Caprice Bourret being banned from Dancing On Ice is 'complete nonsense'

Caprice Bourret has not been banned from this year’s Dancing On Ice finale following her fight with pro partner Hamish Gaman.

… She just doesn’t want to be there.

Reports surfaced yesterday that following her frosty exit from the skating show, and her public slamming of ITV, bosses had banned the model from being part of any of the series going forward.

However, sources claim that’s ‘nonsense’ and her absence is entirely down to the model – and had nothing to do with them.

Speaking to a source confirmed: ‘Caprice left the series some weeks ago. Caprice’s representatives clearly stated at the time of her departure that she was no longer participating in Dancing On Ice.

‘There have been no discussions of bans or warnings from series producers because her taking part in the show simply ended at that point. Suggestions that any such conversations took place are complete nonsense.’

A source from Caprice’s team said: ‘This is yet another leaked story from Dancing on Ice. Caprice was never planning on going to the finals after she had quit.

‘She does not want any affiliation with Dancing on Ice after what has happened. Caprice is up for a prestigious business award next week for her continued work in entrepreneurship and encouraging women in business.’

Caprice made a hasty exit from the show at the end of January, after mysteriously refusing to appear with Hamish the week before.

Hamish was replaced by Oscar Peter on the ice with Caprice, but she soon quit altogether.

‘It’s been a hard few months and she’s had to keep silent for contractual reasons,’ her rep said at the time.

‘Her mental wellbeing has been affected over the last two months and recent stories leaked to the press are not only salacious but extremely hurtful.

‘Now she’s taking some time to recover and look after herself and her family.’

Hamish has since admitted that the spat between them, though neither have been specific about what happened, has also taken a mental toll on him.

He returned to the rink last week in the group performance, to the delight of fans who had noticed his absence. 

Dancing On Ice continues Sundays at 6pm on ITV.

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