Brie Bella's Birthday Post for Lovely Soul Daniel Bryan Will Make Your Day!

A sweet shout out.

On Friday, Brie Bella took to Instagram to wish husband Daniel Bryan (born Bryan Danielson) a happy birthday. As E! readers surely know, today (May 22) marks the WWE superstar’s 39th birthday.

Of course, the social media-savvy Total Bellas star penned a loving tribute to her husband, a tribute that her 7.6 million Instagram followers are swooning over.

“Happy Birthday to my hubby @bryanldanielson,” the pregnant reality TV star posted. “No better person to celebrate than this humble, sweet, hilarious, lovely soul. He’s brighten [sic] my life is soooo many ways and watching him as a Dad is the most beautiful thing to see. Love you SweetFace, all the way to Neptune!!”

Brie and Bryan, who wed in April 2014, are parents to three-year-old daughter Birdie Joe Danielson. The Total Bellas twosome are also expecting a second child, due later this year.

Brie’s online display of affection comes amid a tough season for the longtime loves. As we previously reported, over the course of Total Bellas season five, Brie and Bryan have opened up about their relationship struggles.

Nonetheless, it appears that Brie and Bryan couldn’t be better these days.

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Happy Birthday to my hubby @bryanldanielson 🎈no better person to celebrate than this humble, sweet, hilarious, lovely soul. He’s brighten my life is soooo many ways and watching him as a Dad is the most beautiful thing to see. Love you SweetFace, all the way to Neptune!! 💫✨

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For a closer look at their love story, be sure to scroll through the images below!

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A celebratory photo after Bryan returned home from a work trip!


Gelato, Netflix & Chill

Brie called this photo a “very passionate” picture of their marriage, adding “after 9 years together nothing like gelato, Netflix and bed before 10pm.”


Almost a Family of 4

Brie snaps a pic with Birdie and Bryan at the halfway point in her second pregnancy.

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Strike a Pose

Brie and Daniel, who’s posing with what she called his “social media smile.”


Future Big Sister Birdie

The soon to be family of four!


Tummys Out

“15 weeks and feeling sooo much better!!” Brie wrote on Instagram.

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Baby Bump

Brie and Daniel after announcing they’re expecting their second child!


Hello 2020

The trio on their first hike of the new year.


Presents and PJs

Christmas 2019 for the Danielsons!

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Happy Turkey Day

Brie, Daniel and Birdie on Thanksgiving.


Just Smile!

“We attempted a pic!!” Brie wrote. “This is the best we got”


The Three Musketeers

Birdie being adorable.

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Post-Hike Selfie

Brie and Daniel on their summer trip to Lake Tahoe.


The Perfect Sign

The two had to document this “B+B” sign.


Just Hanging Out

“Typical Danielson’s,” Brie captioned this Instagram photo.

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The Great Outdoors

Brie and Daniel posed for a quick pic outside.


Father’s Day

“He’s taught her how to garden, count to 10, her ABC’s, piggy back rides and human seat belts (which are legs holds),” Brie wrote on Father’s Day 2019. “We are so LUCKY to call him Dada.”


Watermelon Smiles

The trio enjoying a sweet treat.

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Just for Fun

A “family fun Day,” according to Brie!


Disneyland Trip

Brie and Daniel celebrated Birdie’s birthday at Disneyland.


Anniversary Selfie

Brie, Birdie and Daniel on the couple’s fifth wedding anniversary.

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Wedding Throwback

“I’ll never forget the feeling I had with my bare feet in the moist grass walking to you saying I Do,” Brie wrote on Instagram. “5 years and counting. love you to Neptune”


Number One Fans

Brie and Birdie with their “champ.”


Showing Support

Brie captioned this sweet photo expressing her excitement to “cheer on” her man ahead of a WWE match.

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Arizona Escape

Brie and Daniel at Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa.


Soft Smiles

Just another date night!


V-Day Celebrations

Brie with who she described as her “forever Valentine” in February 2019.

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Happy New Year

Brie, Daniel and Birdie were all smiles as they rang in 2019.


‘Tis the Season

Cheers! The happy couple got in the seasonal spirit with festive mugs.


Rest and Relaxation

Brie couldn’t help but gush about her “amazing spa day” with her “love.”

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Cute Kiss

Brie Bella was so excited to be reunited with Daniel Bryan in this sweet snap. “Yay! He’s finally home!!!” she captioned this precious pic.


Giddy with Grapes

The perfect pair went up to wine country and Brie couldn’t help but gushed about crushing grapes with her main man. “By far my most favorite trip to Napa!!!” she exclaimed.


Sweet Silhouette

Brie just had to document this “magical” moment.

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Travel Buddies

The two posed for this sweet snap at the WWE Super Show-Down in Australia. “Love experiencing it all with him,” Brie wrote on Instagram.


Flawless Family

The precious parents had a blast spending the day reading to their daughter Birdie.


Feeling Wonderful By the Water

Brie couldn’t contain her love for her husband in this caption, writing, “You fight for the ones you Love.”

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Big Day in the Big Apple

Daniel took to his own Instagram to compliment Brie with this sweet selfie. “Central park is beautiful from every angle!” he captioned it. Aww!


Goat Goals

The couple that works out together, stays together. Which means the couple that works out together with goats, thrives together!


Major Milestone

While celebrating baby Birdie’s birthday, Daniel also gave Brie a sweet shout-out. “I also can’t celebrate Birdie’s first birthday without also celebrating my wife,” he wrote. “Whenever all three of us are together I feel like the luckiest man alive.”

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Daddy’s Little Fan

“Heart is Full. #wrestlemania,” Brie captioned this precious pic of Birdie watching her papa at WrestleMania 34.


Date Night

“Date night!!!#firstmoviesincethebird.”

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Three’s Company

“How going out is now!! Active baby! Hide your knives and forks because the Bird will toss them!!! #howmuchhaschanged #almost4months.”


Night Out

How cute is baby Birdie?!


Family Dinner

The family of three grabs a meal after taking Birdie home from the hospital.

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She’s Arrived

Brie and Bryan welcomed daughter Birdie Joe Danielson on May 9, 2017.

Brie Bella

It’s a Girl!

“Couldn’t be happier to bring a little girl into our lives!!!! she’s already stealing her Daddy’s heart!!!”


Fit Pregnancy

“Second Trimester got me like #feelingmoreEnergy #hubbylove #workout.”

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Happy birthday, Bryan!

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Nikki Bella Says She's Done With Artem Chigvintsev Following Disastrous Date Night

Did Nikki Bella almost pull the plug on her relationship with Artem Chigvintsev?

On tonight’s all-new Total Bellas, the PDA loving couple found themselves in their first fight after a disastrous date night. The episode started off optimistically enough, with Artem asking Nikki to dedicate more time to their relationship.

“I do feel like, lately, I’ve just been so insanely busy. That’s kind of had me disconnect a little bit from our relationship,” Nikki spilled in a confessional. “And so, I just really want us to plan a date night, so we can just work on connecting because, I feel like I’ve just lately been putting all my work before him.”

Although the Belle Radici co-founder happily agreed to a salsa dancing outing with her beau, it directly conflicted with a work event. In order to keep their dancing date, Nikki told Artem to pick her up from the Temptation Island screening.

Unfortunately, by the time the former Dancing With the Stars professional arrived at the event, Nikki was already intoxicated. To make matters worse, Artem thought Nikki was being flirtatious with another man, which caused him to storm off.

“When we were at Temptation Island, Artem shows up and Nicole’s like, ‘Oh my gosh! You have to meet this guy. We need to take care of him, Artem. You need to cook for him…'” Brie Bella recalled. “I could tell Artem was starting to get really mad and really irritated, which is funny because I’ve never seen him like that. And I was like, ‘Oh, I think he’s getting jealous.'”

After cooling down, Artem met up with Brie and Nikki at the salsa dancing hot spot. Yet, since Nikki felt she didn’t do anything wrong, she began dancing and talking with other men to spite Artem.

“I’m done! I’m going home, she can pick up her s–t,” the pro dancer snapped at Brie.


While Brie defended that the man was just their friend Lewis, Artem remained unconvinced, especially since Nikki didn’t chase after him. After reminding Artem that Nikki did truly love him, Brie was able to get him to reenter the bar.

“This is just a little fight,” Daniel Bryan‘s wife relayed.

If only that were true. As Nikki continued to ignore Artem, the Russian-born star declared her antics “ridiculous” and, once more, stormed out.

This time, Nikki was ready for a fight and followed him into a parking lot. Sadly, the retired WWE superstar was far too drunk to hear out her hurt love. Instead, she ripped into Artem for running away.

“I’ve had to deal with a man who ran tonight, which is pretty f–king embarrassing,” Nikki said as Artem tried to calmly express himself. “What the f–k do you want? Tell me. Tell me. What? What? Exactly. So, f–k you.”

Before leaving for home, Artem told Brie that he had never seen this side of Nikki before. Although Artem said Nikki was welcome back at his house, the Total Bellas star seemingly had doubts about her relationship.

“I don’t know if there’s going to be an Artem after tonight,” Nikki expressed.

Furthermore, during a phone call to Brie, Nikki declared that she was “done.”

“Honestly, Brie. I can’t look at that person the same. I’m done,” she added. “Maybe I’m not meant to be in it.”

Upon returning to Artem’s home, Nikki picked up the fight where it had left off. Even though Artem tried to table the conversation, Nikki badgered him by calling him “jealous” and saying she was right.

Eventually, Artem hit his breaking point and begged for the cameras to stop filming. In a confessional, Artem questioned if he and Nikki “were right for each other.”

The next day, the twosome sat down to talk about their messy fight. While Nikki felt that Artem’s jealousy caused a scene at her work event, her boyfriend revealed he was upset by how drunk she was, since she couldn’t be present for their date night.

Ultimately, Nikki apologized for the hurtful things she said and Artem forgave her.

“I’m so happy that Artem and I could talk through this, work it out, that he could forgive me,” Nikki concluded with the Total Bellas camera. “We just have a really good foundation of trust and I don’t ever want that to be broken.”

Their reconciliation came at the perfect time as Nikki realized her period was late.

Was this the moment Nikki realized she and Artem were expecting? For that answer, catch next week’s all-new episode.

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Nikki Bella Just Got Very Candid About Her Pregnancy Hemorrhoid: It Sucks!

The pains of pregnancy!

Nikki Bella got candid on this week’s episode of The Bellas Podcast, explaining to listeners that she’s been struggling with a particularly aggravating pregnancy side effect: a hemorrhoid.

To be fair, her twin sister Brie Bella was the one who brought it up, asking, “How is your butt doing?”

“…when you ask a question like that, people probably think that I did anal!” Nikki replied.

Brie dismissed her concern, joking that everyone already knows “how scary [her] butthole has been lately.”

“Okay, first of all, I fixed it,” Nikki said. “Secondly, Brie, so what she’s talking about—and you know what, anyone who’s ever been pregnant is gonna feel me on this; at least I hope so—you guys, I got the biggest hemorrhoid. And it sucks.”

Nikki explained that she first started to experience pain while prepping the baby’s nursery with Artem Chigvintsev

“I went to the bathroom and I was bleeding. Thank god it wasn’t the front—it was the back!” Nikki said. “And I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh. My butt’s bleeding. This is terrible.’ And I woke up the next morning and I had a full, sticking out hemorrhoid!” 

Nikki continued, “Imagine a dingleberry actually being a part of your skin. That’s how it feels. I have something in between my butt cheeks that I can feel when I walk and it’s very uncomfortable.”

She added that she’s having to sit in the bath every night to alleviate the pain.

“I’m already kind of getting in the stage where I’m getting a little uncomfortable in my body,” Nikki said. “And now I have a hemorrhoid. And it’s hot out. And it’s just miserable, I’m not gonna lie.”

Nikki told Brie that she’s “not gonna be happy” if she has to deal with this during birth. 

“All the beauties of being pregnant!” Brie responded.

Listen to the entire podcast episode here.

Watch a brand new episode of Total Bellas Thursday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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Nikki Bella Worries the John Cena Breakup Will Follow Her for the Rest of My Life

A heart to heart. 

Nikki Bella opened up about life in the public eye on the latest episode of The Bellas Podcast, explaining that one of the things she struggles the most with is her relationships being subject to constant speculation. 

The former WWE star and her sister Brie Bella were interviewing The Bachelor‘s Hannah Ann Sluss, who’s recent stint on the show forced her into a similar situation. 

 “I can imagine ’cause, you know, even myself going through a public break up, that was difficult,” Nikki told Hannah Ann, seemingly referring to her split from John Cena. “And what was tough about that was it came out before a season went on air so people thought that it was a publicity stunt. Like it was fake just to get people to tune in.”

She acknowledged that Hannah Ann’s situation appeared to be particularly difficult because she couldn’t do or say anything that spoiled Peter Weber‘s season of The Bachelor.

“And mine was different than yours because I was going through pain of like, ‘No, this is real. I’m not lying,'” Nikki said. “But I couldn’t imagine having to keep that in and being like, ‘Well, tune in! You’ll see if we get engaged!'”

Total Bellas fans will recall that Nikki and John broke off their engagement in April 2018. However, she explained to Hannah Ann that she’s still dealing with the fallout to this day. 

“I’m always constantly going to Brie, like, ‘Am I ever gonna get away from this?’ And Artem [Chigvintsev, Nikki’s current fiancé] will deal will stuff, and I even know that my ex-fiancé will still deal with stuff,” Nikki said. “And it’s hard.”

She continued, “It’s been, what? Almost three years? Two-and-a-half years? And we still have it. I feel like I’m gonna have this triangle for the rest of my life. And so I just try to have this shell that fights it all. Because it used to get to me really bad, for a long time.”

Luckily, Nikki’s come a long way—something that’s become clear on the new season of Total Bellas. On the podcast, she and Brie discussed last week’s episode, which showed her clashing with her mom, Kathy Colace, over whether or not to include Artem in a family portrait they were planning to take. 

Though the matter was settled and Kathy and Artem even joined the podcast to clear the air, the conversation included another mention of John, as he’s in a number of family photos.

“I just wanna say this. I had to take my wedding picture down, and it’s the only picture I have with Bryan‘s side of the family and my side of the family, all together in one. [It’s] had to go into a storage box,” Brie said. “Thank you, Nicole.”

Nikki’s response, however, showcased the progress she’s made.

“Okay, but, I have told Brie, and Artem feels the same…like, those are memories,” she said. “I won’t let my Nana take certain photos down that John’s in because those are memories. And he’s an amazing man. Just keep it on the wall. I don’t mind. Artem doesn’t mind. I’m not here to erase memories.”

Listen to the entire episode of The Bellas Podcast here!

Watch a brand new episode of Total Bellas Thursday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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Why Nikki Bella Wants Boyfriend Artem Chigvintsev to Be Like Brad Pitt

Is Nikki Bella being helpful or hurtful?

In this exclusive clip from Thursday’s all-new Total Bellas, the retired WWE superstar encourages boyfriend Artem Chigvintsev to pick out magazines for a vision board. While the Belle Radici co-founder is excited to figure out her man’s next career move, the professional dancer is still grappling with being let go from Dancing With the Stars.

“I’m the type of person like, strike when the iron’s hot! Like, people want to know what you’re up to next,” Nikki notes in a confessional. “And Artem waits for the right moment, but go get the moment, that’s what I’m about.”

As Nikki picks out several magazines that cover different topics, Artem struggles to get into the activity. Although, as the Russian-born performer noted at the start of the clip, he doesn’t know what he wants from his post-DWTS career.

“Ooh, I think you’d kill it in the fashion industry. You could be a model, you’ve got good genes,” the E! personality tells a disinterested Artem. “You’re dad’s hot and he’s like 65!”

“Yeah, he’s Russian,” Artem quips in response. “We preserve better because we’re in the cold eight months of the year.”

Speaking of attractive men, while continuing to comb through the magazine stand, Nikki spots Brad Pitt‘s GQ cover. Upon grabbing the magazine, Nikki informs Artem that he looks like the Oscar winning actor.

“So, now you want me to get tattoos, look like Brad Pitt, become a model—who do you think I am?” Artem inquires.

Per Nikki, she’s just trying to help him “find work.” Later on, Artem reveals in a confessional that Nikki likes to “steer” him in a direction she wants. Even though Artem knows that Nikki has good intentions, he simply wants her to trust him.

E!, Steve Granitz/WireImage

“God, this was a great walk and then it turned into like, ‘Artem has no goals, no job and everything,'” Artem mocks. “Is it supposed to make me feel good? Or it’s supposed to make me feel s—ty?”

In Artem’s defense, he “already invested in one job for 10 years” and is coming to terms with what to do next.

“Hey! You’ve had an incredible career, Mr. Artem,” Nikki encouragingly says. “Everything comes to an end, I don’t get to fight in the ring anymore.”

According to Nikki, she’s pushing this vision board so Artem can feel fulfilled again.

“I really want him to find something that he had with Dancing With the Stars,” Nikki relays to the Total Bellas camera. “I want him to have that security and I just don’t want him to be jobless forever.”

Watch the awkward scene play out above.

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