Woman shows how to unclog hair-filled shower drain in minutes using baking soda and vinegar

A WOMAN has shown how to unclog a hair-filled shower drain in a matter of minutes, by using baking soda and vinegar.

Posting on TikTok as idk_bails, the cleaning novice said the drain was "really clogged" with hair – and we're sure lots of girls can relate.

After reading you could fix it with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, the woman decided to give it a go.

But the hack got off to a bad start, when she realised her drain was so clogged that even the baking soda wouldn't go down it.

Speaking to the camera, she said: "It's almost midnight and my shower drain was really clogged. This isn't drugs I swear, it's baking soda.

"I read online that if you fill your drain with a cup of baking soda and then a cup of vinegar it should dissolve your hair and stuff.

"But it's so clogged it (the baking soda) won't even go down the drain.

"I've probably got like a quarter cup down there and it won't go down.

"Oh well, it said to wait a few minutes and then put vinegar down it, so I guess that's what I'm going to do. I hope this doesn't explode."

After adding the vinegar, the baking soda immediately started to fizz and bubble.

She later added: "OK I'll pour a little bit more, it does that every time.

"Oh s*** I just heard it start to drain. OK it smells awful, but it worked."

The video of her simple tip has more than 14.4 million views, 2.9 million likes and 3,700 comments.

We previously revealed how cleaning fanatics are soaking their loo seats in the bath to clean them – but some reckon it’s just too gross.

While one mum revealed how heating up washing detergent got her grubby microwave sparkling clean in a matter of minutes.

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Mystery woman in portrait identified after 300 years as Mary Boleyn

Mystery woman in Royal Collection portrait is finally identified after 300 years as Mary Boleyn, who was Henry VIII’s mistress before her sister Anne married the womanizing king

  • The sitter for Portrait of a Woman has been identified after hundreds of years 
  • It has been reunited with an original set of 14 paintings owned by Queen Anne
  • The Jordaens Van Dyck Panel Paintings Project used dendrochronology tests 

The mystery sitter for a Royal Collection portrait has been identified as Mary Boleyn, King Henry VIII’s mistress before her sister Anne became his wife.

Portrait of a Woman has been sitting in the Royal Collection for hundreds of years but the woman depicted in the painting had not previously been identified.

New research has shown that the painting is of Mary Boleyn, sister of King Henry’s second wife, Anne Boleyn, who was beheaded.

It has been identified as one of 14 ‘Beauties’ that decorated Queen Anne’s Bathing Room at Windsor Castle 300 years ago.

The sitter of Portrait of a Woman has finally been identified as Mary Boleyn after sitting in the Royal Collection for hundreds of years

Mary Boleyn was the sister of King Henry VIII’s (left) second wife, Anne Boleyn (right), who was beheaded. Mary was King Henry’s mistress before her sister Anne

The picture was separated in the 19th century because it looked so different from the others, but has now been reunited with the original set

How is Mary Boleyn related to Queen Elizabeth II? 

Names in bold highlight the lineage:

  • Mary Boleyn and Sir William Carey
  • Catherine Carey and Sir Francis Knollys
  • Lettice Knollys and Walter Devereux
  • Sir Robert Devereux and Frances Walstingham
  • Frances Devereux and Sir William Seymour
  • Jayne Seymour and Charles Boyle
  • Richard Boyle and Dorothy Savile
  • Charlotte Elizabeth Boyle and Sir William Cavendish
  • Dorothy Cavendish and William Henry Bentinck
  • Charles Augustus Cavendish-Bentinck and Anne Wellesley
  • Rev. Charles William Cavendish-Bentinck and Caroline Louisa Burnaby
  • Cecilia Nina Cavendish-Bentinck and Claude George Bowes-Lyon
  • Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and King George VI
  • Queen Elizabeth II

Researchers used dendrochronology tests, which date the paintings’s wood and determine its origin, to identify it as one of the original 14.

Desmond Shawe-Taylor, Surveyor of the Queen’s Pictures, said the The Jordaens Van Dyck Panel Paintings Project (JVDPPP) discovery was a ‘joy in heaven’.

He said: ‘It’s absolutely fascinating. We don’t have the resources to apply technical examination like dendrochronology to the whole collection, which is 7,000 paintings, so it’s wonderful to collaborate with the JVDPPP to help us in that way. 

‘One of the things that I’m endlessly trying to do is to group the paintings properly to sort out their history and their relationship to each other.

‘When a stray is reunited with the family, there’s joy in heaven. It disproportionately increases the value and understanding of the whole group,’ he told The Sunday Telegraph.

While Portrait of a Woman was painted in the 17th century and has a similar frame to the other 13 paintings in the set, its mystery sitter was dressed in 16th century clothes, unlike the others which feature 17th century aristocrats.

The other paintings were most recently moved to Highgrove, The Prince of Wales’ residence, having previously been in Queen Victoria’s drawing room.

They are all thought to have been painted by Flemish artist Remigius van Leemput, who was a favourite of King Charles I. 

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Woman charged with attempted murder of 4 NYPD cops during protests

A woman was charged with the attempted murder of NYPD cops after hurling a Molotov cocktail into a marked, occupied police van in Brooklyn, authorities said.

The device did not ignite, and all of the officers got out of the van safely, police said.

Samantha Shader, 27, of Catskills, NY, tossed the incendiary device through a rear window of the van at the corner of Eastern Parkway and Washington Avenue around 10:40 p.m., police said.

Shader then allegedly bit an officer on the leg as she was taken into custody, police said. She faces four counts of attempted murder of a police officer, attempted arson, assault on a cop, criminal possession of a weapon and reckless endangerment.

Shader’s sister, Darian, 21, was also taken into custody after she tried to interfere with the arrest. She’s charged with resisting arrest and obstruction of governmental administration, police said.

“We will NEVER tolerate this — EVER!” said Paul DiGiacomo, head of the Detectives Endowment Association, who slammed the sisters as “violent criminals.”

“In other incidents, cops were hit with bricks, brass knuckles, and bottles,” he said, promising that “in addition to ensuring the strongest possible criminal charges are filed against these vicious criminals, we will be bringing civil actions against any person who harms a Detective.”

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Mortified woman left with huge Victoria's Secret logo on midriff after epic spray tan fail

WE'VE all seen the episode of Friends where Ross books a spray tan, misunderstands the instructions and emerges looking like he's spent a week in the sun. And not near the sun, but IN the sun.

Well if that comedy sketch was enough to put us off the idea of spray tans, then this woman's epic fail has us swearing them off for life.

Posting a photo of her fake tan fiasco on Twitter, the woman wrote: "One year since the worst spray tan of my life."

Now usually when you have a spray tan, you'll be asked to change into a pair of paper pants.

But in this instance, the woman chose to leave her Victoria's Secret undies on – and it had disastrous results.

She was left with the brand's PINK logo printed all over her midriff from the waistband of her underwear.

And to make matters worse, the PINK logo was printed several times across her waist from where she had adjusted her undies during the treatment.

Unsurprisingly, her post has racked up over 113,000 "likes" on Twitter and the woman then tweeted Victoria's Secret asking for some free underwear in exchange for the "free ad space" she'd given them.

"I bet that spray tan was marked up by 75%," one follower joked.

Another added: "I shouldn't be laughing this hard at your pain, I'm so sorry!"

"This is the funniest thing I've ever seen," a third added.

For more beauty horror stories, this bored mum tried to dye her brown hair blonde during lockdown – but ends up with a ginger do instead

And this mum was in hysterics after £4 veneers she ordered online were so big she couldn’t close her mouth.

Plus people are horrified as woman tries to make ‘pube lashes’ a trend in hideous beauty fail.

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Woman Does Not Want to Donate Her Egg So Her Own Dad Can Have a Baby With It

Infertility is a painful issue for anyone to face, and our hearts go out to anyone experiencing it. But there are limits to our sympathy for one woman, who has decided that her inability to conceive her own baby should be solved in one very icky way. According to a post on Reddit, the woman is pressuring her stepdaughter to donate her egg, to be fertilized by her own father. Once you’re done throwing up in your mouth, read on.

“At the beginning of the year, my stepmom called me to tell me that she’s heartbroken cause she can’t have bio-children,” bluecoffeebeans wrote on the AITA subreddit on Monday. The stepdaughter is 24 years old, her parents have been divorced for 10 years, and she generally gets along with her stepmother. Until now.

“Stepmom told me that she’s looking into in vitro, and she’s always wanted a child like me,” bluecoffeebeans continued. “She asked if I could consider donating my eggs to her and use dad’s sperm to make a child with the closest DNA match to them. I don’t understand her logic.”

Not only did the stepmother make this inappropriate request, but she even confessed that she’d thought about the father and daughter conceiving the baby, um, naturally. Then, despite the fact that her husband isn’t onboard with any of this (small mercy!), she enlisted his family to pressure her stepdaughter into the arrangement.

“They’ve been bombarding me with messages and calls for my selfishness, saying I’m depriving a good woman of a chance to be a mother and denying my father’s right to have an heir (mom & dad agreed to one child),” she wrote. Now she’s cut off contact from her stepmom, but she’s feeling guilty about it.

Reddit users didn’t hold back with their disgusted responses.

“Your dad’s seed is supposed to impregnate an egg whose genetic material is already half his?” Persimmon_Puree asked, incredulous. “I know infertility can drive people crazy, but Jesus Christ. What medical professional would even entertain the possibility of doing this? NTA NTA NTA.”

Many said there’s no way anyone should be trying to coerce a person to donate her eggs against her will, considering how invasive the procedure can be. But mostly, people were eager to point out that this kind of inbreeding can lead to genetic abnormalities. Most of us already know that, but here’s one Redditor’s very good explanation of the problem:

“If your father had a recessive disorder, there could be a chance that you are a carrier,” Renolad wrote. “Now, normally if a person who is a carrier has a child, it is highly unlikely that the other parent is also a carrier (given that they would be unrelated and a separate genetic line). However, if you have 2 people who are carriers of a recessive disorder, there is a significant (can be up to 25% depending on the genetic factors) chance of the offspring having the genetic disorder. Now, I’m not trying to suggest that you or your father has a genetic disorder, but it’s one of the primary reasons to avoid genetic bottlenecks whenever possible, to mitigate the chances of this happening. So from a genetic perspective, this is also a terrible idea.”

Because of this, several doubted that a fertility doctor would even allow such a thing to occur. We found a paper from the Ethics Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine outlining the various best practices for families seeking help from relatives for egg or sperm (gamete) donation or gestational surrogacy.

“The Committee… strongly believes that fertility practices should not assist or participate in gamete donation or surrogacy arrangements in which the child would have the same genetic relationship to the participants as would children of incestuous or consanguineous unions between first-degree relatives (including adopted and stepchildren),” says the paper from 2012.

Besides the genetic risks, the committee described two other problems. First, they do not want to encourage parents to make their children feel obligated to donate sperm or eggs to them. Second, there may be a perception that incest occurred, even though IVF isn’t incest, which can be a source of emotional damage to the baby conceived this way.

“Children can never consent to the circumstances of their conception, even if they later become aware of them and suffer from conflicts or disruptions that those circumstances bring,” states the paper. “Persons entering into these relationships should be especially sensitive to the social and psychological complications that might ensue and take special care to ensure that the child’s welfare is protected.”

A quote like that should (we hope) shut up those meddling family members longing for an heir.

We love how these celebrities have been open about having babies via surrogate.

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Woman left looking constantly upset after a botched £920 plastic surgery job left her with a 'permanent frown'

A WOMAN has been left looking constantly upset after a botched plastic surgery job left her with what she called a “permanent frown”. 

The young Chinese woman, known by her surname Xie, forked out £920 for cheek fillers after a facelift – and was less than impressed with the results.

Xie now looks constantly confused, and opened up about the cosmetic nightmare in a video released by local media. 

She went to a clinic in Hangzhou city in eastern China, where consultants persuaded her to get the cheek fillers as well as a facelift to “boost the effect”. 

The clinic said the frowning expression is down to swelling, and would naturally disappear over time, but that hasn’t stopped Xie being horrified at the results. 

Xie told Zhejiang Television: “I had my nose done previously, but it was kind of a failure. 

“[After the repair,] the shape of my nose looked much better than before. I thought this clinic was trustworthy.”

She returned for the facelift on May 7 and was persuaded to add on the cheek fillers, with the consultant saying they would look natural and would not require much recovery time. 

Xie explained: “They told me if I do [the procedures] altogether, the effect would be much better.”

The two facial operations cost her a total of £2,300, and she has been left furious that she has a permanent frown two weeks after the procedures. 

She said: “The corners of my eyes are being lifted upwards. I'm unhappy about the shape of my face [as well]. I look quite scary.”

Xie has demanded the clinic gives her a refund for the facial fillers, but a manager from the beauty centre has said they will only claim full responsibility if her face remains swollen after a month. 

They have also offered her extra treatments for free, but Xie has said she will not return to the clinic for further work. 

The manager said the swelling is down to having multiple procedures in a short space of time, and it’ll take longer than normal for Xie’s face to go down. 

He said: “Because she had surgery along with the fillers, the final result still hasn't shown. Once she fully recovers, it would look much nicer.”

He also claimed the staff members who advised her to get the cheek fillers were “new and inexperienced”.

We shared how Amy Childs reveals she regrets getting cosmetic surgery and says she looked like a ‘freak’.

And Mama June’s daughter Anna, 25, shows off taut tummy in crop top after $120K plastic surgery makeover.

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Woman charged with assaulting black girl she accused of stealing mail

A white South Carolina woman is facing charges for allegedly assaulting an 11-year-old black girl she accused of stealing her mail – a confrontation her attorney claims was racially motivated.

Elizabeth Shirey, 38, is accused of “aggressively” approaching Skhylur Davis, of Aiken, as the girl picked up her grandmother’s mail with three other friends on May 11, the Augusta Chronicle reports.

“Mrs. Shirey happens to see this young child by her mailbox and proceeds to come out of her home, yell at this 11-year-old girl,” the girl’s attorney, Justin Bamberg, said Tuesday during a news conference. “Mrs. Shirey runs aggressively towards this 11-year-old child accusing her of committing a felony, stealing her mail.”

Shirey grabbed the girl by her arms and tugged on them, according to Aiken Department of Public Safety report obtained by the newspaper.

Shirey’s husband, Justin Shirey told Skhylur the incident wouldn’t have occurred if she was a different “type,” she said during Tuesday’s news conference.

“You don’t have to think about what type he meant,” she said.

The woman apologized to the girl after seeing the address on the mail, the report states.

She then offered her cookies, “as though that makes things better,” Bamberg said.

Elizabeth Shirey has been charged with third-degree assault and battery in the incident. Her husband hung up when reached by a reporter Tuesday, the Augusta Chronicle reports. No racial slurs were said during the confrontation, the newspaper reports.

Aiken Mayor Rick Osbon declined to comment on the case, saying prosecutors will pursue criminal charges.

“All people deserve to be treated justly, all people deserve to be treated fairly and all people deserve to be treated equal,” Osbon told the newspaper. “No one should be treated differently because of race, gender or any other reason.”

Skhylur, for her part, said she hopes Shirey grows from the alleged assault.

“I hope she learns that you can’t do that to people because I’m just as much a human being as you are, too,” she told WACH. “So, this isn’t right.”

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Woman wears inflatable hippo costume to hug mother at retirement home

Woman dresses in a sterilized inflatable hippo costume so she can hug her mother at a Virginia retirement home

  • Nick Bolerjack’s grandmother-in-law is quarantining at a Virginia seniors home
  • His mother-in-law turned up to surprise her in an inflatable hippo costume
  • Fox Trail Senior Living Home is letting family members hug in the sterilized suits
  • The state has confirmed 31,247 coronavirus cases with a death toll of 1,040 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

This is the bizarre moment a daughter embraces her self-isolating mother outside her care home – wearing a sterilized hippo suit.

Hilarious footage shows Nick Bolerjack’s mother-in-law Linnea Bentz hugging her parent after Fox Trail Senior Living Home in Stephens City, Virginia allowed families to get creative so they could pay their parents a visit.

Staff at the home came up with the idea of allowing relatives wearing inflatable suits sprayed with disinfectant to meet their parents so they avoid potentially passing on the coronavirus.

In the video, Nick records from a safe distance as Linnea walks up to the front porch of the suburban home. 

‘Mom!’ she can be heard exclaiming in the video, as the grandmother appears at the front door.

‘Oh my God, this is so wonderful,’ she says in return, as Linnea goes in for a hug. 

Posting the video on twitter, Nick Bolerjack said: ‘My mother-in-law hugging my grandmother in an inflatable hippo suit wearing a tutu is the content you needed today.

Nick Bolerjack recorded the moment his mother-in-law got to hug her own mother after Fox Trail Senior Living Home in Stephens City, Virginia allowed families to get creative so they pay parents a visit

‘Her nursing home is letting family members hug each other in these sterilized suits.’

Nick’s wife Ana added: ‘My mom and Grandma are the absolute cutest. Thank you Fox Trails for making this happen!’

But while fun the idea of hugging relatives in the suits may seem fun, the contact still brings with several risks as the costumes are not a substitute for proper personal protective equipment, health officials have warned. 

The state of Virginia has confirmed 31,247 coronavirus cases and has a total death toll of 1,040.

Health officials have warned that the inflatable costumes provide ‘no more protection than a cloth face covering’ and advise people to continue social distancing

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises that a mask that fits closely to the mouth, has multiple layers, and is easy to wash is the best form of protection, aside from social distancing, which remains the most effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

‘While CDC appreciates the creativity that some Americans have shown in protecting against COVID-19,” Kate Grusich, a CDC spokeswoman, told the Washington Post.

She added: ‘An inflatable dinosaur suit will not provide more protection than a cloth face covering.’ 

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Blunder sees woman receive glass engraved with delivery instructions not romantic note – but she thinks it's hilarious

A BOYFRIEND had a hilarious fail after his girlfriend's birthday gin glasses arrived with the inscription: ''Can we have it delivered before Monday if possible as that's her 30th. Nice one''.

Daniel Varey, 28, had tried to order the personalised present online – to feature the words 'Happy 30th birthday princess, love you millions'.

But Daniel from Denton, Manchester, accidentally mixed up the inscription with the message for the delivery driver.

His blunder resulted in girlfriend Hayley Woodward, 30, opening a gin glass on her birthday on May 18 inscribed with the delivery note.

Sky customer service representative Daniel ordered the gift for network marketer Hayley on May 15.

The couple quickly realised what had happened and saw the funny side of things.

Daniel said: "I was aiming to make Hayley's birthday as special as I could for her so I bought her loads of gifts, booked a holiday for February 2021 (fingers crossed it happens).

"The gin glass 100% cheered her up, she couldn’t stop laughing.

"When I was putting the order through for the glass, it came up with a section saying “note for the glass” and additional notes for the business – I got them back to front.

"I had a feeling that I did something wrong because I’m so dopey and I literally rushed the order as Hayley was sat next to me so had to do it secretly.

"I gave it to her yesterday morning and she literally burst out crying with laughter.

The gin glass 100% cheered her up, she couldn’t stop laughing.

"It came gift wrapped so I didn't see it before she opened it and I was like what the hell is wrong with you? I’ve put my heart and soul into that glass! Then she showed it to me and I was mortified!

"Hayley has already put the glass to use and enjoyed a nice gin and pink lemonade in it yesterday.

"We have a great sense of humour and take life with a pinch of salt so we have definitely seen the funny side."

Birthday girl Hayley said: "The glass is perfect, absolutely hilarious – it would only happen to us!

"It definitely cheered me up about spending my birthday on lockdown."

In more news, this bloke made his wife a gin shelf using an old pallet and it was completely free.

And this woman who couldn’t afford new patio transformed her outdoor space using eBay and B&Q bargains.

Plus this woman completely changed the colour of the grotty patio she hasn’t washed in SIX years using £2 The Range spray.

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Woman turns old tyres into new furniture with a few simple hacks

Looking for some new patio furniture but on a budget?

One savvy DIY fan has created her own table for her patio from some old tyres and some string.

She even went on to create a footstool and pouffé too from tyres.

Posting on DIY On A Budget UK Facebook group, the woman said: ‘Anyone wanting new patio furniture just get some old car tyres … I’ve made a 2 patio tables and fur foot stool and a puffy [sic].’

To create the patio table, she took the tyre and wrapped it in string before painting it grey to match the rest of her furniture.

She cut another tyre in half and stuck it to the bottom of the table using a hit glue gun.

To finish the top, she asked family and friends if they had any table tops they didn’t want and she took the glass from one that someone was throwing away to finish it off.

She took another tyre and cover it with a fluffy throw, adding wood to the top and bottom to hide the hole and legs to the bottom to create a footstool.

And for the pouffé, she stretched fabric over the tyre and created a cushion for the top.

You can use some old tyres that are too worn to be used on a car.

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