Celebs Go Dating’s ‘rude’ Alison Hammond humiliates date by mocking tooth gap

Alison Hammond made a hilarious first appearance on tonight's Celebs Go Dating – but found herself in hot water with viewers.

The popular This Morning star explained that she had struggled to find a man because of her busy schedule and being a single mum.

Alison claimed she was looking for personality after falling in love with ugly men – and going out with beautiful men with the ugliest character.

So it came as a surprise when Alison was shown a picture of her first date and immediately criticised the gap in his teeth.

Alison said: "I’m not feeling it. He looks like a nice person but straight away, I know it sounds really rude, I want to sort out this tooth situation. I’d say, 'when will you get that sorted?' I don't trust people with a gap."

On the date, Alison admitted that Simon, a fashion house director, was good looking and the tooth gap was "not as bad in person".

But she said: "I'm trying to listen to Simond talking about having a connection but I really wish his two front teeth were connect in some way.

She jokingly added: "Says Naomi Campbell."

Alison then actually confronted Simon over his teeth and made an awkward confession.

She said: "I’m going to be honest with you. I have an issue with the gap in the truth."

Simon claimed it meant he was lucky and a fantastic lover.

Furious Celebs Go Dating viewers took to Twitter to blast Alison for mocking Simon's teeth.

One viewer said: "Alison hes going to be self f***ing conscious now everytime he goes on a date, I feel so bad for him especially when you're laughing about it on live tv with thousands watching. Youre rude."

"Is Alison Hammond serious going on about her dates gap in his front teeth?  Imagine he turned round and started slagging her weight?  If someone can’t fix it in 5 seconds don’t bring it up," added another.

A third agreed: "Omg i cannot believe that alison hammond said shes not into looks then goes straight into hes gap in hes teeth ….please thats rude"

"I wish Alison Hammond wouldn’t be so judgmental about teeth! But she does have a hearty laugh and is quite fun to her credit," said a fourth.

Simon struggled to remember where he recognised Alison from – with the presenter asking if he thought she was celebrity chef Rustie Lee.

Alison was not sure if there was a spark but was keen to give Simon a chance during a second dtae.

The pair said their goodbyes and Alison accused Simon of going in for a cheeky snog – telling him to "dream on".

Could Simon be 'the one' for Alison?

*Celebs Go Dating airs on E4 at 9pm

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