By soap law, Emmerdale's Jamie Tate is definitely not dead

It seems that Emmerdale’s Jamie Tate really would do anything to get out of being with Gabby Thomas. Even going to the extreme of driving his 4×4 into a lake. Admittedly, he didn’t have much choice about the matter, as he was swerving to avoid Chas Dingle’s car just before he careered off the road.

But tonight’s big cliffhanger on the ITV soap certainly gives Jamie ample opportunity to escape his troubles by playing dead, right?

What? You don’t seriously think that Jamie has come to a watery end, do you? Any soap fan knows that characters never perish when they take a plunge.

Exhibit A: Den Watts. For more than a decade, it was wrongly assumed that the EastEnders rogue with the wandering eye had met his maker in the local canal after being shot by a member of the Firm in 1989, with daughter Sharon even later identifying what she thought was his corpse. So, imagine her surprise when he re-entered her life in 2003?

Similarly, Neighbours’s Harold Bishop was long believed by wife Madge to have tragically drowned and left just his glasses behind after being washed off a rock. I’m sure that all who watched at the time were left chilled (and maybe even deafened) by Madge’s tortured yells. Five years later, though, he too resurfaced but with memory loss, the explanation for his survival being that he’d been swept out to sea and picked up by a nearby trawler.

So, as you can see, anything is possible. A soap producer once said to me that until a body is seen on screen, there’s all to play for. But even if the police end up recovering what they believe to be Jamie’s remains, there’s every chance that a distressed Kim will think it’s her son when it’s not.

Mind you, she really ought to be circumspect about jumping to conclusions, seeing as she herself faked her own death not so long ago. These Tates, eh? They’d certainly be first-rate guests on Would I Lie to You?

My guess is that Jamie will now go AWOL for a while and that we’ll see him next bearded and in a baseball cap lurking by a hospital window as Gabby gives birth. And rather than not wanting anything to do with his baby, he’ll probably get so obsessed that he ends up abducting the child just in time for Christmas. Cue a showdown with Kim and Gabby that’ll see them pleading on their knees with an unhinged Jamie for him to return the baby.

After all, we were told not so long ago that the Tates’ power play had the potential to be depicted over years rather than months. So only a fool would remove a key player like Jamie from the chessboard at such an early stage.

Plus, Emmerdale seems intent on turning him from a mild-mannered family man into an arch manipulator with a crumbling moral backbone who’s capable of drugging his own mum. So, a little autumn swim isn’t likely to finish off someone so devious, surely?

And let’s not forget also that Halloween is fast approaching, a time of year when we binge watch slasher movies featuring villains who always come back for one more scare. And while Jamie Tate is hardly in the same league as Michael Myers or the Jigsaw Killer, the residents of Home Farm should definitely be watching over their shoulders for the return of their very own bogeyman…

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