A Place in the Sun's Jasmine Harman bursts into tears with her house hunters after finding them their dream home

A PLACE in the Sun's host Jasmine Harman was reduced to tears at her guests' reaction to their dream home.

Her home hunters were in tears themselves as they took in the property of their dreams in Poitou Charente, France.

Jasmine was helping father and daughter Stephen and Stephanie find a new home and business with a £250,000 budget.

The duo requested a four-bed property, with an additional two-bed gite and four to five acres of land which they planned to use for their glamping business.

The pair had additional wants on their checklist with Stephanie having her heart set on a swimming pool and Stephen requesting a workshop.

Jasmine had a challenge on her hands with such a long wishlist but she worked her magic as the father and daughter were moved to tears by the third property they were shown.

The first property viewed by the potential buyers was a three bed house in Vernant which was 45 minutes from the sea. 

Although the £255, 450 house had the additional gite the buyers had requested and a private swimming pool, Stephanie was left unconvinced that the 1.5 acres of land was going to be large enough.

She told Jasmine: “If it was a home it would be ideal. But for a business, the land is a bit too small.” 

The second house, a five bed detached converted farmhouse in Brossac wowed Stephanie and Stephen but was priced out of their £270,000 budget at £283,784.

Jasmine explained that the property had only been on the market for three weeks and that the agent would be open to offers.

Stephanie commented: "It's absolutely beautiful, I wouldn't change a thing. I adore the flooring, it's just stunning.

Stephen added: "It's bigger than I expected."

But it was the third property, a traditional detached four bed house in Verteuill-sur-Charente with over four acres of land that left everyone emotional.

The rustic features and traditional character of the property won over the pair and it ticked all boxes on their checklist with a pool, outdoor kitchen, one bed gite, several outbuildings and plenty of land.

The property cost £281,712 and Jasmine admitted that while it was lovely, it did need some work.

But the buyers did not seem too bothered by this as they were brought to tears when Jasmine took them outside to see the land they could use for their business.

"Thank you" Stephanie said to Jasmine as she wiped away her tears.

Seeing Stephanie so emotional triggered Jasmine's tears, but the father and daughter duo did have concerns about how much it would cost to renovate the gite.

To show them what a property with everything they requested would look like, Jasmine took them to a fourth property that was extremely over budget.

The final property boasted seven bedrooms, 3.2 acres of land a huge garden as well as a gite and multiple outbuildings.

The next day, Stephanie and Stephen revealed that they wanted to make an offer on property number two, with Stephanie saying: "For me, it's a case of £262,000 as we need to update the chalet."

Their offer was not accepted but they eventually settled on a higher offer £271,000 which was accepted.

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