything to add variety. Do something fun to initiate newness in your relationship, and see what happens! You may find that things drastically improve—or might be a total flop. If it is, I’m not saying that you should dump them on the spot (seriously, don’t do that), but it might be a good idea to consider taking a break and trying someone new to make your love life exciting again.


There are some sexual incompatibilities coming up this week, Scorpio. What turns you on might be one of their biggest turn-offs. What used to be your favorite way to get down and dirty with ‘em might not really do it for either of you anymore. You might be feeling frisky and start lovin’ up on your boo, only to be rejected, or even face performance issues in bed (from them or you!). Regardless of the circumstances, you feel like your sex life is totally flopping. As a fixed sign, you’re very stuck in your ways, and you’d rather just ignore the issue and do your thing, but that is not the best way to deal, Scorpio. Mars is in Pisces right now, making you feel especially averse to anything stressful, but you have got to do something about these problems! Speak your mind. Listen to what your partner has to say. Put forth some effort to work together and figure out new, better ways to enjoy each other in bed. Even if it’s weird or awkward at first, you’re totally capable of figuring it out, and once you do, getting it on with your boo will become a more intense, erotic, and intimate experience.


Even if you’ve been married to your boo for years, your sign always has trouble with fully committing, Sagittarius—and we don’t necessarily mean to a relationship. You hate to feel like you’re stuck in one place or are restricted from doing what you please, and lately you’ve really been struggling. This obviously has a lot to do with the state of the world right now, but still, you might feel your instinct to hightail it outta there kicking in. This feeling is totally eating you alive, and it’s killing you. Pushing your boo away, acting flaky, or just being unresponsive is not how you should handle this situation, Sagittarius. It’s okay to ask for space—your partner will likely give it to you! It really is that simple.


Getting your partner to just un 👏 der 👏 stand 👏 what 👏 you 👏 are 👏 saying 👏 feels like a struggle right now, and you’ve just about had enough! Your relationship wants/needs aren’t matching up with theirs. If you feel like being romantic is far more effort than it’s worth, or if having sex is beginning to feel like a chore, that’s because you’re treating your relationship like a job. You can’t do that, Capricorn! If your relationship seems bland, find a way to spice it up. Do something different on your next date night, send some sexy snaps, write them a love letter, hell, I don’t know, just do something! We’re living in pretty boring times now, but you can have a ton of fun with your boo if you just put forth some effort, Capricorn. Even a spur-of-the-moment activity or surprise will work wonders for your relationship. Your partner will appreciate it and pay it forward later—that way, things will never feel this stale again!


Day-to-day stress is really, really getting to you right now, Aquarius. You’re feeling tons of pressure in your love life, but finding a solution feels impossible! You’re snapping at your boo over the littlest things, you’re never in the mood for sex, and you just need a freakin’ break. Even if you feel like you’re drowning in work and your obligations are just way too much to handle, take a day—just one day—this weekend to set everything to the side and focus on you. Binge your fav Netflix series, read your favorite book, masturbate, buy something new, watch aaaaallllll the makeup tutorials on YouTube and try them out on yourself, whatever makes you happy. Just one day of self-care will do wonders, not only for your day-to-day, but for your relationship, too.


You’re reeeaaaally living up to your inconsistent, wishy-washy stereotype right now, Pisces. You’re struggling to commit to your crush/partner/FWB because you can’t make up your mind about how you feel about them. You’re like, totally in love with them one minute, but then, in the blink of an eye, you’re so over it and want nothing to do with them. Whether this is happening with your long-term partner or someone more casual doesn’t matter—that kind of behavior just isn’t cool, period. If you’re confused about your feelings, just tell them. If you’re not ready to commit, let ‘em know. If you need space, you have to speak up. Otherwise, the two of you will end up feeling even more unsure. You love love, but acting this way will only lead to you having no one to share it with. It sounds harsh, I know, but this week’s astro-weather is asking you to check yourself before you wreck yourself! Once you can give yourself time to process your emotions and figure everything out, you’ll feel much better, and your love life will dramatically improve, too.

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