Anya Taylor-Joy Compares Edgar Wright’s ‘Last Night in Soho’ to Disturbing Acid Trip

It’s not often you hear Edgar Wright movies being called disturbing, but that’s soon about to change with the upcoming release of the director’s “Last Night in Soho.” Indie favorite Anya Taylor-Joy has a starring role in Wright’s 1960s psychological horror film and said on a February episode of MTV’s “Happy Sad Confused” podcast that she feels disturbed when watching parts of the film during ADR recording. Taylor-Joy is playing a character named Sandy, but specific details on her character and the film’s plot have yet to be revealed. The cast also includes Thomasin McKenzie, Matt Smith, Terence Stamp, and Diana Rigg.

“Not to say much about the movie, but when I watch bits of it back in ADR or whatever I am disturbed,” Taylor-Joy said. “It’s very claustrophobic. The colors are so intense. It’s a really well-directed acid trip. I think people will really like it. You definitely will not be bored.”

As for working with Wright, the actress said, “The man loves cinema. He loves any art form. It’s so fun to talk music with him. He just knows everything. I don’t know how he fits it all in his head. I loved it. As a dancer, he’s big on choreography, and things happen on beats. It’s not quite to the level of Baby Driver where you’re coordinating exact car chases to the beats of the music, but I sort of act in beats in my head. I count those out for myself, and he says them out loud. So it’s wonderful to do that.”

“Soho” is Wright’s first directorial effort since the critical and commercial success of “Baby Driver,” which became Wright’s most successful film to date in both the U.S and worldwide. An editorial preview of “Soho” that ran in Empire magazine last October explained that “much of Wright’s movie takes place in the London of the Swinging Sixties; a time period with which his lead character, Thomasin McKenzie’s Eloise, is obsessed and, through a mysterious connection with Taylor-Joy’s character, gets to experience.”

Empire’s preview teased a time travel element to Wright’s new film, but the director has yet to confirm anything. Wright told the magazine, “There’s something I have in common with the lead character in that I’m afflicted with nostalgia for a decade I didn’t live in. You think about ‘60s London — what would that be like? And the reality of the decade is maybe not what she imagines. It has an element of ‘be careful what you wish for.’”

Focus Features will release “Last Night in Soho” in theaters September 25, 2020.

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