‘Back in your box Hoyle!’ Piers Morgan explodes at Speaker for Rayner reaction

Piers Morgan says ‘Speaker Hoyle should get back in his box’

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Earlier this week, Labour MP Angela Rayner was accused of trying to distract Boris Johnson in the House of Commons by crossing her legs. The claims published in the Mail on Sunday are from an anonymous Conservative MP who accused the Labour Party member of trying to put the Prime Minister off in Parliament. Rayner has since shut down the claims, and during his show Uncensored, Piers Morgan weighed into the discussion and blasted Speaker Hoyle over his reaction.

“Well, first of all, you don’t need to flash a pair of hot legs to get one over Boris Johnson in Parliament,” Piers fumed. “Given how poorly he’s performing at the moment a barely functioning brain will suffice.

“Secondly, Angela Rayner is a very smart, very feisty cookie and deserves a lot better than this. Pathetic, misogynistic nonsense as to all female politicians.

“But it’s what happened next, of course, is even more concerning because the Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle summoned the editor of The Mail on Sunday to discuss the story because he found it offensive.

“It’s not the paper at fault here, it’s the repellent who made the slur in the first place.”

“Speaker Hoyle should get back in his box, focus who finding out who this malevolent mystery MP was,” Piers raged. “And then discipline him for abusing parliamentary standards of conduct.”

More to follow…

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