Awkward moment BBC reporter mistakenly calls Bill Cosby Bill Clinton

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As media coverage on the Bill Cosby release case is underway, one BBC reporter accidentally used the wrong name in an embarrassing move as she called Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton is of course the former President of the United States of America and husband to Hillary Clinton.

Michelle Fleury, best known for covering business and economics, was stood outside of SCI Phoenix state prison as she made the unfortunate mistake.

She said: "For the last two years this is where Bill Clinton has called home but tonight he will sleep in his own bed after the bombshell decision by Pennsylvania to overturn his conviction of sexual assault."

Cutting back to the studio at the end of the report, Huw Edwards said: “We apologise. We did of course mean Bill Cosby.”

Following the incident, people flocked to Twitter to discuss the mistake, with one fan saying: “Amusing & potentially Freudian gaff by @BizFleury on @BBCNews – confusing the recently-released alleged sex offender Bill Cosby with former US President Bill Clinton”

Another wrote: "Clarification I didn’t expect to hear on @BBCNews this evening, an apology for a journalist’s confusion of Bill Cosby with Bill Clinton.”

Some fans even mockingly joked the mistake was representative of BBC views instead of a simple error over similar names, with one writing: “BBC news said Bill Clinton instead of Bill Cosby. Typical BBC bias.”

The error comes as Michelle was reporting on Bill Cosby’s overturned prison sentence of three to ten years.

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Bill had vowed that he would serve all 10 years instead of acknowledging any remorse over the 2004 incident he was imprisoned for.

The case was overturned after the circumstances of his sentencing was brought into question.

The DA had previously said via press release that they would not prosecute him as they believed there would be no way to get a conviction, allowing their client Andrea Costand to sue him for the assault in civil court instead.

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Justice David Wecht had said that Bill relied on that choice to not charge him when he gave an incriminating testimony in the civil suit, leading to his arrest.

While the Montgomery County DA and judge of the case said that the choice to not prosecute was not enforceable when imprisoning Cosby, it has now been overturned with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court saying: “For the reasons detailed below, we hold that, when a prosecutor makes an unconditional promise of non-prosecution, and when the defendant relies upon that guarantee to the detriment of his constitutional right not to testify, the principle of fundamental fairness that undergirds due process of law in our criminal justice system demands that the promise be enforced.”

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