'Basketball Wives:' An Update On Evelyn Lozada‘s Lawsuit Against OG

Basketball Wives has been off the air for several months but the drama between enemies Evelyn Lozada and Ogom “OG” Chijindu, is still brewing. The two women argued for the past two seasons which resulted in one final blowup that landed Lozada in trouble with viewers.

Lozada was called out for “mean-girl” behavior and her track record of being verbally abusive towards castmates. She sued OG for defamation in October 2019. OG has responded with a lawsuit of her own. 

Evelyn Lozada sues OG after colorism claims against her

Lozada faced severe backlash from fans after making comments regarding OG’s appearance, even referring to her as “ugly” and using an emoji of a monkey to describe OG in one of her Instagram posts. Fans accused Lozada of being colorist and treating OG differently for being a darker skin tone.

She also called OG “aggressive” several times, which OG and viewers pointed out as a term that is normally used to describe darker-skinned black women. 

Lozada shot back at the colorist claims by claiming she is an Afro-Latina. She also apologized to another co-star, Cece Guiterrez, for using a racial slur when speaking towards her after viewers noticed a pattern of her behavior towards both OG and Guiterrez. Fans also called for Lozada to be fired from the show through an online petition.

Lozada sued OG after OG posted social media messages about Lozada being a colorist, sharing Lozada’s previous Instagram post with the caption, “And there it is…show your true colors you racist bigot.” 

TMZ reported that Lozada’s court documents revealed that she claimed she’s of Hispanic descent and “her 2 children are African and Hispanic descent.” She also noted that she’s the chairperson of her foundation that raises money for abused women and has raised thousands of dollars for the Sauti Yeti Center for African Women – which in turn ” are actions of a person that is not racist.”

Lozada claimed she lost money from endorsements over OG’s allegations and also suffered emotional distress. 

OG countersues Evelyn Lozada

In addition to Lozada’s defamation claim, she also filed to be awarded an order of protection against OG, alleging that she was fearful that OG would physically harm her. Lozada cited OG’s work as a professional football player as her reasoning. A judge denied Lozada’s request, saying the lawsuit she filed against OG was sufficient enough.  

Months have passed since Lozada filed her suit but OG recently responded by countersuing her nemesis. According to TMZ, OG alleges that Lozada is simply an attention seeker with a history of being verbally and physically abusive towards others. OG uses Lozada’s past lawsuits against other castmembers to prove that Lozada is desperate for money and is using her as another ploy to get what she wants.

OG also claims that upon discovery of Lozada’s lawsuit against her, she suffered severe chest pains that led to her being hospitalized. Lozada has yet to publicly comment on OG’s suit. 

Basketball Wives is returning for a ninth season and OG is said to still be on the bill as a full-time cast member. Lozada mentioned previously that she’d prefer to not have to return but may have to due to her contract that’s currently in place with the show and network. 

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