Bachelorette fans can’t stop joking about Clare ditching Bennett

When Clare Crawley arrived at the after party for her first group date, she expected to be greeted by men clamoring for conversation. After all, Chris Harrison did mention the importance of “quality time” beforehand. Plus, that’s just a standard on these Bachelor shows: the lead shows up, someone steps in for a conversation and, moments later, a different contestant comes in with a tap on the shoulder asking “Can I steal you for a second?” Instead, Clare was met with utter silence. Maybe it was just the editing, but the awkwardness was palpable. Clare made it clear that she was bothered. Bennett Jordan then pulled Clare aside to remind her for the 14,567th time that he is a Harvard graduate. 

Clearly, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she got snubbed by the guys. So, she got up, and addressed the group, yet again, about not stepping up to talk to her. In the midst of her speech (and some of the guys explaining themselves and apologizing), Bachelorette viewers realized that Bennett was missing. Clare just left him behind and seemingly never went back to get him.

Obviously, Bennett isn’t still chilling at the La Quinta resort in Palm Springs, but Bachelorette fans couldn’t help but joke about Bennett getting “left behind” like Chris “Cupcake” Strandburg on that cliff in Ireland or Olivia Caridi on that rainy beach. Getting stranded mid-date has become a Bachelor franchise staple, and consequently, joking about it has become a favorite pastime among the fandom.

Is Bennett Jordan still waiting for Clare Crawley?

We know that Bennett Jordan isn’t still on that bench waiting for Clare Crawley to come back months later, but fans never got closure from that moment during the Oct. 20, 2020 episode. Many people couldn’t help cracking jokes about his disappearance. One fan wanted to know “So did she go back to get Bennett or is he still sitting on that couch waiting?” The Knot asked, “Has anyone checked on Bennett? Is he still waiting on Clare?”

One viewer compared Bennett on that bench to Rose in Titanic, recalling that “It’s been 84 years.” Another Bachelor franchise fan realized that this wasn’t the first time Clare ditched one of her suitors, tweeting, “Bennett waiting for Clare to come back is like that German guy on Winter Games waiting for her in the Jacuzzi.” In case anyone doesn’t recall that jacuzzi incident, Clare ditched Christian on The Bachelor: Winter Games after he invited her for a “jacuzzi appointment.”

While some people found some humor in Clare’s exit, another declared, “Clare was beyond rude to Bennett!” Thankfully, Bennett isn’t actually stranded. Hopefully he’s enjoying himself and entertaining a companion with stories about Harvard.

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