Carol Kirkwood distraught as Dan Walker surprises her with ‘mortifying’ image

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Carol Kirkwood wasn’t too pleased with Dan Walker and Louise Minchin on BBC Breakfast when the pair showed the weather presenter an amusing drawing of her cat Donald. The presenters had asked acclaimed pet portrait artist Phil ‘Hercule Van Wolfwinke’ Heckels, who they interviewed later in the show, to draw pictures of the Breakfast team’s pets. However, Carol wasn’t impressed with Donald’s transformation onto paper. 

After introducing the weather, Dan and Louise showed drawings of pets by Phil alongside the animals’ photograph. 

Dan said: “We also have Carol’s magnificent cat, Donald.

“Slightly smaller gap between the eyes there, not sure how you feel about big Donald.”

Carol exclaimed: “What’s happened to my boy? He’s so handsome as well he won’t be too happy with that at all.”

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After delivering the weather report, the BBC presenter announced she needed a coffee to recover from the drawing of Donald.

Carol remarked: “I’m off to go and have a strong coffee after seeing that picture of Donald.”

“I don’t blame you, Carol,” Louise quipped. “Poor cat.”

Dan joked: “Don’t let him see it, Carol, don’t let him see it.”

“No he would be mortified,” the weather reporter added. 

Speaking to the artist later in the show, Dan asked: “How did you start drawing ugly animals?”

Phi answered: “It happened naturally really I was trying to coerce my six-year-old son Sam into making some thank you cards.

“So I got all of his felt tip pens out and just to get him interested I drew a picture of our dog which he coloured in.

“Then while he was drawing the thank you cards I drew another few pictures of our dog trying my best to copy some photos on my phone and just stuck them on Facebook with a jokey comment.”

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“‘Pet portraits for sale £299’ and by the end of the day I’d drawn about six portraits for people,” he continued.

“It gathered pace from there. A couple of days after that I set up the [Facebook] page because I’d had 25 requests for portraits outstanding.

“Then a friend of mine, Matt, asked for a picture of his dog Jess which I did and he said ‘I’ve got to pay something for it.’

“I couldn’t accept any money for it because it was rubbish so that’s how the Just Giving page started.”

“It’s just snowballed really, thankfully for the charity,” he added.

BBC Breakfast viewers flocked to Twitter to praise the drawings as one shared: “Just the tonic.”

“I have really enjoyed this note,” another added while a third said: “Wow, cute.”

“They are fab, they remind me of the drawing on the old rhubarb and custard cartoon,” someone else tweeted.

BBC Breakfast airs daily on BBC One at 6am.

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