Celebs Go Dating fans laughing as ‘karma’ hits Malique Thompson-Dwyer on date

On Sunday night's episode of Celebs Go Dating , Malique Thompson-Dwyer headed out on his final first date of the series with blonde beauty Courtney.

After telling dating agents Anna Williamson and Paul Carrick Brunson he wasn't certain about his previous dates, they found Courtney for him – but were adamant she would be his final first date before the cast headed out to the Dominican Republic.

It didn't take long for Malique, 22, to start talking about the bedroom and introducing Courtney to his foot fetish, which put a bitter taste in viewers' mouths.

However he soon got a bit of "karma" when a waiter accidentally spilled a bright red drink on Malique's white t-shirt and light-coloured trousers.

And viewers were pretty pleased about the incident, with one tweeting: "Witnessing karma like."

Another said: "Looks like that waiter deliberately spilled that drink on Malique," along with a laughing emoji.

A third wrote: "Yes! The waiter's obviously been watching the show."

And someone else added: "That waiter just knows Malique and all his shenanigans! White t-shirt ruined."

After the accident, Malique was visibly seething but repeated over and over that he wouldn't "go mad".

But a viewer at home wondered what was going on, writing: "Malique 'I'm not going to go mad due to an accident'? Such a diva of a bloke.

"How has he been allowed and gets paid when all he has been is disrespectful and rude the entire series."

They disgruntled viewer added: "Message to producers, please vet better next series."

Celebs Go Dating continues Monday at 9pm on E4

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